Why is the U.S. brand new global war?

From the perspective of a wimp, the United States, large-scale war is not necessary. After all, the U.S. own a lot of problems. United States became the pioneer of the financial crisis (the first wave of the global crisis), in the summer of 2011 country was on the verge of default. In larger towns, people come to the area to protest against the monetary policy of Washington which providing support to banks and corporations. U.S. faces the danger of large-scale disturbances of the population associated with a sharp drop in the life of most people.

Although the answer is quite simple, in order to maintain its leading position in the world, the U.S. needs majestic upheaval. Base today Welfare States — is the global demand for the Bucks, who have become almost a world currency. All the turmoil, unrest, wars in the world automatically lead to an increase in demand for the U.S. currency unit. It's a real financial "pyramid" on a global scale. Its collapse could destroy the world market, relationships that were formed decades. The country lost his Baksova reserves, they predominate in gold reserves.

In recent years, many countries that used to take everything for dollars (industrial equipment, weapons, food, etc.), to accumulate their own national gold reserves, trying to get rid of them evenly. For example, in August, it was reported that Venezuela is to diversify its cash reserves (in dollars) by investing in emerging market countries such as China, India, Brazil, South Africa and our homeland. Besides Caracas is calculated on loans to Russia and China in oil. China again giving the African and Latin American countries loans offered to give their natural resources, and takes not only hydrocarbons, and wood, raw food, fishing quotas, etc. Our homeland, China, Germany (EU) begin to lead a more independent financial policy. Decrease in the percentage of gold reserves Baksova own weight and U.S. securities.

The United States in the chaos of several local and regional conflicts, which are connected into a world war, will become a "safe haven" where rich people went out and brought salvation capital and companies. The most powerful military-industrial complex will receive a lot of orders from all over the world, warring powers would have to go into debt (for example, before the First World War, the U.S. was the world's debtor, after it became a creditor). That's why we litsezreem that Washington pours kerosene in different regions of Eurasia and Africa — Kuril Islands, the Korean Peninsula, the Paracel Islands and Spratly archipelago, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Ukraine, Iran, Syria, Kosovo, Palestine, North Africa, etc . Amerikosy by the rating agencies are pushing the euro area.

No need to think that the Western elite is one, at the present time we litsezreem confrontation between the Anglo-Saxon and Romano-Germanic branches. Hence, the "Greek problem", and downgrades of European countries, and mass protests in European countries, etc. This is all leading to a demand for South American bonds.

Here is one of the latest news on the subject — Credit Suisse analysts said that Italy remained 100 days before the default. Without immediate implementation of structural reforms the government could roll very fast to crash — reports the publication La Repubblica. Experts believe that the situation has become critical and "it is unlikely anyone will stop the race." The only hope is to help international institutions, the European Union.

At the moment, the Anglo-Saxons, and quite successfully, launch the second wave of the global crisis. Its beginning is connected with the events around Israel, Syria, Iran and Turkey. Against Iran has already built an entire coalition of Saudi Arabia, Israel, England, USA. Tehran has blamed "terrorists" and in the secret work to develop nuclear weapons. I remember specifically the presence of nuclear weapons, was the occasion for the occupation of Iraq and the destruction of Saddam Hussein's regime, although it later and did not find him.

Global War help the United States to "reset" the entire world system. Zbigniew Brzezinski has already outlined the contours of the modern post-war reality — this is the Atlantic Alliance, led by the United States. U.S. leadership will be proved the strongest army, industry (especially MIC), science, nuclear-missile potential. Apparently, the same will be implemented the most advanced research and development, which at the current time (in the main) is put on the shelf. In the Atlantic alliance will include European countries, our homeland, Turkey, weakened, bloodless global conflict. India, the Islamic world, China in this battle will be defeated, having ceased to be rivals of the West.

Russia, China, India, Iran, Syria, Turkey, the European Union (first Germany) should reflect on the co-ordination of action to keep the world in front of a precipice latest global war.

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