Why Our homeland has taken a principled plan for upgrading? — Chinese web portal

Naikrupneyshy Chinese web portal sino.com paid attention to the analysis of the latest messages Russian and global media about the difficulties of the principal Russian procurement plan with the latest military technology to substitute outdated weapons and equipment.

The portal focuses on the fact that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev urged not to buy "junk", and, if necessary, to obtain tool abroad. Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said about the difficulties of placement in this year of defense contracts in the amount of 230 billion rubles out of a planned 750 billion. Designer SLBM "Mace" Yury Solomonov said that the ability of the Russian Federation to create new weapons directly depends on the access to modern Western technology. In his view, to the creation of the Commission of Experts, consisting of recognized designers and professionals in the field of armaments, which is to identify priorities for the development and procurement of weapons, and to give advice to the president. Army Chief General Alexander Postnikov, in April of this year, said that the technical and technological level of Russian armored vehicles, artillery systems and small guns is greatly inferior to NATO countries and even China. This statement caused an uproar in the Russian military-industrial complex. South American expert Simon Tucker (Simon Tucker) says that over the last 10 years of cooperation in the Russian military-industrial complex has been "seriously damaged."

Indeed, in recent years the Russian military industry is poorly managed with arms supplies to the domestic market, a prerequisite to the poor quality of products and immensely highest price. This is a consequence nedavneshnego past, but there are also wine available control of the country. Our more than 10 years engaged in the restoration of the birthplace of the economy, with all this internal defense procurement remained at a low level, the emphasis was placed on the export of arms, which allowed companies to survive. A huge number of uncompetitive companies went bankrupt, had lost a lot of key technologies, namely, in microelectronics. The President of the Russian Federation said that he personally would decide on the punishment of those guilty of disrupting the defense procurement. A large group of senior military and civilian officials were prosecuted. Russian media report that the level of corruption in the military sphere is very superior.

Why Our homeland decided to spare no means to purchase new weapons? What lies behind this strategic plan? Military observers they say that the decision to allocate in the coming 10 years, 20 trillion rubles for the purchase of new guns first aims to modernize strategic nuclear forces. Great attention will be paid to upgrading the Air Force and the Navy. By 2015, tasked to increase the share of new weapons to 30% in 2020 to 70%.

The Russian economy is export-oriented and depends on oil prices. In recent years, the export of raw materials of the Russian Federation gave a lot of money. But even if in the coming 10 years, the cost of oil will be 100 or even more dollars per barrel, the plans once a year to waste 65 billion dollars on the purchase of new weapons will be difficult to implement. So Makarov, the armed forces RF will be required to dramatically reduce "everyday expenses", in other words to "tighten the belt" for the sake of acquiring the latest technology and equipment.

Why the Russian Federation should re? In-1's, Our homeland will be taking on armament new strategic nuclear missiles and several types of modern weapons with long-range actions that will significantly strengthen its military potential. In-2, Our homeland will try to rely more on military factor in its own external policy. B-3, the expansion of NATO to the east will only intensify. B-4, Our homeland is still actively selling tool the global market. The modernization of the armed forces of change will allow a huge number of existing tools. As can be seen, our homeland inevitably to increment the number of exported arms of the "waste" to earn more currency.

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