Why Our homeland is holding a navy in the Caspian? (The Bug Pit USA)

According to the views of Russian military professional, Russia must remove its Caspian Flotilla, because a military presence in the Caspian Sea there is no practical sense, and the funds allocated for the content could be more profitably impose on any other purpose. In his article in the journal Slavic Military Studies (which is available on a paid basis), editor in chief of the journal Moscow Defense Brief Mikhail Barabanov claims that Russia is one hundred percent to revise the structure of its own navy. And it means — to get rid of the Caspian flotilla, he writes:

"At the current time in the existence of the Caspian Flotilla has no practical sense of helplessness because of the naval forces of all the other Caspian states and the lack of actual combat tasks that I could do flotilla. If need be our home on the Caspian Sea can throw the necessary manpower and resources with other 3 fleets based in the European part of the country, or use the border troops and aircraft. "

Our homeland can forward the court with a corresponding displacement of the Black Sea via the Volga-Don canal. Black also fleet Tips to keep the drums. He is motivated by the presence of the ability of Russia's entry into the conflict with the United States or its Western partners, and with anti-Russian governments of former Russian republics. This development can provide for themselves in the Black Sea region (of course, with the role of Georgia, but, perhaps, and Ukraine), but not on Caspian.

I asked Gorenburg Dmitry (Dmitry Gorenburg), Dr. Harvard University and director of the Association of Slavic, East European and Eurasian research (ASEEES), about this idea with regard to the Caspian Sea, and he did not agree with Barabanov:

"I do not think that Caspian flotilla may be critical to the security of the Russian Federation in the classic plan. No one is going to attack Russia via the Caspian Sea. But the fleet may play a role in the prevention of international security threats. On Caspian these include the illegal turnover of weapons and drugs, the possibility of sabotage at power stations on the shelf. If before the flotilla will be delivered Problem prevent similar threats, it would be harsh contribution to ensuring security in the Caspian region.

As for conventional combat missions, the only such problem, from my point of view, it may be to help Azerbaijan in case of the appearance of the conflict with Iran in connection with the pending dispute over the maritime border. However, this scenario seems unlikely comparable. "

Our homeland announced the presence of her plans to build its own Caspian Flotilla. But it seems that these plans give way to prioritize tasks put to other naval forces. So in a situation of limited resources, and if the point of view of Barabanova has spread in naval circles in Russia, the Caspian flotilla could continue to stagnate, as remained the last two years, the 10-ka.

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