Why Our homeland NATO needs

NATO is increasingly functionaries and politicians of the West do not raise questions only on friendly relations NATO and Russia, but go further in their own dreams — to make Russia a member of NATO. George Robertson, the last Secretary General of NATO, states that "Russia's membership in NATO is more real than 10 years ago." U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at a meeting with reporters in Washington, answering the question, "Can Our homeland someday join NATO? "said that" this turn of events does not rule. " It is up to Russian.

What is the meaning of such zeal of our former enemies to their own "worst enemy" of the Russian Federation? There are many qualities of this issue, but we will try to identify the main, based on the fact that we have a great idea tactically mediocre — a strategic and entirely unprincipled — geopolitically.

First, as paradoxically as it sounds, NATO, Following in the wake of U.S. policy, no longer considers Russia a possible opponent, and not only because of its military impotence. Thinking in terms of geopolitics, there gaze on and behold the tremendous latitude for RF taciturn gaining strength majestic China. We have the same as before at China condescending gaze, counting the enemy number one (according to a survey 49%) of NATO. This is in some degree correctly. If the West will lure with false promises of our management on your side, it can make trouble while taciturn China then and not many will not find it. China is now acting on the will of the wisest of Deng Xiaoping, "Keep your head down, do not lead, for humility, prudence, not to interfere in the affairs of others, deal with the economy, its development, to create an active remembrance activities and biding his time …" — resembles a sleeping tiger. But now that China is more confident of the crisis passes, he begins to act more confidently and international political scene. While it is not yet self-confidence, but, following the precepts of the genius of their own state, China is starting to fend iron notes in his singsong voice.

Chinese management, unlike ours, thinks that the main force of China in it is human resources. Whatever reason, the natural wealth is nothing without a man. Even militarily man decides everything, and equipment — is secondary. Yes, a nuclear weapon is fine, but who dares to use, ultra-precise tool — good, but who manages them — again, a man, after all, is unconquered territory, until it does not become a fighter with a machine gun.

The private "military reform" in giving the army a "new image" we have missed important — education fighter, a competent professional patriot. And this time we have not backfire. The army is now no longer able to save Russia, its cleverly spread. Once all the people can rise up for their homeland.

Now the world emerges two poles have to admit that even President Barack Obama, who is trying to make contact directly with China. Our homeland is West does not need a partner, and as a shield against China. Trying to draw it into NATO, and NATO tool the U.S., her desire to tie duties. After all, when all will be recorded by official agreements, while RF will be impossible to turn away from the instructions of the 'Washington bureau. "

Now, thank God, today's management of the country by the mouth of our Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov's proposal calls for the ability of Russian membership in NATO "Fantasia" and what will be next? Processing of Russian "elite" in this area is fierce and focused. And if that happens, the fall of the Russian Federation the same fate as that of a thousand years ago, when she is with her body covered Europe from the Mongol invasion. Only now, the reality will be much more devastating than it was then.

Nestled on a large area of the Eurasian continent, which has a huge number of neighboring countries participating in the resolution of many conflicts, Our homeland is bound to have an extraordinary geopolitics, geopolitics is different from other countries. It is designed, wish it or not, to play the role of a kind of geopolitical bridge and mediator between the West and the East, without giving preference to any of them. Most of the global game for many years is not between Moscow and Washington, and between Washington and Beijing. These criteria in the long term, the Russian Federation has only one chance to save the real independence. We should not vote for himself as the lead and only ally, neither the U.S. nor China nor the EU. A more sensible course for Moscow — maintenance prototype rovnenky relations with all 3-geopolitical centers and playing the contradiction between them.

Our homeland has unique abilities for effective role in the life of Europe and Asia. But these abilities do not protect it from the avaricious views on its wide open spaces and natural resources as before, and now. Expressions of irrational use of natural resources while Russian sound of the informal parties, non-governmental organizations, but this does not mean that it's not thinking, and the governments of these countries. And until now, the burning words of a Russian scientist DI Mendeleev: "Russia — a" special ", unidentified and undeveloped country. It is both a goal and a means for the economy of many countries. An even greater enthusiasm she will call when many people actually face the real fruits of their own work, with the problem of the actual space. "

Truly prophetic words. On this dilemma, maintaining of, they say cautiously and modern Russian scientists. So, Academician GV Osipov at a conference on the dilemmas of the Russian Federation stressed that "the pursuit of profit and consumption can no longer be considered because of limited resources as a driving force in the development of civilization. Each person in the advanced countries of the West for his life consumes 20-30 times the resources of the planet than a citizen of the "third world" … Hence, it becomes clear financial threat that no one realized the canceled fight the U.S., Western Europe, the land of the rising sun and China for the natural resources of Russia. "

Academic says not about the military component only as savvy — at the present time it can charge both at home and abroad of all the deadly sins. But the unspoken idea is true. When does the financial benefit of peace, it takes military intervention! ..

There are various ways to use the natural resources at the disposal of the sovereign countries. They are divided into civilized — contractual — and brutal — power. The last confirmed if not all of the many wars in the history of mankind, including the U.S. attack on Iraq. And there is no guarantee that one will never want to take away from RF its wealth by force gun.

It must be emphasized that the geopolitical position of the Russian Federation was not presented to the sky, and was acquired as a result of long-term Russian control, mind control and its cost of huge losses. As throughout history it has experienced political pressure from different sides and different content, from the quiet penetration "Vikings" in the economic and political structure of the country and ending with an open military anger. With 1055 on 1462 245 history knows invasion of Russia, and external conflicts. Of the 537 years that have passed since the Battle of Kulikov until the end of the First World War, Our homeland spent in battle 334 years. And the role of a 2-global wars of the twentieth century are worth?

It is clear that X to XIX century from 170 years of war more than 150 years Our homeland waged war on his country. Were hiking the Russian army and the boundaries of their own country for pre-emptive
strikes and conducting offensive wars, but in the main part of a coalition of countries and in the interests of the Allies. Our homeland only able to overcome and a 2-Russian wars worldwide.

With all of this country's history Russian shows that an overwhelming number of wars against him came from the period of state formation, unbalanced international situation and the "troubled times", made with help from the outside.

Since 1917 the political history of the planet has been tied to social processes taking place in Russia. Create a fundamentally modern public system structurally affected the nature of political relations in the world. The purity of international relations at the time read is not necessary. Many of the country's most actively interfered in the affairs of, trying to warm their hands by the fire civilian war … Some hitherto, forgetting their debts to Russia, require their profits from it, while others are developing at the expense of Russian gold!

The design configuration after the collapse of the Soviet Union dramatically exacerbated the problem of the use of a unique geopolitical position for the implementation of municipal interests of the Russian Federation on the entire range of important fundamental problems. The economic crisis and social instability of (they are now, no matter what read as) will inevitably stimulate the samples of other countries as to influence the course of events in Russia to use the evolving situation in our country to solve their own problems. For example, all the "Marches of Dissent" and right that people do not support the relationship with Ukraine and Belarus-sion. But, unfortunately, the authorities here are, to say the least, stupid — not for the benefit of the country and the people.

As you know, the geopolitical interests of the country and it forms the military policy, of course, given the available external and internal threats and threats, which in today's world there are many. They only need to see and evaluate correctly. In accordance with this, and creates the appropriate military power tool that can perfectly provide for his country's national security and its own allies. But it must be recognized that the current military policy, which is surprising not only specialists, and people versed in these matters, conducted by the "reform" of the army and security forces do not meet the interests of Russia. It creates the impression that Russia does not interest the geopolitical scale, but only the safety of the newly grown manure elite. This "elite" recognizes only the term "geopolitics", which applies to business and without business, without delving into the nature of the content. Unfortunately, approved by President Dmitry Medvedev 5 February 2010 brand new "military doctrine of the Russian Federation", comes only from the strategic issues, leaving behind the geopolitical vision of the world in the coming years.

The Russian people — it's the city people, able to unite around other people in SG, construction, as evidenced by many years of history. The destruction of the Russian Federation is subject to the full power of the West, including military the potential of the United States and other countries NATO. There are two options: either to invade Russia, dissecting it, or tie it to his own chariot.

This is facilitated by the emergence and expansion of konfliktoobrazuyuschih areas nearby the border of Russia, especially the southern, dynamic political processes in neighboring countries make it difficult to not only the adaptation of the Russian Federation to the new geopolitical realities, and make a direct threat to its security.

Now there are three conditional abroad, blocking implementation of geopolitical potential of.

First — a "confrontation Empire" political forces (note — not the people) in some former Soviet republics. Their actions are focused on building on the principles of independence, self-distancing of, support for the sponsorship of the West and, above all, the United States.

Second limit — form the former socialist countries that have made the principle russophobia own relationship with Russia. Russophobia in both cases acts as a fee for maintaining the authority and reason to win the patronage of more powerful countries — the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, etc. Their accession to NATO is the most important attribute of voluntary surrender of independence — the defense and security at the mercy of a powerful military bloc.

Third limit — the classic form former opponents of the Soviet Union who have had a claim to it on the current Russia. Following the classical logic of competitive fighting the "Cold War", they are not impartially interested in the power of. This is clearly manifested in the revitalization of intelligence activities on the territory of the Russian Federation, in the concealed rivalry between the leading nations of the world for the impact on Russia. For example, the rivalry U.S. and China for Russia. Who better than us — the question. China like a friend on the outside everything is fine. But it is not just a situation in the sphere of economic and energy cooperation. Far away to the full trust in the military sphere. And most importantly, the citizens of the PRC in the vast majority brought — and continue to be brought up — in the belief that our homeland is "territorial debtor" Middle Kingdom.

If Our homeland will passively monitor developments (such a trend), then, subject to the laws of geopolitics, it would be possible in several capacities on the world stage:

— buffer between rival political-military forces or ally of one of the global and regional powers;

— place for settling scores between rival factions, constantly stationed outside and at the time showdown flock to the area of the Russian Federation;

— reserve for recruitment, real, intellectual and military resources of the contending parties, who for their own development and activity in international life broke too far ahead. (Thank God! Still not enough brain to get involved in the massacre in Iraq on the U.S. side. Yet requested! Now the order of Afghanistan and Iran.)

The future of the Russian Federation in almost everything is dependent on how well it will be able to dispose of the unique geopolitical and strategic location, its natural resources, economic potential and cultural values in the interests of security and development of the country! Our current home — is far not the Soviet Union. We have long since turned into a regional power. And no matter what kind of regional power survives maneuvering and build the balance of forces and interests. But, unfortunately, no one is willing to admit — is still considered himself a "great power"!

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