Why put on the Russian MiG aircraft carrier …

On the eve of the anniversary of the 10th MAX stubborn rumors that at this presentable forum will be signed one of the largest contracts for the purchase of naval MiG-29 fighters for the Russian Navy. Air Show kicked off, but the deal fell through. Now, many are inclined to think that the outright purchase 24 MiG-29K and MiG-29K/KUB modifications to the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" is not allowed budget of the fleet.

However, some experts at expressing confidence that the transaction can take place entirely before the end of the year.

But the most fascinating is not in money matters. The question is this: If the Defense Ministry plans to buy new MiGs for the same, "Admiral Kuznetsov", and more than just buy them and why not for anyone, that's where it's going to do with the SU-33, which baziryutsya on this warship? They have to clean up, because the two types of aircraft will not fit on a cruiser.

With all of this at no claims of military pilots for Su-33 and there was not. It is a fully modern aircraft, which was started in 1989. Even in the West recognize the Su-33 aircraft and beautiful just the harsh machine. It is in all ways superior to many South American model. Only carrier-based fighter F-14 "Tomcat" to equip more massive than Sou-33 radar system and long-range missiles. But here in maneuverability, flight and technical functionality, the combat capability of the Su-33 has no equal.

And here comes the solution — to remove the Su-33 from the ship. Even despite the fact that the ability of the Su-33 strike land and sea targets are not the greatest, he is fully able to serve for a long time. Especially since designers are working to eliminate this defect and to the present.
With all this MiG-29K new, too, will not name. It was decided to build more than 30 years ago specifically for the "Admiral Kuznetsov", which at that time bore the proud title of "Tbilisi". At the time, the designers decided to cooperate kinds of carrier-based aircraft and equip the regiment 18 languid "drying" and 28 light MiGs. The "dry" play the role of men in the distance from the ship, and the MiGs in a particular vicinity. It was a good balance. With all this equipment ship, he could serve as a real deterrent for at least some maritime power. In some U.S. media published an article about the origin of such ship in Russian waters of the ocean. It was a real shock to the West, but, fortunately for them and unfortunately for us, it was no more than a duck. Ship with 2 types of carrier-based aircraft did not appear in the fate of the Russian Federation and to the present.

Later in 1981, the General Staff decided to change the type of Russian aircraft carriers. Displacement commanded them significantly reduced. And along with it — and the size of the flight deck and aircraft hangars. Had podsokratit and Fleet Air Arm. All the same, and MiG-29K and Su-33 designers have continued to develop. In EDO "dry" things were going better. By the time of the collapse of the Russian Union when the defense budget was dry as a ditch in the desert, the Su-33 was able to fly and land on the ship's deck better. Then, in order to save money decided that enough aircraft carrier and aircraft type 1. From the MiG-29K has been decided to abandon. "OKB" stubbornly said that in a number of multi-functional characteristics of their offspring is much better than the "dry", but it was too late.

Make out a little more comparative data of the Su-33 and MiG-29K. It's a harsh range. He was not required for this wall tanks. No additional tanks, means better maneuverability. Sou-33 can carry 12 short-and medium-range immediately. Here are just rockets are the only 1st class "air-to-air." Here are the MiG-29K declares on his board — missiles for striking targets on land and at sea ("air-to-surface"). In general, the choice was for the "drying", because he was ready, and Miguev needed time and resources that are in the country was not.

But the light-fighters smiled same fortune. Came to help the brotherly people of India and made a stern contract to supply MiG aircraft. They are useful to them after they themselves had been acquired without glory rusting "Admiral Gorshkov". Men from the banks of the Indus and the Ganges dubbed aircraft carrier and gave it a new name "Vikramaditya". For this ship Su-33 were somewhat massive. That cheered RAC "MiG", which was already beginning to slowly break down the total underfunding.

Arguments for the purchase of MiG Indians understood. Well, for what our military was useful to remove the Su-33 with weapons, "Admiral Kuznetsov" — it is not clear! Certainly, ship extensively re-equipped. It is planned to change it to the latest gas turbine power plant or even a nuclear war. Decided to equip ship "Granit" — a long-range cruise missiles, air defense, and change to a more modern. But it does not affect the deck area and place "drying" should be enough, as previously lacked.

Specialists are not impartial behold the circumstances of the substitution of "dryers" MiGs, as claimed in an interview at the MAKS-2011.

Even the fact that the Su-33 have developed a resource, just read is not necessary. The supplies of strength in these "air horses" would not suffice for one year.
The only reasonable option would be that the government has an opportunity to get economic support EDO "Mikoyan". This bureau again have a situation reminiscent of the crisis 90. And if you do not currently provide financial support "OKB" that the world famous bureau may simply fall apart.

When asked about where to disappear as the Su-33, experts at a one the voice of the claim that they just put in hangars, as they say, an unexpected case. Disposal of operating aircraft may seem like a real sacrilege, because the Ministry of Defense on such unlikely dares now. Although conservation in Russia sometimes no better than recycling …

Perhaps out of this situation would be launching more of the 1st aircraft carriers, but such prospects are not looming. Again, the question turns to money, and to save the army in Russia are used to — it's a fact.

Here it is, the modern re our army.

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