Why Russia Afghanistan?

Afghanistan — it's unhealthy for the issue of, in the years of the Soviet Union there for 10 years (1979-1989) waged war our army. In today's time in Afghanistan decided to recall makes it possible for its occupation by NATO and the international drug trafficking Afghan heroin has become a "laboratory" of the world, the main supplier of this poison on planetke.No because Afghanistan far from us, there is no common borders, which Moscow crush his head on it the question?

20 -21 January 2011 Moscow on an official visit to Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan's favorite past times was in Moscow on February 10-ka years ago — Mohammad Najibullah.

The position of Afghanistan

Favourite Afghanistan wishes to withdraw from dependence on the U.S., for that retrieves contacts with China and Russia. Afghanistan at the present time — it is quite devastated country where the mountains guns, where farmers live growing opium poppy, and their are kept under control "businessmen". Kabul wants to restore order in the country, it needs its own army and police, and where to get reliable and cheap instrument — in Russia. Also, you must do it at least some infrastructure — roads, tunnels, power plants. In the Russian Federation have a successful experience of creative activity in Afghanistan.

The U.S. did not help to make the jobs are occupied only by their bases. They are not trevozhut difficulties of local people, they solve their tasks in Afghanistan.

Moscow's position

— Strategically Russia is not profitable to stay U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, is a threat to its security from the south. The earlier the Government of Afghanistan to establish order in the country, the earlier NATO may be asked to leave.

— The void after the departure of NATO, can fill the movement "Taliban", which is not great, the threat of the radicalization of Islam in Central Asia will increase dramatically, and this is our border.

— RF facing drug traffic, our country has turned into "consumer" of drugs, each year of them killed 30 thousand people and more, 10 of thousands of becoming addicted, some experts they say about the "addictive apocalypse." Easier to solve the problem of drugs in place in Afghanistan, everything else = a struggle with the symptoms, it does not solve the problem.

Outcome of negotiations

Signed agreements on trade and economic cooperation. Intrigued RF, in rebuilding Afghan infrastructure, expressed Primakov (Chapter Chamber of Commerce). Karzai invited the Russian capital to invest in transport, mining, telecommunications. A proposal was made to develop joint humanitarian projects.

At a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Putin said that Russia is ready to restore the Kabul house-building plant and a cement factory. President Afghanistan asked increment Russian oil supplies.

Back in the 2010 Moscow wrote off to Afghanistan, $ 12 billion. (In dollars) debt.

Military-technical cooperation

The Afghan government believes that Russian weapons and equipment more reliable criteria in the mountains, because it asked for additional supplies — in particular the interests of the Afghan side of the small arms and helicopters (E-17).

Our homeland has previously supplied to Afghanistan free — small arms, ammunition and weapons for law enforcement. In 2010, an agreement was signed for the supply of 21 Mi-17, a part in the military modifications as on the devices and service. Part of the helicopters also delivered free of charge.

Even earlier, in 2002 from the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Afghanistan received donated 3 Mi-17, 2003 overhaul of 3 Mi-8, 2004-2005. repaired free of 6 Mi-24, 2005 — Supply 4 Mi-8 MTV, 2009 3 new Mi-8 MTV (also free).
Our homeland and helps in the preparation of drug bust in Afghanistan.

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