Why Russia Centaurs?

A serious controversy erupted over the fact that our homeland has caught a couple in Italy so called wheeled tanks Centauro caliber guns with 120 and 105 mm and the upcoming plans to acquire two more similar caliber machine guns with 120 and 30 mm. The first two units of the Italian armored vehicles are reported to have been sent to one of the suburban landfill, where the cars have to go through a whole set of tests.

If we talk about the properties of Centauro, they follow: the crew car is 4, of weapons — guns apart with 2 machine guns (7.62), stroke in store Centauro — 800 km, maximum speed — about 110 km / h, wheel formula 4×4, body length 7.4 m, width 2.94 m, equipped with a combat weight — about 24.8 tons. Now this technique is done by the Italian company Oto Melara, a member of the production group CIO. In service with the Italian Army are 4 hundredths of armored vehicles. It is reported that our homeland is going to get a license from the Italian manufacturers, in order to start creating Centauro the company "KAMAZ" in Naberezhnye Chelny.

Certainly, the title of the "tank" for the unit's armor can be applied with a stretch. The Italians call a car wheel istribitele tanks. With all of this original design samples Centauro were made in the 80 years of the last century. In this regard, read that machine Modern, too, can, perhaps, at a stretch. Not enough that the military experts at say Italian "Tank" is, to put it mildly, is not strong enough armor. Even during the execution of peacekeeping operations in Africa revealed that the armor "Centaurs" just breaks even from heavy machine guns mnogokalibernyh ANC and DShKM. RPG successfully resisted the Italian armored vehicles. However, the next generation of cars were equipped heavy armor, but it's not a panacea.

If we talk about the Centauro as the likely main engines of the Russian army in operations in the criteria of the town (in the future, of course), the experts at are convinced that they ("Centaur") will become targets flawless. All because of some of the major Italian place rather weak "tanks" — armor, which, under the very concept of the "tank" is hardly appropriate.

But if so, why the Ministry of Defence in handy to purchase these armored vehicles, but also expect to receive a license for their mass production? At this point there are several opinions.

In 1-x, with Italian companies already enters into a contract to build armored vehicles in Voronezh "Lynx" (the Italian title IVECO LMV M65 Lynx). In other words, the rate on those partners with whom to negotiate fairly comfortably and maintain harmonious work. By the way, the Ministry of Defense plans to put 57 "Lynx" to the troops in the current year (reportedly not yet delivered any …)

In-2, some experts, including the head of the RJC (Center for Military Forecasting) Anatoly Tsiganok believe that the purchase of Italian art — the waste is brand new corruption scheme. In his view, to launder money abroad even easier than openly purchasing military equipment from Russian manufacturers.

Third, the Department of Defense specifically focuses on the purchase at the most reliable "Centaur", with a view to make their stark upgrade and get speak out so that at the output of the new version of the armored vehicles, which would be perfectly suitable for use in the Russian criteria, including and the criteria used in the North Caucasus.

All three versions will definitely have a right to exist. Procurement of military equipment from foreign manufacturers, in principle, consistent with the strategy of the Ministry — to take samples of experienced abroad and learn advanced Western technology. Another thing is that the case with this same wheel "tank" Centauro, it is difficult to call "good development." It turns out that the Italian design-80s, according to the views of Russian buyers, much more potential than that of similar variants Russian armored vehicles. Why then should the Russian Defense Ministry not to purchase the French version of armored vehicles Vextra-105? After all, military doctrine, seems to be redirected to the introduction of specific wheel "tanks" in a number of operational activities. All the more so that this same model (Vextra-105) for the current day is considered the best in their own way.

It turns out that Russian military buyers do not seek out the easy way … This again leads to the release of Anatoly gypsy about some of the underwater part of the Russian-Italian contract "iceberg".

But there is another world on the use of Russian Italian "Centaur". This world view expressed, for example, a professional in the industry armored Col. Victor Murakhovski. He was confident that any contracts under the license and the mass production of Centauro in Russia it is not necessary to enter. The fact that the Russian military manufacturers only experience can be useful to establish a unified platform for Russian armored vehicles. After which received complaints from members of the public council at the Ministry of Defence. It was stated that while the prospect of the transaction does not appreciate the expert advice of the Military-Industrial Commission of any acquisition of a license for the establishment of "Centaurs" in Russia the question.

It remains to wait until the trial of Italian art and what is really a Russian Defense Ministry is going to take the Italians license for serial production of the wheel "tanks" in Tatarstan.

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