Why Russian Caucasus?

This question is quite provocatively our editors. But it specifically because it put some politicians, public figures, and sometimes ordinary citizens. Say, why do we need this Chechnya (Dagestan or Ingushetia)? Let them live there. Cut off from their large wall. Such reasoning is very often the result of ignorance, wrong understanding of the problem, sometimes the result of propaganda by certain circles, and sometimes the result of criminal intent (separatism). But let's start from the head and the usual.

Caucasus — that's us!

Here, in the Kuban region, it is clear that the Caucasus is not only Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia, it is, including our Krasnodar and Stavropol. Despite the fact that the North Caucasian Federal District (North Caucasus Federal District) was isolated from the South (SFO) three years back by the decree of President Medvedev, the Kuban, as well as Adygea, was and is part of the Caucasus. Therefore, in this article we assign to the Caucasus 9 regions: Stavropol, Chechnya, Kabardino-Balkaria, Dagestan, Ingushetia, North Ossetia — Alania, Karachay-Cherkessia, Adygea and Krasnodar region. Sometimes referred to the Caucasus even some southern Rostov region, but due to non-obviousness such allocation, we do so we will not.

Even more important for us is not what Krasnodar region refers to the Caucasus with an encyclopedic point of view, more important, that the Caucasus is connected internally to the many nationalities comparable small area, and it has no regional division of the Caucasus.

In 2011, the population of the Caucasus area — 15,109,035 people Russian Federation. And this, little or not enough, 10.6% of the population of Russia (142.9 million in 2011).

Often it is assumed that the entire population of the Caucasus forms the 30 nationalities. This is not entirely true. Here it goes faster on languages. Different scientists in the Caucasus isolated from 30 to 40 languages, not counting the numerous dialects and dialects. But nationalities here even more. In Dagestan alone of more than 100. Certainly, the overwhelming majority (absolute and relative majority) of the Russian population. The entire population of the Caucasus area — 50.66% Russian. Separately by districts in 2010, the situation looked like this: SFD — Russian 86.1 (the second largest group — the Armenians (3.1%)), North Caucasus Federal District — Russia 30.26 (second largest group — the Chechens (14 17%)).

Who feeds the Caucasus?

Food Storage

In 2011 in Russia was raised 95 million grains of the order of 20 million has been collected only in the Caucasus that is 21% of grain produced 10.6% of the people living in the Caucasus, the Russian Federation.

According to the "RIA Dagestan", in North Caucasus Federal District alone (ie without the 7 regions of Krasnodar Krai and Adygea!) Is 45% of cultivated grapes in the Russian Federation, more than 10% of grain, fruits, berries and vegetables, more than 5% of sweet beets . , The proportion of the neighborhood accounted for 11% of the population of cattle, more than 40% of sheep and goats. The region produces more than 44% wool.

North Caucasus Federal District in 2010 — is: 129687 operating companies, the price of fixed assets of $ 2.3 trillion. rubles produced agricultural products to the amount of 2.6 trillion. rubles.


For professionals is not a secret that the North Caucasus is the Oldest Acquisition and more explored oil and gas province of Russia. Stories of oil production there is already more than 150 years. The structure of this province include deposits located on the terrain of Stavropol and Krasnodar Territory, the Chechen Republic, Rostov region, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, North Ossetia and Dagestan.

Also known secret spice region's oil — its special quality (low content of hydrogen sulfide.) From it you can receive the best grades of fuel oil and other petroleum products needed for aviation and gallakticheskoy technology, modern weapons and civilian technology. Nothing of the sort you can not create the majority of oil fields in the world. Oil Siberia and North terrible Dagestan and Chechnya on the order. Light, sweet crude oil with a high content of Dagestan methane hydrocarbons actually quite (98%) is exported through the port of Novorossiysk. Instead, the republic imported petroleum products.

A couple of years back an Italian journalist Francesco Bigazzi said: "Dagestan after the Persian Gulf is considered to be the most important oil region on the Eurasian continent. There is no hesitation: who is in control of Dagestan, who is in control of Caspian oil. "

His worldview is expressed in the browser Internet publication "Interfax" Alexander Sidorov

"The Italian did not multiplies: potential oil deposits in the country is truly enormous. Although, as it were ever discovered 52 oil fields there and they are all in the main small. During the operation of their extracted about 40 million tons of oil. Peak production — 2.2 million tons was in 1970. A quarter of deposits to the true time one hundred percent depleted, the current recoverable supplies amount to about 14 million tons. Most of them are placed on the land. It might seem like you can associate it with the Persian Gulf? But if we talk about the prospects, the official estimates of wealth are at moderate to official figures achieve 273 million tons of oil and condensate. According to the views of Russian scientists, they are estimated at more than $ 200 billion. bucks. At present, there was explored only 30% of the land, and only 1% of the water area of the Caspian Sea Dagestan, which is projected, is 450-500 million tons of oil equivalent. "

Absolutely worthless region, is not it? But let us pass to the beloved theme "otdelyalschikov." By subsidies.


All subsidies to the regions in 2011: 1,470,235,210 000.

A look at the example of North Caucasus Federal District (7 regions of the Caucasus). Here it is only the fourth of eight. Here is the order numbers:

1. CFA — 275,177,023,001 rubles per district (7,157 rubles per capita)
2. PFD — 255,894,076,965 rubles per district (8,564 rubles per capita)
3. SFO — 202,964,201,329 rubles per district (10 542 rubles per head)
4. North Caucasus Federal District — 194 739 045 930 rubles county (20,631 rubles per head)
5. DFO — 186 359 773 486 rubles per district (29,651 rubles per head)
6. SFD — 131 696 711 974 rubles per district (9,507 rubles per capita)
7. Northwestern Federal District — 127 920 276 556 rubles per district (9,388 rubles per capita)
8. UFO — 95,484,103,764 rubles per district (7,899 rubles per capita)

As we litsezreem, even in subsidies per capita SKFO not first and second. Far East but no one does not want to give away.

Contribution to the economy

One of the important characteristics of summarizing the economic activity of the region is the gross regional product, ie amount added prices in the economy of the region. Simply put, it is a regional contribution to GDP over the recognizable net of certain costs of general purpose that almost all of the CDF reduces the Caucasus region.

The average GRP Caucasus regions (9 regions) based on data for 2010 — 130,813 rubles per capita. That's more than 15 regions of our country!

For example, the Kirov region showed a level of 123 516 rubles per capita, the Republic of Altai — 105049, Ivanovo region — 92 306, Kalmykia — 84150.

According to the Federal
Districts of GRP per capita: SFD — 165 578.8 rubles, North Caucasus Federal District — 94 465.2 rubles per capita.

At the same time, it would be incorrect to deny the fact that the terrain of the Caucasus regions lagging behind is focused on a number of GRP. At least in the Russian Federation indicates Ingushetia — 52,130 rubles per capita. That, in general, it is logical. Try to make efficient economy in the area, where a high possibility of terrorist attacks. Task is not easy. Such regions, with enhanced focus on the center, will be developed, but still doomed to be lagging.

Experience near abroad

But pay attention to as close to us in spirit Ukraine. Over the same period (translated from the hryvnia to rubles at today's exchange rate of per capita), several regions showed the following characteristics: Lviv — 59851 ruble, Ivano-Frankivsk region — 54 219 rubles, Chernivtsi region — 40 039 rubles. Agree number comparable with Ingushetia. In some places, more in some places less.

So why is the Ukraine there is no question about the separation of these regions? Even if you throw in peace Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk region, Chernivtsi indicates that the worst result in the country! Well, another is on the edge of the country. Why not give it to Romania, even if it pomuchayutsya.

But no, no hurry to give Chernivtsi. On the contrary, these are not the most economically strong regions of strong nationalist, and sometimes neo-fascist tendencies. Specifically there want to demolish monuments Russian liberators. A driving force of this movement is natspartiya "Freedom." And coming off, thanks to "fellows", these regions do not want they want to advocate for the entire territory of Ukraine. They only want to join!

Amazing, is not it? The economic level is not high either in Ingushetia or in the Chernivtsi region. But our psevdonatsionalisty willing to cut a piece of his own country, and national minorities in praise of Bandera, on the contrary, to begin the procession across Ukraine under the slogan "No to the Muscovites!".

It's simple. None sober control and never let a piece of terrain own country, even at first glance, the most worthless. As we made sure the Caucasus is not only eating, but also brings its own very tangible contribution to the economy. Our homeland is not feeding the Caucasus. Our homeland feeds Russia, all of this is the state economy.

Urge to separate from the regions of the Russian Federation, in whatever state they may be, can only separatists. At the same time, it does not matter what kind of integration and unification of efforts on the ground of the Russian Federation and the former Soviet Union is the separatists and psevdonatsionalistov nightmare. Nothing unusual and personal, just a cool calculation.

Here we have not touched, and once the entire principal nuance. Geo-strategic importance of the Caucasus. Remember, though, that the Caucasus:
— this corridor for the supply of hydrocarbons from Central Asia and the Caspian Sea to Turkey and to the ports of the Black Sea;
— this region, particularly adjacent to significant oil deposits in the Caspian Sea;
— is the node where the overlap important communication axis East-West, North-South cooperation;
— From the military point of view, it is a lucrative base for deployment groupings army, air force and navy.

As a minimum.

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