Why the Russian Federation as bomb shelters?

Metropolitan government began preparing bomb shelters developments. After the election of the President will lead the embattled about 5 thousand bunkers. But who is a possible opponent — the government is silent, the only thing that is clear — this is a decision to prepare for chemical, nuclear or bacteriological attack.

Modern air-raid shelters that can protect against a massive attack, are expensive. Construction begins with the amount of 1.5 million rubles. Equip these facilities are planning tight doors, 2 outputs, diesel engines, recovery system and air filtration, luxurious two-storey bunks, portable stove, a dining room and a dressing room with urns. The content of the 1st object itself will cost 150 rubles.
According to all accounts, these buildings will cost capital to 12.9 billion rubles.

Recall that the construction of similar "monuments" was planned at the time of Yuri Luzhkov. In 2010, he signed the "Regulation on siting GO", these objects were to be made to the plans of the territories, and the responsibility for their presence and status attributed to the executive branch, as the management companies, regardless of whether it is private or public. . But something went wrong …

Experts say that by the end of 2012 will be ready to plan placement of shelters on the ground in Moscow, for the design of all the documentation has been allocated 125 million rubles from the budget. They also point out that there are three types of prefabricated shelters — 50, 100, and 150. But with all this, they will be built exclusively in the case of real danger of the introduction of weapons of mass destruction, with the bulk of them will be in the most crowded areas of Moscow.

But these tools can be used and more than correct, as the introduction of a direct threat of weapons of mass destruction there, and of the economic crisis before the end of the country is not broke.

According to Alexander Khramchikhin, the very thought of having shelters in bolshennom town deserves attention and respect, but from whom all the same plans to defend our homeland — a rather curious. He notes that the range of possible enemies of the Russian Federation is not changed and it is clear which of the nations of the world will be able to "get" Russian massive strikes. He also told about the construction of a huge number of shelters in China.

Hramchihin states that no shelter not withstand the direct impact, but from the peripheral effects of an explosion completely can save.
So Makar, the government can insure against a possible war with the United States, NATO or China, as well as the timing of the construction of fortifications sufficiently compressed — experts conclude that the war was likely after the next presidential election.

A more feasible option is to use shelters protection from terrorist acts. The same task (ie, preparation to repel the attack with the introduction of weapons of mass destruction) and placed in front of the Defense Ministry.

Recall that in the Russian time number defense structures with a "dual purpose" tyschami counted.

In large quantities to build a bomb shelter in the Russian capital have become in the 30 years of the twentieth century. The first was shelter under the House on the Embankment (where the cinema is "Drummer"). In the post-Soviet period the situation has changed radically. Significant number such objects were taken out of service, part turned into clubs and bars, some have even been privatized.

According to the estimates of professionals places in shelters would last only half the capital's population. And diggers (people who study the underground utilities) they say that the state of the abandoned bunkers so ugly that only the restoration of their'll need more than one billion.
How many objects of civilian defense in the capital — is unclear. This municipal lurking.

The only civilian defense structure that works well, is underground. But there is another hitch: Many stations are very close to the surface and unable to protect from potential attacks.

And Ilya Lejava, rector of Moscow Architectural Institute, said in general that varies very ability to build a bunker for a few days, because all of the steps of construction asks a long period of time.

In a world of such caches lease, conversion treatments. The owners of such facilities seek out investors. Business is booming for the construction of shelters in Pakistan and India (in other words, in countries that are teetering on the brink of war.) Also, many shelters are building North Korea and Israel. Israeli authorities fear that Iran may make an attack with nuclear weapons.

In Russia, as in order to settle the issue of lack of beds in shelters, it was proposed to oblige companies to build personal control them without the help of others.

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