Why the Russian foreign arms purchases?

In recent years, Russia is gaining momentum overseas arms procurement process, go to the West and leave a lot of money, which could support the development of the Russian military-industrial complex, do jobs, wages increment of our companies, to give impetus to the creation of new weapons systems , also commonly known that by developing new weapons systems, "in passing" are 10's, hundreds of new products and technologies that can be used in the civilian sector. In addition, it leads to the ultimate degradation of Russian design bureaus in several promising areas, creates the risk of dependence on the West in the field of devices, ammunition, there is risk of damage to the electronics of Western products in the event of war with NATO.

"Military Review" has already reported on the desire to establish a naval command artillery systems zabugornogo production to ships under construction class "frigate", also refers to the procurement of systems for our diesel submarines — diesel engines, diesel generators, ventilation and air-conditioning. And later it became clear that it was outdated artillery systems: the Italian 127-mm OTO-Melara (reference 1968) and the French "Le Creusot-Loire Compact" (1953/1968 years.) Buy drones from Israel, already outdated. There is an agreement with Italy to buy 10 armored vehicles, "Lynx", the company Iveco, at the end of 2011 to be released 1st armored car assembly with flow on the Kumasi. Announced the figure on the construction of machines for the 1700 Russian Federal Security Service, Interior Ministry and Defense Moreover, the machine will be used for lightweight armor technology of Germany.

Announced plans to buy Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in France to 1000 light armored vehicles of "Panhard" may be part of the machines will be carried out in the Russian Federation (http://topwar.ru/3453-rf-planiruet-zakupit-do-1000-edinic- francuzskoj-bronetexniki.html). The Ministry of Defence has negotiated the purchase of test batches of Italian infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) "Fretstsiya" and languid BM "Tsentauro" for their tests. Can be purchased and will be the party for the Land Forces (http://topwar.ru/3529-ministerstvo-oborony-planiruet-priobresti-partii-probnyx-italyanskix-bmp-i-bm.html). This list is incomplete, and it can continue, "Mistral", sniper rifles, in Germany, bought a field camp at the company Karcher Futuretech GmbH and so on. A good character is the image of a similar policy in the field of arms — it's barge "Mistral", iceberg under our MIC.

The question arises — why? We're going through a couple of years to make war with China and the Islamic countries? To do this, buy weapons and military technology from NATO countries, our nedavneshnih opponents. In other words, NATO for us now, "rear"?

Or in the case with the Russian Federation, the MIC so bad that there is nothing left to do, how to take overseas armament? Yes, sort of not, our military-industrial complex gain armament Many countries, many standards among the best in the world — airplanes 4th generation, helicopters, air defense systems and ICDP, there are beautiful samples of small guns. Our tanks at the level of the best in the world, so criticized by the T-90 Russian military professionals is considered to be stronger than the vaunted German "Leopard» (http://topwar.ru/3835-russkie-voennye-yeksperty-t-90-silnee-leoparda-2a6 .html). There are beautiful samples of their own armored vehicles, such as "Tiger", "Wolf". There is a steady increase in our gun purchases abroad — our army does not see such deliveries, she gets the crumbs, and almost all brand-new equipment is overseas. Even NATO countries have recognized in a number of areas of our highest levels in the military, so for Afghanistan require delivery of our helicopters, they are more reliable in the highlands. China and India are practically make their aircraft carrier strike groups, at the expense of our developments.

Statements that our gun is not cheap, funny — you can dramatically lower the price by running a series, of course, that a party of 10-30 aircraft more than two or three hundred square meters.

It's funny to hear the statement that our MIC can not do that acquire abroad, it is cheating. Thus, the same big-name MiG developed a very promising model of UAV "Scat", but the development was not followed (http:/ / Topwar.ru/3940-sudba-skata.html)

Apparently, the main reason — the usual greed, "our" bureaucrats so brazen, relaxed, just "cut loot" in our eyes. Here, as they say retirees — "you do not have to Stalin." Impunity, it is nice to go to trips abroad at the expense of the country, the there is people of, listen to sweet talk greeters, visit the "sweet Europe," to receive "kickbacks", which you can buy property in the same Europe. Impunity, who would frighten "reassignment"? Results in complete degradation of the management body, the situation can improve only indicative hanging. Confiscation of all property, including all the relatives, lovers, friends, that will not be able to justify the fact of purchase on wages. This is the psychology intelligent animals that live only one day, their narrow selfish interests.

Another reason — a "domestic enemies" who are interested in the elimination of the Russian military-industrial complex, the final transformation of in the underdeveloped countries, with no hope of revival of industrial capacity and high technology, which in its own mass associated with the development of military-industrial complex and Gallakticheskoy industry. In Russia to destroy any possibility of revival of its greatness, strength, power.

The only method to stop these processes of decomposition — is reasonable repression, the highest social protection measures, with corresponding applets upbringing of the newest elite aristocracy of Russia, ascetic, strong-willed, wise, classes of warriors and sorcerers. Traders should not be allowed to government, their level — a market, market.

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