Why the West is going to generously fund the Afghan army after 2014?

Once again, an unannounced visit to Afghanistan was committed to South American president Barack Obama. It is reported that a working trip was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the defeat of the number one terrorist Osama bin Laden. Such a subtext for the visit by Obama was elected, of course, to demonstrate to Afghans that the United States continues to struggle with the brutal world extremism, and he himself (Obama), all methods will continue to lead Afghan people to the welfare and prosperity.

But the promise of Obama's Afghan obviously not appreciated. As president of the South American plane took off to fly back to the States, the Taliban have decided to show their vision of the subsequent relationship with the Yankees. This kind of demonstration is a series of terrorist attacks that occurred in the vicinity of the particular so called "Green Town", is a complex of buildings of different representations of international organizations (including the UN). As a result of explosions in Kabul, no citizen of a foreign country was not injured, but the number of dead and the wounded Afghans without taking account of the suicide bombers, over 20 people. This once again confirms the idea of the absolute meaninglessness of the entire operation in Afghanistan U.S. and NATO troops. Not a lot of that movement "Taliban" is not only not gone anywhere for the operation of the coalition forces, it also strengthens its position in this case is not only in the Afghan countryside. In the near future the Taliban are increasingly establishing that are ready to once again take power into their own hands on the ground across the country. And in fact this power in their hands to have at the moment, because Afghanistan has long no one considers the current president Hamid Karzai as a person capable to restore order in the country on their own. Well, then, that the word "order" implies the West, it is not mixed with the fact that the word makes most of the Afghan Taliban priklnnyh.

All of the words often heard that specifically "Taliban" after the departure of coalition forces from Afghanistan again take their former positions, which means that during the operation of the USA and NATO in this Central Asian country, in fact, nothing has changed. Not much, if the main south american troops leave Afghanistan, it is likely a tangible threat of a complete revenge by the Taliban. The same Karzai could be one of the first victims of revenge, because now he has to maneuver, to speak out so that between 2-lights, so as not to get burned. A "fire" — a western forces and Western interests, the other — the movement "Taliban" with their apparent purposefulness of power in the country.

That's why no matter what Karzai met with Western favorites for himself — something quite provocative. In 1-x, it needs to continue every effort to beat out the United States and other countries of the North Atlantic Alliance funds and, secondly 2, try to show the population of the country, that all he does is for the sake of prosperity of Afghanistan.

Barack Obama's visit confirmed that after 2014 (specifically for this year is scheduled withdrawal of coalition troops from Afghanistan), along with other Americans, "indifferent" to the state will allocate 4 billion dollars a year for equipment and development of the Afghan national army. Whole the question is, who is such a decent facilities in the Islamic Republic will manage? After four billion dollars — this is a little much, the fifth part of a year-long Afghan GDP. For such a manger hands can be pulled in many want to "develop" the Afghan army.

By the way, we can not rule out the option of excess closer to the western billion, and those who now comes to the movement "Taliban". The situation could then look as follows: Taliban can fully access the funds allocated through the same Karzai. It will be apparent offer that Karzai will not be able to abandon. In this regard, one can imagine for yourself, what reincarnated Afghan army through the generous funding from abroad. About the fight against the Taliban and will be forgotten once and for all, because you can not beat the fact that part of this army and will be. Not a lot of fresh-baked military units are allocated to the intensive use of their resources to deal with the same Yankees. However, prior to the United States from Afghanistan, far away, but close to, for example, to the Central Asian republics, where these formations can turn around the Afghan countryside if they suddenly seem not enough.

It turns out that the South American finance the Afghan army is not more like a real stabilization of the situation in the country, and some deliberate provocation to arrange a new boiler unchecked in Central Asia. For obvious reasons, in the interests of the Russian Federation obviously not getting comes from their own pockets impermanence southern borders, but also on the basis of the generous donations from the West. And this assistance itself will push the "Afghan army" to vent their "offense" for the years NATO stay in Afghanistan on anyone. He washed his hands, the Americans are trying to buy off the Afghan people, and with those given by the same Taliban vast field for a rematch. By the way, that of course can be beneficial and South American authorities. The fact is that the activation of well-armed formations with unclear status of the south of the Russian border can be a precursor diversion decent contingent of Russian army in the southern border areas, enhancing forces of the CSTO in Central Asia. And if so, what matters for the U.S. European missile defense Russia may have to retreat to the second plan. Because the course with a yearly 4-billion-dollar funding of those who are willing to use these funds for the "own use" — clean water strategy. Move, which is aimed not far away at stabilizing the situation in Afghanistan. So the stabilization of this now, in fact, the case is not profitable to anyone, apart from Afghanistan's neighbors. Of course! — In the wake of incessant attacks the same Karzai will ask for all the latest and the newest financial aid from the West. The lion fraction of the cash assistance can settle quietly in the treasury of the Taliban, and as a result — a new increase in the number of terrorist attacks, attacks, and "interested" looks at the Afghan border. A vicious circle, able to play for Russia only a negative role.

Because Russian authorities have at the moment to find a way out of the situation that may arise in Afghanistan a few years and find out pretty intense, so as not to face a really severe neuvvyazkami.

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