Why Ukraine Russian businessman as Secretary of Defense?

First steps Dmitry Salamatina assigned a couple of weeks back as Minister of Defence with the head of the concern "Ukroboronprom" simply staggering. Taking into account, as this is far from the sovereign affairs of army, it was worth waiting for that first time, he will be engaged in research on the eyeballs of a complex mechanism, which is the armed forces, the analysis of their condition and life support systems, and numerous outrageous problems and finding ways to solutions.

But it seems that neither the state of weapons and military equipment, nor the level of combat training, no flushing the army and navy of the new social challenges head the Defense Ministry does not trevozhut. At least, not having had time to understand the way to his own office newcomer, the new minister to go into battle on a very different, you know he fronts — all of that is possible to implement and what not, then at least on a piece of nip and also to implement.

First orders of the new administration in order to find the critical land, facilities, equipment and property, which will be put up for sale, shocked troops. Army sold out every single defense ministers, to this people in uniform do not get used. And, in fact, the 20th anniversary of the existence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine everything that could be removed from the property and equipment that it did not impact critically on the already miserable defensive powers have long been seized and sold. These criteria permanent state of war stock sell-off, as well as a very clear protected power, lived just waiting for the minister, which in the end finished look to the army as a cash cow, and will take up its development.

But the main feature of the last chapters of Defense consisted, as we mentioned, is that they have found the excess (sometimes finding them where they, apparently, and did not smell), and drove them to businessmen. The only exception was, perhaps, some land — with all the heads of the Ministry of Defense effort to trade through the ingenious schemes excavation sites, it was the last asset that has army. But today, for the first time were "cut" to the quick, ordering to seize the property, facilities, land and equipment from the carrier service and parts departments, including those that are not going to cut any public plans. Such army not yet known.

It is necessary to see that now at last became clear the lowdown first applications Salamatina, which only recently thrashed his chest: "We will hold a total revision of all that is!". Then, as it sounded in the context of the statement promises to solve the social problems of war and end the degradation of the army, naive listeners thought that the new minister wishes to make an inventory, to realize that the army is not enough to develop it. It turns out, do not guess — inventory is needed in order to realize how much you can earn on the sale of shares.

Another exciting moment for the implementation of the Ministry of Defence land and commercial talents of the new minister. The previous head of the MoD Misha Ezhel, as we know, too, was eager to trade the land. A couple of times through the Verkhovna Rada of his team tried to push through a bill that, that opportunities for such trade received specifically the Defense Ministry. Then, with the opening of a land market in Ukraine, the military government in a matter Minutka would earn many billion general, already have enough attempts to implement the earthen fund departments, but, as we know, they are not always far from the former admiral ended successfully.

It seems to be better or worse, the parliament has not passed the law. This error Ezhela, of course, take into account Salamatin, who realized that the need to strike while the iron while hot, and not waiting for the opening of the land market is trying to urgently implement the land through today's strange scheme. Indeed, what to expect? Not the fact that Defense ultimately make it impossible to such trade, well, until the opening of the market still need to survive.

True, Dmitry Salamatina, of course, there are difficulties with the comprehension of the meaning of military service. Not so long ago, he promised that "the real work will begin, for the sake of which men are to serve in the army." But the problem is that the sale of land, property and equipment — it seems to be not quite the main task of the army, even Ukrainian. Men — at least, most of them — are not here for that.

Do not be redundant to draw attention to another statement Salamatina. According to the Minister of Defense, the Defense Department is working closely with the "Ukroboronpromom." "Probably, such a dense work has never been since independence," — said Salamatin. In this case, too, we had hoped that the question of rearming Ukrainian army, in which she is so outrageous needs. It turned out, and here we missed: a fully saying that "cooperation" with not so long ago led by SALAMATIN "Ukroboronpromom" necessary at this time operational control only in order to sell through it seized from army weapons and military equipment.

Where you do not spit everywhere commercialism.

But God bless them with arms and equipment. Give the regular budget of the army, and for a few years, new weapons and military equipment can be purchased. Another 3-5 years, and again did the usual funding can be trained personnel to use them. The failure is that at the moment to put on the auction offered assets "prep school" — military schools. Yes, no! In question, as reported by "Hvilya" State Institute of Defence and the unique military college — ZHVINAU, Zhytomyr Military Institute. SP The Queen of the NAU (formerly ZHVIRE), which trains professionals to cool the air defense forces and gallakticheskoy sphere .. Their restoration will require 10's years, if ever, will make a "backup".

Particularly amazing counterargument to the objection that there is no place to prepare professionals (as referred to in including a higher command level — operational and strategic level, and spices air defense forces, which simply will not cook where in Ukraine). Say, we will prepare in Russia …

This statement is just discouraging. In which the Russian Federation? Naturally, with the Russian Federation Ukraine bind strategic affairs from which no escape, and we are with 3 hands for a fruitful and mutually beneficial business cooperation between Kiev and Moscow. But let's see the truth in the eye and ask: new military control at least telly looks and reads the newspaper? At least some of the Ukrainian authorities, we only hear of the "gas" and "trade wars" between Ukraine and Russia, the reproach of "wrong" Ukraine's foreign policy (previously — by NATO, for now and for the EU), but we are witnessing the ongoing information War of the north-eastern neighbor. And from these partners control of Ukraine wishes to critically depend in terms of preparing the most appropriate military professionals?

At least some ordinary country in the world for such "offers" the minister and his entourage would take a hands are white and escorted to jail. For it — municipal treason pure and simple. And if we remember that the Emperor himself Salamatin my entire adult life was a citizen of, and relatively recently received a Ukrainian passport, if not entirely bad thoughts they ask. Those that are bound to excite Ukrainian counterintelligence.

In the end, we will ask a last question: do you have a new management Defense fuse bars the sale of shares of unthinking prejudice the defense army in power? Remembering nedavneshnie action with bitterness can say: at least, if the current government is no such fuses. An example of the
eyes — said the former defense minister Ezhel. How many obvious corruption scandals tainted thundered around the Ministry of Defence when he was a minister — from "food," and ending referred to "land" and machinations with the purchase of apartments for the military. Security Service and Prosecutor General's intensely occupied by some of these delishek (in many urine is not enough), raportuya the autopsy, so speak out, not entirely legitimate schemes.

And how it all ended? Ezhel today — Advisor to President Yanukovych! Steep punishment, is not it?

So today's management of the Ministry of Defense obviously have nothing to fear. With this power will suffer if like "Corruption" it is only by disloyalty. And if you serve honestly owner — everything else can be dishonest to the core. Owner write everything off.

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