Why Yankees base in Europe

Prior to the release of the U.S. contract the ABM from May 26, 1972, which happened June 13, 2002, this country could have the impact of missile defense (base interceptor missiles) only on its territory, as well as radar for tracking ballistic targets and for their determination, and for aiming and pointing guns defense. Currently, these limitations do not apply than immediately enjoyed the United States, according with the governments of the Czech Republic and Poland to deploy their program from a third country euro combat complex defense system in addition to the two posed in the states of North Dakota and Alaska. Dream comes true incarnation of the Yankees plan to intercept Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) in the ascending phase of their flight to the target, rather than on the outbound, as may be up to 13 June 2002.

On the territory of Russia Russian ICBM will fly to the upstream section of the line of flight movements in slow motion straight to the merits of a height of about 1000 km at the distance of 5000 km from the start. With all this speed they will smoothly decrease as the climb with about 7 km / s to 4.5 km / s. And the speed of the interceptor missile GBI at the end time of the motor can be up to 7.5 km / s for the two-stage variant GBI-stage 2 and 8.5 km / s for the three-stage — GBI-3 stage. And then the best method interception, than the Dogon know, you can imagine, as the speed of convergence would be in favor of the U.S. missile defense system. That is why the U.S. is trying to own missile defense base in Central Europe and have severe intention not to go there in any case.

What media are silent?

The literature on the subject of U.S. missile defense is not the brain, the most vulnerable element of the system — pair Fri radio and radio interceptors and their homing included in secrecy system IFICS (In-Flight Interceptor Communications System).

According to the U.S. missile defense programs when control should be deployed seven pairs of stationary Fri IFICS on the number of zones on the ground missile defense the U.S. and other countries. Each stationary item located in an uninhabited area, occupies a plot of land of treeless terrain in a one-acre (40 hectare). On Fri positions are official technical rooms with transmitting and receiving devices, is also a parabolic antenna diameter of 19 feet (5.8 meters).

Liaison with regional command Fri defense and central command Fri NORAD (air defense sites in North America) is carried out by a global network of ultra-wideband digital channel fiber-optic communications.

The presence of 2-spaced a substantial distance apart fr IFICS justified by the need to ensure reliable performance radio systems and radio communications in adverse weather criteria (rain, fog, snow, etc.), which affect the propagation of radio waves in the centimeter and millimeter wave spectrum and to increase reliability in the event of failure of the 1st of 2-pt.
So a detailed description of parts of the system IFICS manufactured, because in the past 5 years printing U.S., Russia, and other states, even mentions the existence of the system although without any of the other means of defense technology has no capacity for precise guidance interceptors on ballistic target .

The absence in recent years, the very mention of the existence of a system IFICS can be explained with 2 reasons. The first is the most common and primitive — the United States does not want to use the country and the specific situation of 2-pt radio and communications — the most important parts of the defense vulnerable. Second reason is that, if the placement is not meant in Central Europe fri IFICS, then the silos with GBI missiles in Poland can not possibly solve the puzzle of missile defense. As they are designed for other purposes.

Such goals can be two. First — to intercept and defeat gallakticheskih vehicles of military purpose of, launched from the Baikonur "Plesetsk" in the Arkhangelsk region. And the best place to do this than the north-east of Poland, did not find it. Second goal — the objects strategic focus on the areas of the Russian Federation directly to Novosibirsk. In this case, the GBI-3 rocket stage can do the role of medium-range ballistic missile launches at a distance of 5000 km.

It must be emphasized that the use of GBI-3 stage as a medium-range missiles is very unsafe for the Russian Federation, as it provides low signal from the moment the order-to launch a nuclear GBI to hit a target. Ammunition in this case may have the equivalent of 50-100 kilotons of TNT. Flight GBI missiles from the territory of Poland to Moscow takes only 11 minutes, the same to RVSN ICBM bases near the village and the town Vypolzovo Teykovo, 13 minutes to the town of Tatischevo, 15 minutes before the Nizhny Tagil and 21 minute to Novosibirsk. Neither the United States nor its allies have no other means of delivering nuclear weapons, capable of solving the tasks ahead nuclear strike for so kutsee time.

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