Why Yanks 500,000 plastic coffins?

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) — The Federal agency Management in the U.S. force majeure situations. At first glance, this South American agency tasks are ordinary and clear, and FEMA can be considered analogous to our ministry. Ah well defines its target itself agency"The mission of FEMA is a critical response to the emergence of civilization emergencies. We cooperate with a population with a view to the creation, maintenance and improvement of our abilities to prepare, protect and respond to unsafe situations, also in order to eliminate and mitigate their consequences, "Infowars.com reported to the United States.

In view of the existence of this South American agency's nothing unusual. These agencies have in any country of the world. But where whole that noise and countless rumors surrounding the activities arising FEMA inside the United States itself, and what exactly are they? Try to understand.

The main premise of rumors around FEMA granting agency is extensive capabilities in the event of emergencies and the likely use of these opportunities to implement full control over the citizens of the right to full deprivation of their constitutional rights. Conspiracy theorists around the world and the U.S. have moved to clarify the purpose of existence of FEMA-covered sufficiently far away and cause a lot of arguments in favor of the fact that the goals of its operation is not limited to the aftermath of hurricanes and floods, and the solution of humanitarian problems.

Increased public attention the problem of the organization of the agency lured so called quarantine camps.

Infowars.com has received a document issued by a subsidiary of Halliburton, entitled KBR, which provides detailed information began equipping FEMA camps and camps throughout the U.S. Army U.S. location. Entitled "Review of the project and its anticipated needs." The document was obtained from a government employee, who for obvious reasons preferred to remain unknown

Against the background of proliferating rumors about the organization of the camps the U.S. administration adopted a series of unprecedented measures, greatly restricting constitutional freedoms of their own people and untie the hands of the U.S. authorities in relation to foreigners suspected of terrorism. We present only the most conspicuous of them.

In August 2002, John Ashcroft, the then U.S. attorney general, said the ability of the introduction of the practice of detention of people suspected of aiding terrorism indefinitely without formal charges and the court's decision.
In October 2006, Congress passed the infamous recognizable Military Commissions Act (lit.) — the Military Commissions Act. A law adopted in respect of non-US people, has permitted to enter into a bullpen people suspected of involvement in terrorism indefinitely, again the same without judgment and without presenting any formal charges. In addition to that, the law recognized by all civilized world as flouting international law, ignoring all international agreements, including the Geneva Convention, and recognizes the exclusive right of the U.S. President to define the concept of "torture."

45 regions indicated in the document CBD

With the adoption of new laws and income disk imaging arrests "enemy combatants» (enemy combatants, both literally defines their law of 2006), FEMA-intensive to build new detention camps throughout the country United States. Since the appointment of the quarantine camps, little was said in the midst of ordinary people, and there were various speculations have spread nasty rumors. South American citizens have advanced the most indescribable versions that overall construction camps. According to recent estimates, the number of quarantine camps on the location U.S. estimated 800 objects. Online video is distributed quarantine camps is newly renovated, ready to receive the "guests." And the most massive American conspiracy argument in favor of that goal quarantine camps are not limited to the security of the American people in the event of large-scale emergencies, was the publication of photos and video, which recorded "cooking» FEMA to eliminate their consequences: on the ground quarantine camps majestic harvested a huge amount of plastic coffins stacked neatly in piles.

Satellite view on the stock plastic coffins "FEMA"

South American conspiracy theorists Hollywood truly draws the picture of how the actions will be developed in the case of the United States on the ground of some extraordinary events disposition. The basic idea of such forecasts is the assumption that the past 10 years, South American society lives under the constant supervision of the "big brother" who are trying to deprive people of the United States one hundred percent, but for them, and people all over the world, and personal freedom. One method of Merit "world government" own goals, in the views of the American conspiracy theorists, is to create a network of quarantine in the United States (concentration) camps. Despite the fact that many of the scenarios is very fantastic and cause most people skeptical smile, their overall trend is very significant, and the very appearance — symbolic. Smoke without fire: in the United States with their Guantanamo and secret CIA bullpen, which has been added to nedavneshnih stories about quarantine camps FEMA with hundreds of thousands of plastic "Macs", becoming known totalitarian country, the real essence of the policy which is defiance of the foundations of humanism and democracy.

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