Will the new charter of the Russian army

Will the new charter of the Russian armyRussian army long time did not meet the current challenges. This is not a trivial fact once said and military analysts, and representatives of imperative structures. But no truly harsh steps for large-scale reform is made up to this time was not. What was needed was some external impulse that would force the military department was able to make faster decisions on the modernization of the Russian army. And the momentum is really manifested itself. In this case, it is a manifestation came in the regions where it is least expected. It is a question of North Africa, the country that for the near future within the 1st year there were several bloody coups immediately with the change, it would seem, the permanent regime. This North African military and political fever and shook our community imperative. Immediately there were proposals that were focused on the rejection of archaic Russian armed forces and the reorientation of future development.

A brave decision can be regarded as a project to introduce in Russia the new military regulations. It's no secret that everything related to the army, as usual, bronzoveet, matures and is not inclined to any changes. Army — It is so inert system that entering into it all, even the most moderate configurations accompanied by endless approvals, negotiation, orders and cancellations of orders. And now — the real thunder in the middle of the blue: Our homeland is changing military regulations. What now will still be contained in the pages of the head of the military instrument? Major changes, as it became clear from the words of the creators of the new constitutional realities that affect management of army units. Previously, the chain units looked like a "battalion, regiment, division-army"That for the moment decided to abolish absolutely regimental component. Now the chain looks like a "battalion, brigade-operational command." Why then decided to make such epochal configuration? The fact that a longish chain of Russian military units and involves a multi-stage form of transfer orders of high rank to junior officers. Brand new army system, as they say military bureaucrats to be more adequate to the new challenges. The existence of modern communication systems will allow officers to quickly contact with a higher level of battalion commander. This is in order to avoid unnecessary crotch links and increase the mobility of the orders. With all of this occurs in younger commanders leeway in the criteria of combat. Previously, every step of the company commander was obmyslen without orders from the top and controls the captain had no ability to manage the personnel entrusted to him, according to a new Russian statute shaped as letters, he has the opportunity. This is simply illustrated by the following example: While fighting with a terrorist group, who are positioned in one of the city's cellars, now do not have to consult with the management at the time when the enemy decides to actively act to break the ring. This will allow not only more accurate to confront the emerging dangers, and increase the efficiency of operations.

As can be seen, the new wearied Russian army is aimed primarily at solving local problems. In the ancient statutes, all power surrendered highest ranks, because the war was seen as a copy of Lofty Russian. It is in those times it was necessary to think strategically, directing tank units from the 1st front to another, and to think of what is called, a large scale. New forms of warfare they say that open conflict now actually meet. That's why even a small group of rebels could deal a devastating blow to the whole division. If so, why use the older rules of engagement, which will certainly not lead to success.

The main provisions of the new statute is already being tested in the ongoing exercise "Center-2011" and "Union Shield 2011". The teachings are truly ambitious and unique to them in the past nedavneshnem perhaps not remember. Conducting military operations in the Kazakh Caspian Sea, on the ranges near Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Astrakhan region, near the Tajik-Afghan border in Kyrgyzstan are designed to combine forces of the CSTO armies in confrontation new world threats. According to the officers and generals involved in the exercises, and "The Shield" and "Center" priemuschestvenno focused on the inhibition of the rebel groups in localized areas. With all the exercises that you can watch on special widescreen monitors in the central command headquarters entire operation. This will allow to lead a more operational control of the management or other military operations, and create a single information and coordination field.

The teachings are according to new principles. Central Command does not impose his own point of view, the commanders who are in the midst of events, and allows them to look for a more suitable solution for that or any other tasks. This can be called the exact opposite of Russian control technique by the army. Some oppose such liberalization, but the Chechen war, and the war in Afghanistan, demonstrate that the Russian control system has outlived its usefulness in the eighties.

According to the views of some professionals, such innovation was necessary to implement another 10-12 years back. We will rely on the fact that innovations in the Russian army did not remain only on paper.

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