Winter 1994

Winter 1994

December 9, 1994 released by the presidential decree "On measures to curb the activities of illegal armed formations on the territory of the Chechen Republic and in the zone of the Ossetian-Ingush conflict." And in a day or three, our December 12 troops entered into real combat actions with Dudayev militants who opened fire from the "castles" in the column of Russian troops, heading to severe.

All of these events preceded a couple of years of the separatist Chechen sovereignty. In 1990, the first Congress of the Chechen State (NPV) it was decided to develop a self-contained Chechen country. Official authorities of Chechnya instead of discrediting the decision, went "on occasion", and even contributed to the creation of the National Congress of the Chechen People (NCCP), for which he paid later. NCCP is rapidly gaining political weight and becoming a credible, constantly acting political campaign soon she started to claim power, it came out from under the influence of the official control of Chechnya.

Winter 1994

In 1991, in the political arena of Chechnya, there is Major General Johar Dudayev, Russian Air Force, is rapidly gaining weight administrative and became chairman of the executive committee of NPV. Already in May 1991, Dudayev declared illegitimate by the Supreme Council of Chechen-Ingush and Chechen Republic was proclaimed a sovereign republic.

Winter 1994

While Dudayev and his associates with the large crowd showered slogans of sovereignty and independence in Chechnya started another gangster orgy. Looting of Russia's population occurred in all areas of the country, tyschami people were killed, raped women, boys sold into slavery. In the center of the capital of the self-declared independent republic there was a slave market. Passing through Chechnya train stopped and robbed, freight trains looted whole villages, passenger armed gangs. Federal center impotently silent.

After storming Dudayev's guards went premises where the meeting of the Supreme Council of Chechen-Ingush Republic, where he died chairman V. Kutsenko Dudayevites threw it out the window, was formed by the Supreme Council of the Interim Which Armed Forces was recognized as the legitimate supreme authority. But all attempts of Moscow agree with that authority for stabilizing ended in complete failure.

Then the Supreme Soviet of Russia perceives decree "On the political situation in the Chechen-Ingush Republic." NCCP response to this decision was the announcement of mobilization and call for armed combat center. Start Capture prisons and the release of criminals. In order to capture weapons and military equipment Chechen bandits were attacking military camps. Our military was ordered out of the center, leave earlier for damaging and destroying as much as possible left by guns and property.

But despite all the measures taken, according to the military professionals Chechen separatists were able to capture more than 100 units of armored vehicles, including 42 tanks, 153 artillery pieces and mortars, including eighteen "Grad", about 740 anti-tank, 7 MANPADS "Igla", 51 plane, 60,000 units of small guns, as a huge number of bullets, grenades, ammunition and spare parts for machinery and implements.

Winter 1994

Completely exhausted the patience of the Federal Center in the summer of 1994. In August, the opposition vigorously support the center Dudayev filed an ultimatum, demanding his resignation. But this only led to the outbreak of hostilities between the opposition groups and supporters of Dudayev and reckless attempt to storm severity, which took part in the Russian military. Center was that all measures of political settlement and stop the bloody mayhem exhausted, there was only one WAR!

The President of Russia issued a decree "On measures to restore constitutional legality and order in the area of the Chechen Republic" and start concentrating troops near the Chechen border.

Was created by the grouping of troops, which included the connection of all branches of service.
The plan of operation to restore constitutional order was divided into four steps.

1. Establishment of the Joint group of forces, with the dispatch of helicopters and aircraft for operational airfields. Lesson of the initial areas for action on three fronts — Mozdok, Kizlyar and Vladikavkaz.

2. Nomination of troops in the direction of Severe 5 the routes. Further planned, under the guise of aviation surround Severe With 2 locking rings, opening the corridor for civilians. Some of the troops had to close the militant bases outside the Crucible. At the Interior Ministry and the FSB special forces lay task of search and arrest gang favorites. Internal troops were assigned to protect the routes of troop and communications.

3. Third step foresaw sweep severe, with the capture of buildings Interior Ministry, the Federal Security Service of the structure of the Government, the presidential palace and other principal objects.

4. It was necessary to stabilize the situation and pass areas of responsibility of Interior Ministry troops for the final disarmament bandformirvany.

By the beginning of the operation are united grouping of Russian troops numbered nearly 24 thousand people, 90 helicopters, several hundred infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, 80 tanks, 182 artillery units. Dudayev troops totaled 30 thousand people, including two thousand mercenaries of all kinds and calibers.

The operation began at 8:00 am on December 11, instead of the scheduled 5:00 and it was the first weird circumstances that war. The delay is allowed to block the Chechens most roads masses bellicose Chechen population under the guise of militants who seized the hostages soldiers and officers, and taken out of service or military equipment seized her as well.

Winter 1994

On the approach to the rigors of December 12 MLRS "Grad" Airborne Regiment came under fire, 13 soldiers were killed and six wounded. Only two weeks after the start of operations troops were able to step up to the rigors. December 20 first approached the northern constellation of General Rokhlin, others carrying the loss in manpower and equipment were tightened only to the 26 of December, instead of 3 planned for this step it took sixteen days.

That's so b
egan the first Chechen war. Before the bloody, failed, the New Year's storm severity, in which dead and missing more than fifteen hundred Russian soldiers and officers remained 5 d

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