Winter is a hotly

In winter, it will be hotThis separate motorized rifle brigade — the youngest in the 5th Field Army of the Eastern Military Area. Last summer, having made a march of several kilometers, she changed the place of deployment and with household arrangement without the buildup began combat training. The results of combat training at the finish of another period of study and plans for the coming academic year knows deputy commander Colonel Alexei BABKIN connection.

— Alexei Nikolaevich, your role was held to form a new compound. Began what is called, with unblemished slate?

— No, our team was the successor of the tank unit to transfer to it of the Order of Red Banner, who was awarded the 218 nd Tank team for his role in the liberation of Manchuria by the Japanese invaders in August 1945. Also, our connection got other military services predecessors Battle Banner parts and historical form. Now we set up a personal structure to the highest up, telling, namely that in 1974, for good conduct on the teachings of a tank regiment was awarded Pennant Minister of Defense, and in 2005 recognized the best part of the Far Eastern military environment.

In winter, it will be hotOver the past two years already with excessive team With years of positive results in combat training, ranging from the role in large-scale exercises "Vostok-2010". Our base was also held ostentatious battalion tactical exercise with live firing for the officers of the army in the spring of 2011, the brigade command post exercise was on the ground when we went in their own areas of responsibility. Evenly combat training activities were to receive a more intense nature. Much work has been done to strengthen military discipline, integrated units. The brigade was checked twice Commission of the General Staff, assessment of readiness of connection — positive.

— How to equip a connection on the new deployment location? What prepyadstviya maybe even disturb the command that is being done to address them?

— All activities conducted this year relocation performed successfully. Intensively cooperate with foreign organizations to enable these or other matters of life support.

Evenly solve the issues of military service housing. But, unfortunately, it is not so simple: the system of flats at the moment is very bureaucratic. Making the mass market is going through a "Vostokregionzhile." Need to go there, wasting a lot of time and effort. Therefore, the ability to avoid all the fuss populating the people in the house, and later dooformlyaem necessary documents. Part of the homes were in the adjacent garrison. Some have already moved the family. To do this, select transport, help everyone.

Also uniformly restored barracks housing fund. In this study involving experts at "Slav", "Oboronenergo" and other organizations. By the winter should have time to do very nearly everything, especially for glazing, heat input, the substitution of land drainage. For its part organize voluntary work on improvement areas, first the living area.

Most of the kids went to school is on a brand new location as parents. The benefit is specifically cancel school in our garrison, and two more — in nearby towns. There is quite prepared teachers, among which the wives of officers, because problems with the training of our children, most likely, is not expected.

The main difficulties still associated with housing and barracks Fund, it takes a large part of the hassle of command. But things are moving. Graduates of repairing the roof of one barracks, at the moment the roof overlaps the other, where the units of infantry battalions. Go to work and the topic of weapons and military equipment.

— As in such criteria can maintain the desired level of combat readiness?

— Feature of the summer training period for us was the fact that some of the planned activities had to be moved to another date. But the study did not braked. The personnel of the continued improving its ability to shoot in driving technology. I would say that the tank battalion under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Ivanov as "excellent" standard missiles had shot at the range, fully spent training to overcome obstacles aqua underwater. At the moment we are training other teachings. Namely, with BTU battle shooting in the first half of October have worked motorized infantry division. At this time, passes the brigade command post exercise. Involve a lot of effort and money. And in view of the remoteness of the garrison from the landfill and improved marching training of personnel. In other words, regardless of the kind of home is still unsettled, people deliberately engaged in combat training.

In winter, it will be hot— Alexei Nikolaevich, and who now, figuratively speaking, determines the face of your team?

— This is the first officers who firmly linked their fate to the army, are well aware of its purpose, to serve as the conscience. All battalion commanders have an academic education. They are doing everything they can to achieve positive results only. And his own personal example inspire subordinates. How, for example, Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Ivanov, last year won first place in the competition field training officers in the middle of the commanders of the Army tank battalions. He and company commanders differ Prof. schooling. As a result of regular supervision sessions on shooting for winter training tank crews received the highest score of command and become the best in the army.

Personalities in the middle of a large bukovkoy — anti-aircraft battalion commander Lt. Col. Alexei Pantiukhov (his subdivision and in the past year, and in today performed live firing on an "excellent", taking first place in the tactical exercises and specifically with firing anti-aircraft gunners in the middle of the association). I will mention the name of the commander of air defense missile battalion, which successfully completed training and live firing on the range Telemba, Colonel Vyacheslav Vlasov. It is marked by letter of Chief of Ground Forces. In the same series — Commander of the engineer battalion Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Selikhov. This is one of the best special teams units and associations in general.

I serve myself with these officers since his own arrival to the team after graduation. Sure that they are distinguished by the highest dedication, discipline, ability to work with people. In fact, thanks to their efforts, will manifest itself in the units and achieved so conspicuous results. Including the strengthening of military discipline. These people can organize personnel, shared their experiences, uchyat beginners.

The contribution and the head of one of the services of the brigade Colonel Nikolai Petrov, who once came to the army not long after the military school, and after a civilian university. But over the last few years it has become a real military professionals. I will mention the names of the real chief of security captain Taras Ignatenko, ready at any time of the day to perform the intended target, Major Eugene Kulick Colonel Alimaev Babaev. We have a lot of decent people. There are those wh
ose work is not in sight. How, for example, major medical service Lyudmila Kulik, very fulfilling puzzle Radzivil health maintenance personnel. Now its role is not without cost, no class on battle training, including on-site landfill. When she's there, I can be relaxed about the military: sluchic that — honey software will be on top.

— Were there to compound a new tool and technique?

— We have already received personal portable communications equipment. In the main carried out a complete overhaul of the weapons and equipment that are available. Pin our hopes to get new standards in the future. In principle cope with the puzzles and proven technology. And tanks and infantry fighting vehicles perfectly proved themselves in the last prolonged march.

— How would you characterize nedavneshnee replenishment officers? Can I count on it?

— Lieutenant replenishment and this year is good. In the main it is the gunners, Special Corps of Engineers, signalers. And they are all defined by the primary officer positions. In fact, I debated with each person and see — there is a desire to serve the boys, to express themselves in the service. Clearly, there is a becoming, in young officers appear difficulties. But each assigned experienced mentors.

— What are your plans for winter training?

— They are quite saturated. All will go on combat training programs when necessary. Will and company, and battalion tactical exercises will be live fire departments, platoons. For the most experienced soldiers is to improve skills and abilities. For beginners — learning the basics of military service commissioning.

Assumed in the application of innovation capabilities using the new guidelines, the requirements of which are now being implemented in the practical life of the troops. A pioneer in this area stands an army commander, Major-General Andrei Serdyukov. His initiative in organizing military exercises lead us to constantly move forward. We train NCOs, are trained directly themselves. Scheduled departure from the linear strategy, the acts of their own units in areas of responsibility must become more self-reliant. We made a brigade task force under the command of Major Andrew Akulova. On the teachings of the main burden falls on the unit. It also participates in the preparation of cross-species together with the border troops. So this chilly winter seaside personnel of our unit will be hot on the military ranges.

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