Winter uniforms

Winter uniformsCreating a high quality winter clothes now goes to the new level. The introduction of new materials eliminates the awkward and unattractive objects odezhki one or another of Professor accessories. Overall Now winter is different than that of the highest durability and versatility.

If we talk about the protective clothing for professional military occupations, then it must have a number of additional features. These features should be treated inflated ergonomics winter uniforms, its good properties are insulated, windproof, and coupled with the fact Cancel ventilation.

Armies of the world, which are designed to lead acts in the criteria of low temperatures, provided with winter uniforms of the special kind. If we talk about the Finnish army, then there form, that surprisingly, developed the spice of Forestry. In the development of the figure forms part of the Finnish winter the whole study group. Several people specifically roam the Finnish forests and snow-covered shores of numerous lakes to record winter landscape. Next few thousand pictures and videos downloaded to a computer that analyzes the color palette, and thanks to a special program there make a single texture. More precisely tell immediately created a few textures, corresponding to different types of terrain. And on the basis of these textures to create a universal structure, which will form the base of "war paint" clothes (shape) Finnish fighter. This amazing thoroughness allows create truly unique specimens color palette of military uniforms and workwear rangers.
Americans are already preparing for the implementation of the newest program that will create 3D-coloring winter clothes (shape) for different compounds. Such a structure will allow the South American soldier, according to developers forms almost lost not only in the middle of snow-covered fir trees, and on a fairly open area. Texture initially planned to use for snipers. This coming and it will use the other soldiers of the American army. It is said that South American fighters are not fighting in the criteria of a distinct winter, because this form is issued as long as experimental models. You can not even imagine someone South American fighters to represent himself as the enemy, if they have to conduct exercises in the criteria of low temperatures on the snow-covered ranges of Alaska.

Russian soldiers also received the latest winter uniforms. But its convenience, to be exact, about the inconvenience walks a lot of rumors. Namely, the men complain that the brand new winter form is not the highest goal, and just let the wind. The Defense Ministry also expressed to the effect that the brand new Russian winter form meets all modern requirements: No 3D-texture, naturally, but its advantages it also has.

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