How to learn to inspire a man? For example, my husband does not want to work or it is nothing interesting. So as we look first at yourself, look for its flaws, weaknesses, then in that case, you should ask — what am I doing wrong? How can I encourage her man to become his muse?

Man needs a woman's energy

God created man as a driving force. He gave him all the qualities necessary to make a man could reach any goals. Only one God has limited his ability — left without the possibility of their own energy needs.

The man finally looked like a multi-functional computer. Which can be very, very much. He is able to perform different tasks — and go to the store and make money, and build a house, and to repair the sink. But only if it is connected to the mains.

There are two options — either it is plugged into an outlet, flowing with universal electricity, or it can be powered from a certain mobile generator.
That is, a man can get energy from either God or a woman.

Modern men are hard to build a relationship with God — by virtue of education, traditions and beliefs. Therefore, general electrical network is available to them. Then all hope is on the generator.

Woman is created in order to generate energy.
It can create it out of the air — out of nowhere. And for her — this is one of the most important functions. Each woman creates this energy accumulates — and somehow it spends. The main question is — where do we send it?

If my husband does not want to move, then where is my power?

This is the main question that needs to ask himself every married woman. If the husband does not want to work to achieve something, no interest — where is my power?

I spend it on excessive work and making money?
I was fascinated by raising children and forgot that I am also a wife?
I went to the self-development, leaving behind his wife's duties?
Or maybe I'm still confident that I could find a better husband?
I was seized or greed, and I'm not ready to give up their power?
I decided at all costs to be strong, independent and independent?
If I could produce it myself, save and share?
How to inspire a man to the exploits

Let us remember the children's stories. As Princess inspired princes? Immediately before the eyes of the princess gets a picture in a tower guarded by a fire-breathing dragon. Prince Charming on a white horse wins the dragon and takes the princess with her.

What's so special about doing a princess?

1. Princess certainly was weak and could not save herself.

The move — the rejection of our women's independence. Become weak, we awaken in men the strength and desire to take care of us. While we do our utmost to be strong, we have no chance to get care. Remember, like Christmas:

"I am with you, so sure —
very difficult.
Though on purpose, at least for a moment —
I ask timidly —
Help me to myself to believe
become weaker "

2. Princess believed that Prince save her.

Often we are able to believe in their men? Often we can fully trust them and do not control? And can a man do to help if we do not believe that he can and will do?

3. However, it is not just sitting and waiting, and with women's affairs — embroidered, painted.

Normal life of the modern woman virtually eliminates training women affairs. You can buy ready-made clothes — and there is no need to sew it. Dishes washed dishwasher, laundry washes — the washing machine. Embroidered shirts are no longer in fashion. Children's toys in the stores so that they do not need to sew and embroider. Even cook in the full sense of the word is optional. You can buy a cake mix and stir.

Our life becomes easier and more technological, and most importantly — where is the energy that we have saved? And if we are able to fill up, as many female employment just there to be charged with energy.

4. She did not scream it from the tower, how to hack the dragon's head.

How often do we think we know better how to. I myself like this — and always find myself thinking, sometimes too much "help" where better to keep silent and relax.

And yet we are often willing to stick a man in each of errors. We do not attach such importance to winning, so much — defeat. Favorite phrase: "I told you so", "I knew you would," "As always," and "Again" … How chivalrous hearts they broke …

Ability to ignore his mistakes, timely support, not humiliated — this is what a woman can do the best for him.

5. Princess openly admired the valor and courage of the Prince

How often do we admire her husband's ability to repair the valve or bring heavy bags? Do we see the advantages of our men — or hung up on their weaknesses?

What we pay attention — is increasing. And if you ever saw and be unhappy — there will be new grievances. And if you admire the courage, commitment, ability to care — they will also grow.

6. After the prince saved her — she gave herself to him completely.

Giving up on his neck and legs. Thanks to all my heart. He drove her to his house. Who saved her — and he became her husband.

When a man has extracted the mammoth — are we always gladly thank? Or sometimes we take it for granted? Or even appreciate mammoth extracted by comparing with the past and the neighbor?

The choice is ours. Each of us has it. We can choose what to do with the energy that God has given us. We can go against his will — and spend it on their own. And we can try a different way.

What if a princess and inspire heroism man who next?

What is the real work and the power of women?

The main women's work is not to all feed and obstirat. Not how to make all the lessons and all the darn socks. And not to have the maximum number of children.

This is all the tools. As are many women lost. We then washing and cleaning — as he should. Bear and rear, as he should. Husband suffer, because they have to. But why would you want? Who do you want?

In any action that makes sense. In any ritual he also has, over the years, but can be lost. And then the ritual becomes a mindless repetition of any action properly in accordance with the rules. As it is in many religions. Be the only way to bow only way to be baptized just so … And so it was with a woman's labor.

The main women's work is not to all feed and obstirat. Not how to make all the lessons and all the darn socks. And not to have the maximum number of children. This is all the tools. As are many women lost.

The main women's work — love.

All other obligations arising out of here. Just help to show love. We can say that our responsibility — our employers. That help reveal our potential. And also allow you to have money to live. But what is love — in practice?

Care of the body or the soul?

What's really important?

To feed the children and husband for a "mandatory set of proteins, fats and carbohydrates"? Or more important to feed their souls with love, acceptance, forgiveness?
Important to clean the house and clothes to one of you bad not thought of? Or more importantly helps to clear the mind and soul of the unnecessary ballast?
More important to stroke their pants and shirts to the shooter without creases, so that they always look good? Or more important to stroke their souls, so that they always feel good?
Can wash their clothes, and you can — to erase from their souls hurt and pain.
You can teach children math, but you can learn to love …
I am not in any way apart from the fact that we should not do anything. I just want to show what needs to be in first place.

We always pay a lot of attention bodies. But the care of the body for the sake of the body — it is a waste of time and effort. It is like sitting "VKontakte" seats for "VKontakte". After all, we — more than a body. And the needs of the body — it is not all our needs.

How we treat ourselves?

It all starts with attitude. We pay much attention to your body. We constantly grow thin, get fat, and learn the art of skin care, make-up, buying new clothes, jewelry, hair styles change.

But how much time each of us gives his soul? And we — this is the Soul. The body will change. And our soul — is eternal.

Do we listen to your heart, you go after it the call? We are saving our soul and we allow it to open up in full force? Do we see it at all? And you know that we — the soul, not the body?

And the question here is not to stop to wash and dress. We must realize that initially. Who is more important, the car or the driver?

Can starving driver to go wherever he wants, without breaking the rules? Even if his car is cleaned to perfection and with a full tank of fuel?

Can a healthy driver to drive a car that has never held that, not change the oil, with an empty tank?

Balance is important. And it's important to understand — what comes first. What you should pay attention.

It often happens that we know the car in which we go. Aware of its color, size, brand, power, fuel consumption. But it is quite familiar with the driver. He seemed to be hiding behind the tinted windows. Maybe what we slipped glass outside to ignore him?

First, let's get to know him. Look at the glass — if necessary to remove paint from glass or tinted. And see, and who is in there?

In order to erase the paint, we need to clean my life. Take care of the cleanliness of the body, at home. Get up early and go to bed early. Refuse intake of alcohol and other poisons. Stop smoking and to utter swear words. Monitor the purity of thought. All this is much talk of my teachers — Oleg G. Torsunov, Oleg G. Gadetsky, Vyacheslav O. Rouses.

And when we are able to see yourself this — though not completely, even through the first crack of Purity — then — and only then — can we see others.

The woman — the one who sees the Soul!

For me, the most important work of women — to see the other person Soul. See her and help her to open up. Help a person to see it myself.

Why Women? Because nature has designed us so that we feel very good. We have strong feelings, strong mind. Women have a strong intuition that we better understand the people and their actions. And we can look deeply. If we want.

And to ensure that a person can fully unfold before us, there are women's responsibilities. We relax the body with good food, clean clothes, her beauty. Then his soul is much easier to manifest.

We care about the bodies of other people to be able to take care of their souls. We just need to relax their body.

Husband comes from work overwrought. In this state, it's hard to think of his soul. It boils aggression, shame, guilt — each with its own set. If it meets at least overwrought wife — to be trouble.

And if the woman will meet his beautiful, clean house with a plate of his favorite borscht … And in response to his indignation because of the work he says: "Of course you're right. Come, I'll mash the back. " Better yet, not only back, but the foot ….

From such worries man relaxes. Then he can take off his armor and show himself present. He can take a chance to appear in front of her vulnerable — knowing that it will take care of his soul.

At this point, the spouses may be true friendship, close relationship. The word "wife" is derived from the word "squad". And before the most important between couples was this sincere friendship.

But you can act differently. You can inflate it, even if it came calm. You can swing your sword around, poke it with a spear. Trying to break through the armor. And God forbid it in such a situation to come home unarmed …

For example, there was a man at work in a difficult situation — not improved it, and more. The wise wife appease frustrated husband. So that he will understand that this is for the better. That the work at the office is not the same as he likes. And the other circle. And time for the family would have had less. With all that he deserves the very best. Simply this — is not the best for him. A relaxed and calm it will be easier to see other possibilities. For example, to fulfill his dream, or change of business.

And you can be different. It can excite, impress upon him that it is unfair. And he deserves the best, and the chief does not understand. So his wife will awaken in his wife injured soldier, which is sure to suit a vendetta. Which necessarily hurt someone. And not the fact that it is the boss. The victim can be and she ….

Our mission — to placate love

We are filled with feminine energy — the energy of the moon, in order to appease. Remember when we were little, we fell and broke her knees. And what did we do? Ran to her mother, so she blew on our wound. When in kindergarten we hurt someone, we also ran complaining mother.

If mom is a wise and feminine — she listens, pat on the head — and that does not have any knee pain or heart. These mothers were not all — of some shame for tears and torn tights, others tore their anger and resentment …. But we have something important to learn how to be wise women — and make a choice in favor of peace.

So it is in fairy tales — the prince had to first feed, drink, sleep, lay, and then he was a kind and calm, ready for feats. Replace "prince" to "beloved husband" and get ready agenda.

Husband came — to feed, drink, back massage. And then, when he calms down in silence — and you can talk to.

As milk instantly calms the baby, and women's soft power can heal the soul.

Let us actively filled lunar energy, so that we can appease our family. Let us learn to be wise women. learn to see the souls of others ….

I wish you first see their soul. Understand it, to see, to love. To then have it easy to see the souls of other people, to help them open up and pacify.

Based on the book "The Art of Being a Wife"

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