Wood carving in ancient Russia

Craft wood carving, used in Russia since ancient times. True to have survived only a few samples. This is due to their low cost and the fragility of the material of which they are composed. Of wood craftsmen and ordinary people were made figurines of animals, birds, various amulets, which are passed from generation to generation. The inhabitants of that time believed that the tree is a link between the sun and the ordinary people. However, very often the wood products were purely practical or were religious objects, which were used by almost all the family.

According to some written sources, which have come down to our days, we can judge the culture of the time when they were made. After manufacturing these products involved by the ancient Slavs who inhabited the territory of modern European Russia. Since the production of such items are largely dominated by the master, then the tree is purchased as a second life. Wood carving decorated furniture, dishes, toys, and other products. Indeed, in the time of the tree was very screwed material. Wood carving is widely used in the wooden architecture of the time, giving us a lot of monuments of architectural art. Masters of the tree in Old Russia had vast knowledge in the field of art, a great sense of the beautiful, rich imagination and sense of beauty. All this enabled them to create works of art and of wooden toys, and of architectural structures.

Strong evidence were found in archaeological excavations in Novgorod artifacts. Of particular interest is the fragment of a wooden column, which is modern scholars in the 11th century AD. It is decorated along its entire length, pattern, which is repeated throughout its length.

By the way such patterns prove the fact that the development of creativity was even before this period at a high enough level, the inhabitants of that era. Already in those subjects that were found long after their use, modern scientists can judge the development of the culture of that time. That they have that missing piece that helped modern historians to recreate the big picture of life of that era.

On a wooden decoration can also be judged by how decorated wooden houses four centuries ago. This is shown in the many chronicles of those years. They vividly and clearly tell about the life of people who lived at the time of their way of life, both cultural and religious. These monuments of architecture of the time, and household items have a lot of information in the treasury of our history.

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