Wounds may bleed

Wounds may bleed

The human brain does not care that it is a source of experienced suffering, mental or physical suffering.
Each person can recall embarrassing moment of his life, when it is not deserved offended or hurt. Emerged at the same pain as if pierced through the entire body and is given in every corner.

Large number of people able to really get sick as a result of stressful experiences. Actually treating the experienced heartache, people understand that the external causes such pain sensations are absent.

With the current scientific postulate that the soul and the word has an ephemeral nature, official medicine before categorically disagreed. But after to recent studies, the number of skeptics who claim that the soul can not be ill, markedly diminished.

As a result of these studies, researchers from the University of Michigan have shown that the human brain perceives the same emotional and physical pain.

Two such seemingly different sources of pain as a feeling of loneliness and the physical pain caused by a blow to the body, to produce the same degree of activation of the two areas of the brain, one of which is the secondary somatosensory, and the second — a zone of insular cortex.

During this work, the researchers examined forty people of various ages in acute emotional stress of separation from loved ones, and the suffering is strong enough mentally.

Initially, the participants in these studies were forced to look at pictures of loved ones with whom they have left for various reasons, and were asked to recall with the most happy and pleasant moments of a life lived together. Then, scientists using special instruments intensified these people pain.

During this experiment experts to fully inspect the state of the brain activity of participants, using for this purpose the functional magnetic resonance imaging.

As a result of this study, it was found that the feeling of loneliness and reject call activity of the same brain regions that are perceived as pain caused by physical suffering, so the main conclusion based on our experiments, it was a social psychologist Ethan Cross.


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