Writings of the ancient Slavs

Originally written Slavic-Aryan was shaped, that is hieroglyphic. One such image contains much more imaginative information than one character syllabary, and even more so — the phonetic alphabet. A man who knows imaginative writing, their outlook was quite a mature personality, and knowing the phonetic — can be ignorant.

All the ancient priests had the ability to read information from the form not only hosts, but also to their field level. In nodular letter Slavic-Aryan to the main narrative thread tying knots in words-concepts (hence: nodules on memory, thought to bind, to link the word with a word to say confusing, site problems, tangled plot, complication and outcome — the beginning and end of the story , the problem — the absurdity in the story, and so on). Important idea to knit a red thread (hence: runs through the whole story.) Narrative thread clew (hence: lost the thread of thought, confused thoughts, confused narrative). Keep those balls in the special bark or wooden boxes (hence: tell a story with three boxes). Of nodular letter mentioned in the "source of life" (Message second): "Echoes of battle penetrated into the world, that was lived-Midgard-earth. In fact porubezhe had the land and lived on it the light of pure race. Memory has kept a lot of times, tying knots in the thread of old battles. "

Russ came to the creature, to conceal the truth about their origins, their hostility to the race and capture the planet, announced "nauzy" (knot letter) witchcraft, and the wearing of "charm" (node-wards from the word "bayat" — to say) — sinful act.

Pictured on the plane marks nodosa letter called volume Tragami or ligature. Ability to surround vision achieved defocus of the right and left eyes. Stereoscopic effect is enhanced by overlapping the text rendered thoughtforms. Such topographical colored moving "pictures" explain the meaning of the written material. Such multi-dimensional volumetric Tragi transmit values and diverse concepts.

Volumetric Tragi very difficult for writing and reading, so they are used only specially trained priests Da'Ariyskie-Keepers. For the less-trained priests Harati (lyrics) written Tragami and Karuna have been planar image, but still continue to transmit imaginative concepts. Writing Karuna was named in honor of its first rune "Ka", meaning (if it is ahead of) the union, union coverage. That is Karuna — a collection of various images. It has 144 major runes, in addition to these there is also the time runes, runes the same way, changing the way the runes, runes of penetrating images, etc. For example, to write the Book of Light use 256 runes. A total number of runes in Karuna approaching 5 million.

Vedas were written not only Harati (books of parchment), but also in Santee, where the runes were written on sheets of precious metal (silver, gold, platinum, or pure iron). Inscribed (extruded) runes painted over (blank) special red paint like cinnabar. Santee each consisting of 16 slokas, each sloka has 9 rows, each row under a single feature (called "high places") inscribed with 16 runes. On each plate — 4 slokas, two on each side. Santee nine to 36 plates are one circle. These plates containing 144 slokas, stitched three rings, which symbolize the three worlds: the Reality (the human world), Nav (the world of spirits and dead ancestors), the right (the world Slavonic-Aryan gods). Nine Circles of Santee, containing 1,296 slokas, or 11,664 rows or 186 624 vzaimoupravlyayuschie X'Ariyskie runes make sense shaped collection, which is called from the earliest times — Veda, or by using the Latin form — Ed.

When Santee recorded Karuna, in accordance with the key Karuna text can be read not only the left, but the right, and have read upward or downward, carrying their meaning. Besides reading the four-way, you can still read offset — the images of the different Karuna, standing near or in sequence, superimposed on each other and form a more inclusive way.

Santee was recorded about 40 thousand years ago. They contain the commandments given to the people of Race and information on future events for Svarog Circle and Ninety Nine Circles of Life, that is 40,176 years old, and more. Later part of the information contained in Harati and Santee, and information on the legacy of the Slavic-Aryan on the planet, have been recorded in the Slovenian polurunicheskim charter, Glagolitic Harati (Glagolitic), in Old Russian Volhvaryah (text on the tablets of oak, pine and ash, Holy Russia recorded runic letter). Later Tragi Karuna and formed the basis of various types of writing: runes of different peoples, Sanskrit velesovitsy, features and cuts, large and small Futhark, drop caps, Glagolitic, Cyrillic, unitsiala Byzantine, Church Slavonic alphabet, ancient alphabet and other tribal and priestly writing.

In addition to writing the perfect race people anciently used H'Ariytsev higher arithmetic, which allows to make calculations for the construction of complex architectural structures with the precision of modern materialistic science is not available, as well as to solve problems in kosmonavigatsii when moving Vaitmar (spacecraft races) in the space of one dimension into another dimension of space the required shift factor in time and shape retention. Used for these calculations the system measures the length and distance is perfect, she is tied to human body parts.

In ancient times, man, once he heard from the lips of the Vedic science of the spiritual master, not only completely memorized, but also aware of the meaning of words spoken frank. But the wise man, is based on the Sanskrit letters nodosa — syllabic writing system, anticipating that people of the future will be very limited in their abilities, about 5000 years ago, codified and recorded them. First, he set out in the Rig, Yajur, Sama and Adharvavedah science proper use of the four elements of nature: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. He then explained in Vedantasutre basic sense, the dominant elements — ether, the noosphere, the thought. This is the last of the final words of the Vedas — Vedanta. But the most profound inner meaning of the Universe, he concluded in the Srimad-Bhagavatam, which explains the relationship between the soul and the Almighty God.

In slavyanoariev had several scripts. Aryan tragi been based crypto hieroglyphic characters. Subsequently, based on them appeared the Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other hieroglyphs, cryptograms Cretan-Mycenaean culture, and — hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia (Persia, Sogdiana, etc.)

Aryan is karuna taynoobraznym runic letter, commonly called priestly. Karuna is the basis drevneepicheskogo samskrita, ordinary Sanskrit and Devanagari, which are used by the priests of India and Tibet. In simplified form, karuna used western Slavs inhabiting Scandinavia, Iceland, Germany, France, Great Britain, Denmark, Ireland and other European countries.

Rasenskoe figurative mirror writing, also known as the Etruscan and Tyrrhenian, was the basis drevnefinikiyskogo alphabet, which formed in a simplified form of ancient Greek script (which in turn formed the Latin).

Letter — a letter svetorusskoe intergeneric and mezhderzhavnyh contracts (derived from the initial letters — the letter Veles book).

Glagolitic — trade letter used for maintenance of registers, counting, recording of transactions and commercial contracts. In what used to write epics, tales. Later, Christians began to write Glagolitic Psalms and the Gospel to bring their religion rich — Russian merchants.

Features and cuts — folksy letter used to transmit short messages with business needs. (AV Trehlebov).

Modern archeology provides a comprehensive view of the fact that our ancestors in the XVI century. BC widely owned the phonetic alphabet. Other nations phonetic alphabet was not known. To the Greeks it came from our ancestors 1,000 years later, in the VII. BC Slavic people more than other people to preserve the culture of the antediluvian civilization. Ever II-VII centuries. Scandinavians and Greeks, there is evidence that the Slavs were educated people, have many skills and had their own written language.

S.Robaten describes the first time that the inventor of the letter "o", did it consciously, as a symbol depicted heavenly body, namely the very Ra. Thus, any written sign in itself is symbolic even while and incomprehensible to us. Two-thirds of the ordinary Russian and Greek sacred alphabet can be seen directly in the image of the galaxy M83. Manuscript "and" visible in the brightest of its branches with a minimum share of imagination.

The very name of Ra — this image bright center to the lower left leg "b", "omega", "d", and the Russian "F" — is an image of the central circular lights with a diametrical bar.

Thus, any handwritten letter of the Russian alphabet by its external similarity to certain elements of the divine pattern, is not meaningless, contrary to the views of modern philology, and bears some information to the reader. When the God of the Bible says about himself that he is the alpha and omega, it is already present detailed text, which we see no point in each individual letter.

In the original text, and only had these two sacred letters alpha and omega, repeating its font style characteristics of the visible structure of Ra, contemplating that ancient scribe thought of the heavenly God — the Creator and his greatness. It is already well understood that his god and creator — is shining in the sky of the earth in the constellation Sagittarius, the furry star, sometimes called the Swastika.

Becomes clear special "sanctity" the Greek alphabet. The reason of it is that the Greek letters with their rounded strokes quite faithfully replicate the shape of the structure of the galactic center. In addition, in the Greek alphabet are no letters that can not be seen on the heavenly pattern.

Please note that any alphabet is created, changed, and does not develop on its own, and under-educated caste of priests. That priest's son became an outcast when was illiterate, and not someone else. The prince and the lord, according G.Kotoshihinu was applied to the reading and writing print and literate clerks ru-ku, ie painted.

To a large extent the result of written characters subjective activity of intellectual spiritual teachers who have not done anything just no sense, especially since the letters are always considered sacred.

Rather, the roots of the three letters have appeared in the mainstream of the doctrine of the trinity god, eventually becoming the undisputed absolute given.

We can assume that a typical Russian letters "g", "w", "w", not in the Latin and Greek, are symbols of the trinity god, who had no direct analogy to the visible luminary Ra. This is a philosophical doctrine was developed in Russia, Sergei and not supported in Greece (Mount Athos) and in the West in full. Thus, there was a reason for declaring the Latin and Greek alphabets as sacred, because they are based entirely on the particular characteristics of the structure of the galaxy's center, and the specific Russian letters rejected by the Catholic Church on the basis of religious differences with the doctrine of the Trinity, while the corresponding sounds are present in European languages.

Apparently, the first records of man who invented letters related to his God, as he understood it, served the purpose of worship by imitating the shape of beeches visible form the heavenly god. As the letters of the alphabet imitate visible structural features of the galactic center, we can conclude that the authors of these letters were well aware of who is in this world, and the chief who should be worshiped.

Spiritual elite of the Russian people in the unknown antiquity realized that the source of the material world is the shining center of the galaxy, and his knowledge is reflected in every detail of our loved characters.

The most ancient monuments of Slavic Literature (Slavic Runica) were discovered in 1961. in what is now Romania in the village of Tartar. They belong to the V century BC Found earlier Sumerian tablets 1,000 years younger terteriyskih. Similar tablets were found in the village of Vinca Turdashi in Yugoslavia. Scientists have found that these monuments are existed in the VI-V century BC writing Balkan Vinca culture. In the area of the village Jeffrey El Amar, northern Syria, were found (nine thousand years BC), small stones of soft mineral, which were scrawled signs picture writing — icons, and about Jericho (Yariho) found an inscription on the ruins of the vessel.

Runes, similar to feta, found in Tripoli and refer to III century BC, later in Troy and Crete, Etruria, on the Yenisei, the Caucasus, in the Tyrol, Africa and Scandinavia. This formed the basis of written characters: Phoenician, Greek, Celtic and Gothic, Proto-Indian, Latin, Hebrew, Cyrillic and Glagolitic.
Runic inscription found on the statues of the gods and other items found on the site of the present Mecklenburg. Runes made inscriptions on the coins. At one coin was inscribed "Rurik" to another "Zo-bar", "Vosloo." Inscription found pointer road.
Slavic Runica was syllabary, which were used syllabic signs of open sets consisting of combinations of "consonant-vowel" or pure vowel.

F.Volansky linguists, P.P.Oreshkin, G.S.Grinevich based on ancient written transcripts proved that the earth is ancient monuments Slavonic alphabet.

Phaistos disk could read only with the Old Slavonic language. Etruscan writing of our ancestors was the basis of the modern Latin alphabet, which is used by a large part of humanity. In order to hide the truth about his teachers Etruscans, "etruskovedy" say Etruscan letters are not read. It is now known 11,000 Etruscan texts. Our researchers are reading the letters to the word-General, and the western "etruskovedy" can not decipher them.

According to EI Klassen in the XVIII century. it was proved that the Greeks and Romans borrowed all his education and literacy among the Slavs. All the ancient Slavic tribes had their runes, it is now beyond doubt, and found even the Germans, who question every step of Education Slavic. From all this it is clear that the Slavs had a charter, not only before the western nations of Europe, but even before the Romans and the Greeks, and education came from Russ on the west, and not from us.

AI Aces wrote: "I am convinced that the Aryan and the Cimmerian (Slavonic) legend of Sadko served as the basis for the creation of Homer (Cimmerians) way of Odysseus. Moreover, that Troy, where Odysseus was sailing, and hail Svyatogora (Atlanta), sailed from Sadko, were located near (Atlanta, Aryans, Slavs, p, 57). EI Klassen says, "The Iliad written slovyaninom. Odyssey written by the Greeks. It is dry and rough, filled with too crude inventions and stretched colorless paintings. This difference is explained by the fact that the Slavs more typical poetry than all the nations. This innate property of them. "

PP Oreshkin his work proved that the ancient documents written by different alphabetic systems, but the same language. Signs are different — one language. He believes that the Slavs around the planet saved grammar and vocabulary of their native ancient language, but forgot who they were, where they came to forget about its glorious past. This idea is supported by the Bible in the book of "Genesis" in Chapters 1, 5, 6, 7, said, "the whole earth was of one language and of one speech. 7. Let us go down and confuse their language so as to not understand one another's speech. "

None of the scientists did not pay attention to what is said here about the deliberate crash. Was broken and shattered to pieces unified language. Every nation has received a piece of the common language, forgetting the original piece looked like. Apparently in the "Tower of Babel" contains the most valuable information, the possession of which was threatening.

By E. Klassen, education Russ stopped disastrous invasion of the Persians, Greeks, Romans, Mongols, internal strife, accompanied by fire, and the planting of Christianity by fire and sword. Lost forever a work of literature, references to which are found in later works, and which, apparently, used by Homer, and preserved in a distorted form in the oral traditions of the people in the form of fairy tales. Christians burned pagan books, and the wise men, who knew the script of "black books", burned along with the books. In 1847. Polish scientist Fadei Volansky published the book "Monuments of Slavic writing before Christ." F.Volansky was sentenced to be burned at the stake of his books for being convincingly proved the existence of the ancient Slavs writing long before the birth of Christ and its appearance before the Phoenicians, Jews, Greeks and Egyptians. Was among the Slavs in those times and great poetry. The Bible and Christianity 1500 years did not think that people existed before the Biblical creation. In 1450, he was burned at the stake for Samuel Sars that said: "A man is much older than the Bible." In 1665, in Paris, Isaac de la sinful Pereira wrote an essay about the people who lived before Adam.

Everyone is familiar with the historical fire in the famous library of ancient Alexandria, the Jews half drowned City baths ancient manuscripts. This is to ensure that you can always start again deceive non-Jews, that was not the memory of the past deceptions.

Yu.P.Mirolyubov believes that writing has appeared in our ancestors in ancient times, when they were still living in India. Development of Slavic Literature and Culture was interrupted several times. First time with the arrival of the Slavs in Europe. This is due to a break with tradition, unfolded from Asia and the struggle along the way, as well as a long struggle in the new place of settlement. This happened 12,000 years ago due to a sharp cooling of climate. Migrating to warmer climes, many people have lost the knowledge of their ancestors. Harsh environment forced them to fight for survival, and they were not up to the high matters. When the danger has passed, much knowledge has been lost, but the particles remain in their legends. These remnants of knowledge and appeared in the philosophies and religions of the different nations. In 2691g. BC Aryans migrated to Dravid (Ancient India) and handed out Belovodye Dravid and naga tribes knowledge, which became the basis of a modified form of philosophy and mythology of India. For the second time in connection with the Khazar yoke, suffered by some of our tribes. The third time the development of our literature was stopped forcible imposition of Byzantine Christianity, especially Catholicism. Fanatics — Catholics killed knowledge lost civilizations, ancient library of valuable manuscripts, proshumerskuyu in Babylon, Alexandria in Egypt, destroyed Santorini archipelago, pantries Papyrus of Thebes and Memphis, Etruscan library in Rome, burned the temple — temple in Athens, a unique library in Constantinople, disappeared Library of Yaroslav the Wise and Ivan the Terrible, manuscripts civilizations Maya, Inca and Aztec.

E.I.Klassen cites the following evidence of our ancient literature, "King of the Scythians in response to the attack of the Persians sent to Darius the Great in 513g. BC abusive letter, which caused a war with Darius. Priests and wise Slavs wrote runes national laws on wooden tablets and predictions. " In the Norse sagas Veneti called educated people. Russ wrote on wooden boards, indicates Ibn el Nedim and puts in evidence a picture with letters Russes, he found one of the Caucasian residents. Letters carved on a white tree. The Slavs Cyril had written to indicate the old Slavonic inscriptions, located in the Munich library. In VI. Byzantines to mention North Slavs, as a nation formed with their own writings, called "initial letter." In Russian, survived cognates "letter", "ABC". Titmar describes temples retro and reports that were within their idols and each of them had a name written. Later images with these inscriptions repeatedly printed. Massoudi in the description of the Slavic church in golden rays, wrote that there were inscribed on stones signs that mark a future case, ie event prediction. The contract Igor with the Greeks said, "that Prince posylati your letter to our kingdom." Constantine left Porfirorodny information that Croats immediately after the adoption of Christianity by their own signatures confirmed an oath not to fight the Pope with other nations. Ibn Fodlak writer in X., Wrote an eyewitness rusah pre-Christian that they wrote on the post grave always the name of the deceased, along with Prince. Chernorizets Brave, who lived in the X century., Said: "The Slavs trash (idolaters) there traits and cuts chtyahu and Ghats."

Teacher of the Eastern Church, Heron, who lived in the 329-420gg., A Slav from Istria, created the Cyrillic, which became known as Geronimovy. VNTatishchev seen in 1714. Bible written in Slavonic and 200 in the library of Berlin.

With the formation of Kievan Rus appeared Glagolitic, it is older than the Cyrillic to 200 years. Glagolitic appeared on the Adriatic coast of the Balkan Peninsula, where there is a die off and still. Cyrillic writing easier. Vladimir Svyatoslavovych forced to teach children a few hundred knights Cyrillic (Greek) and Glagolitic, which was used as early as 990

Svyatoslav contract with Ivan Tzimiskes 972g. was written Glagolitic. Cyril was born in 827g. In Salon (destroyed in 640g.) Found Psalter, written Glagolitic. Klotsovsky code is written in the IV. Russian literature Saint Jerome, who was born in 340g. in Stridone (Dalmatia). Graubisak in 1766. argued that the Glagolitic alphabet was made up long before the birth of Christ some Feniziusom of Phrygia, who took as a basis the Gothic runes. This is confirmed by the Phoenician coins bearing glagolitskoe "B". St. Jerome was a Slav, and wrote in the IV. Glagolitic. SA Forest cites Dureta Claudius, who reported to 1613g. about two Glagolitic alphabet, St. attributed to them. Jerome. It is also claimed to 1535g. William Postell. (History of the Rus in perverted form, 1958., Pp. 933 and 935).

Valafrid Strabo (d. 540g.) Wrote that the Goths were translated into the language of their sacred books, that is, there was some sort of own writing, and then they performed worship in their native language. This referred to the residents of the Tom, where in the IV. episkopstvoval or Ulf Wolf. Archdeacon Thomas (d. 1268g.) Wrote in the XIII century. That geth Town Tomi glagoleane, ie adhere Glagolitic. This is despite the triumph while the Cyrillic alphabet. Hrabal Moor (776-856gg.) In 847g. was bishop Maynitse and wrote a treatise on writing, which says that he found the letter philosophy of ethics, nationality skiff. Ethics was born in Istria, was a Slav and the first half of the IV. invented characters for Slavic writing. But these letters have nothing to do with the Glagolitic alphabet. St Jerome translated the work of Ethics cosmography. So, in the IV. A number of scientists (ethics, Ulf, Jerome) wrote to the Slavs different Slavic fonts. Perhaps there were other scientists who did not keep story.

St. John Chrysostom, in his speech at 398g. said that the Scythians (in which we learn of the Slavs), the Thracians, Sarmatians, Moors, Indians, and those that live at the end of the world, philosophize, each translation of the word of God in their own languages. Already at that time the Slavs had a script and not a primitive, for translated liturgical books, they could do so only people with high culture. Glagolitic was harder to write Greek and Latin alphabets.

Monk is brave, Bulgarian, wrote that St.. Cyril found in Korsun gospel to "korsunitse" invented by some Ruthenian. Cyril few days could read this font, very much surprised everybody. Cyril had based this alphabet and 863g. improved it by adding to it a few Greek letters (such feats, izhitsa) instead of thrown by it, obscure Slavic letters with diftongovoe, ie double sound, nonexistent in Greek, streamlined, creating for each Slavic sound special letter, and thus created the Slavic alphabet. Culture Russ was so high that there were books on their own alphabet. Brave wrote that before baptism Yeshe Slavs used written signs reading, and arithmetic. Since baptism is the Slavs began to use Greek and Roman letters, but no established rules. He confused, we must understand that, until the Christian Slavs used without the established rules of the Greek and Roman letters. Kirill has created a new alphabet and church literature. To base the Glagolitic he could not, it is not suitable for cursive writing. Also, it was a letter Ulfily, Evzebiya, Jerome, and others in terms of the Orthodox Church of heretics. Glagolitic not approach the Greeks and Slavs, and disconnected. The Roman Catholic Church tolerated Glagolitic. In Orthodox Russia to Glagolitic wrote only for cryptography. Glagolitic documents not. Under Yaroslav the Wise Cyrillic completely replaced Glagolitic.

Author knew Glagolitic Slavic language thinner than Cyril. He understood that the letters "PS" and "COP" found in Russian, in contrast to the Greek, is very rare and not come up with their special characters. In Glagolitic a "g" and a soft "g" of the firm, it is thinner passes phonetics Slavic language.

Glagolitic figures: a-1, 6-2, B-3, D-4, D-5, E-6, F-7, s — 8, e, B-9, i-10 and-20. In Cyrillic: a-1, b, or c-2, d-3, d-4, E-5, F-6, ds-7, the fit-9, I-8, i-10.

When transferring the numbers from Glagolitic into Cyrillic mistakes. Greek script called Cyrillic.

Eastern Slavs was written long before the Vikings (the inscription on the bottom of the vessel from the village Alekanovo, Birchbark Novgorod and Smolensk, etc.). In one of the Russian manuscripts XVI century. says: "A charter was a Russian, God given, in Korsun Rusin, from Ney also learned philosopher Constantine." Writing in was common among ordinary people.

Hvalissky author and historian of Fakhr al-Din Shah Mubarah in his work on the Khazars wrote that they borrowed from their writing Russes. "… They write from left to right, their letters are not connected to each other, and the letters they have 22."

In 1923. Leipzig's book "History of the Bible." It is reported that the first Russian Bible was handwritten and translated samaritskogo language under Vladimir Svyatoslavich at the end of X century. This bible publishers use Ostrog Bible, as reported in the preface. Czech typographer F.Skorina also said that he was in 1517. used a handwritten Bible, written in Russian Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich. During his reign, the people were literate, they were not only their literature, but also over-water from Greek, Latin, Jewish languages. Under Vladimir had his, in Russian, official church records — St. Gospel, the Psalms, and even the Bible. Passages of the Bible can be found "in the Tale of Bygone Years" Sylvester under 6494g. (986). They are different from the modern Bible texts. It is a symbol of faith in the text, close the Arian doctrine. Instead of "consubstantial" is written Arian "Podobosu schy," etc., it is said that even under Yaroslav Arianism was strong in Russia before coming to Russia Greek diocese.

In Cherson on the river. Ros, a tributary of the Dnieper, first translated into Russian: History of Alexander the Great (Alexandria), The Jewish War Josephus Iozefusa, Chronographs Hamartolos George, Life of St. Basil the Great, Chronographs Sinkelly etc. When the Poles in 1018g. Korsun and burned Kiev, Yaroslav restored these cities.

The first record in Russia appeared in 872g., When Kievan Rus led by Christian Askold. With the coming of the Gentiles Rurik Chronicle did not write. Pervoletopis Askold did not reach us, but written by Nikon in the XVI century. Nikon reveals its existence. Record only resumed under Yaroslav the Wise, but use Askold chronicle chronicler could not. He could not have written that Christianity was to Vladimir, and that Rurik were the persecutors of Christianity.

In 1919. Izenbek colonel, commander of the Markov division boards Veles book found near the station of the Great Burliuk near Kharkov in the name of Prince Neklyudova — Zadonsk, looted Red Guards. These tablets outlining the events of 1500 years Dir, ie of 650g. BC and by the end of the II century BC to IX. BC The hosts were killed estates red bandits. Lay scattered on the floor boards, which have been broken, beaten. Izenbek took tablets to Brussels.

"Veles book" is no record in the usual sense, but a collection of religious, moral and everyday speech, reflecting life experiences of previous generations. Our forefathers worshiped their ancestors. Memories of them, have been associated with a religious cult, with examples from their stories admired and learned from their experiences, the very attention to them was part of the cult. "Veles book" clarified many new previously unknown events of ancient history, acquainted with the philosophical view of the WHO-time. Ancient Rus universe were divided into three parts: Reality — the world visible, real, Nav — otherworldly, unreal, post-mortem and the right — the world of the laws that govern everything in the world.

0 princely power it says that the power of the princes was elective. In princes chose even ordinary men. "Now the other: and the children of princes polyude give power from father to son, and even from his grandfather to grandson. Previously elected princes and received from people failures bread, all the food and to live, and now get power by inheritance and take-universal file. "

Was the idea that the gods in the battle to help rusam — hence the certainty of victory. Religion of the ancient Rus prevented forget neither exploits fathers, nor the land on which the blood of their fathers. Weak va flows of Russian land.

Our ancestors had a lot of different shapes of letters: runes, knotted letter and others, but they do not all come down to us. Planting of Christianity, fires during the strife, the Tartar invasion, war, and then the dominance of the Germans and other foreigners in the Academy of Sciences, for example, A.H.Vostokov (Ostenek) for the destruction of archive A.I.Salukadzeva over 2,000 ancient pre-Christian manuscripts, not with papers, became a corresponding member of the German Academy of Sciences. Then he was appointed chief curator of the Rumyantsev Muzeum and then ordinary academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.) Led to almost complete destruction of our ancient literature in the world. Unreached example to us ancient documents is "Vseyasvetnaya Diploma", which, like so much else, the official science does not recognize. But if you look at the boards' Veles book "ancient text" Boyanova anthem, "we can see that many of the letters of these monuments of literature for the respective letters Vseyasvetnnoy Awards. However, deny it as the "Lay", "Book of Veles", "Boyan anthem." Vseyasvetnaya Diploma Great Russia was "read" from space first Cro-Magnon men 35-40 thousand years ago, has, as we now seem to be "mythical" abilities and calls himself URRUSami-Russ. Vseyasvetnaya Diploma is lost "the only true doctrine." She — a universal and comprehensive knowledge of all about anything. The letter has brought to our time a strong belief that the word is not a random collection of sounds or letters. Old Russian methods of training to understand how a person's thoughts — the creator of the rich language. He thought multidimensional, figuratively, a moral. And no coincidence that one of the commandments of the Russian people demanded "Honor thy father and mother … Honor their ancestors … about the dead or good or anything."

Novoosnovatel Vseyasvetnoy Awards Ananias F. Abramov (Shubin) argues that charter the Russian people in the pre-Christian period, created and stored in the Slavic shrines, is fundamentally different from the usual letters for us the following features:

1. Vseyasvetnaya Diploma consisted of 147 letters, each of which carried a well-defined ideological sense.
2. Letters Vseyasvetnoy Awards multidimensional, ie reflect the movement of "thought Lord in space" from different points of reception of information about the universe.
3. Each letter served not only the function of writing the symbol, and a cognitive task, connecting learning with educational process.
4. Every Russian letter than symbolic and cognitive function, fulfilled a moral problem of transmission from generation to generation commandments clan or tribe.

By O.M.Gusevu not all 147 beeches Vseyasvetnoy Certificates used for writing. 20-25-33 treated very simplified characters, the options that are now called "traits and cuts", "runes", "ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics," etc. The full all 147 beeches were signs-symbols to teach younger generations of Vedic knowledge. It is not difficult, but on the contrary, transformed the study of Russian in Bukovnika interesting process of philosophical comprehension of the world and greatly facilitates the absorption of other items.

In 1491g. Krakow tradesman Svyatopolk Theophilus, Russian, of Lemko, founded the Russian Printing House in Krakow, which were printed in Cyrillic in Slavonic liturgical books for many Slavic churches in Krakow and Privilenskoy areas as well as for the whole of the South-West and North-Eastern. In 1492. Catholic Archbishop in Genezne banned the publication of religious books in Slavic Cyrillic, and the Theophilus been prosecuted and expelled despite the fact that at the trial he was acquitted.

Cyril and Methodius did not invent, we have Russian, alphabet and simple unified it by entering one for the whole country on the basis of spelling the phonemes typeface Bukov Vseyasvetnoy Awards. I made for this purpose they have kept the names of the letters according to literacy. Cyrillic forced to prescribe complex in shape beeches Vseyasvetnoy charters all 44 phonemes of Russian. This primitive is not in any of the phonetic alphabets neither antiquity nor modernity. Cyrillic inhibit the development of Russian literature, and followed her and culture for 700 years. O.M.Gusev are excerpts from the book V.A.Moshina "Russia and the South Slavs", from which we learn that the machinations of Cyril and Methodius worked VNTatishchev Russian historian. His writings destroyed agent of the Vatican, "Russian Academician" Miller, with whom fought Mikhail Lomonosov. "History of Russia" VNTatishchev is miraculously preserved the head of his major work. Here VNTatishchev judgment on writing: "Where, when and by whom the first letter or letters invented, for the destruction of ancient books there we do not know. From ancient times we see that the first image was not writing letters, and the signs of things, and their iegrolifiya called that to this day in many ancient Egyptian buildings, pillars, pyramids, etc., but we have still the same that in Siberia at some of the stone mountains A mysterious paint painted and carved inscription of people, animals, etc. are visible. "

As for Russia, we, on VNTatishchev, "had a very long letter, because before Rurik was the law written." This is confirmed by the fact that "Oleg in the contract with the Greeks of the charters and letters carriageways mentions. Initially, we used the Gothic and runic letters, but later, in connection with the "baptism of the whole people of Bulgarian books written Kirillov the tracing obtained to eat this day."

From the same book we learn that our pre-Christian books were written in plain English, a little different from the modern spoken language. This is indicated by the written records, executed on birch bark. Chronicles not written in Russian. This language came from the Byzantine Empire and the Vatican as a single Slavonic literary language. He dominated the worship, religious education and church-legal literature, was the character of the Church Slavonic language with Russian features in phonetics and in the forms of declension and conjugation. "

"Reform" Cyril and Methodius was aimed not only at the destruction of many thousands of Russian culture, but also to divide the Russian people from other white race through the elimination of gram-Vseyasvetnoy you. O.M.Gusev draws an analogy with China to understand the role Vseyasvetnoy Awards and shapes of Cyril and Methodius in history. In China, there are 40 dialects. And they are so far apart that a southerner understands northerner. But when there are difficulties in communication, draws the desired character. Can often be seen conversing Chinese, sometimes something "writing" with your finger on the palm. This is indicated by the desired character. On what would have not spoken dialects of Chinese, they all read the same newspaper, "Ms. Ren min bao" (People's Newspaper). Once for this purpose, to all people of white race Vseyasvetnaya diploma.

Most of the letters "Vseyasvetnoy Awards" was lost during the spread of Christianity in Kievan Rus, Novgorod and other lands inhabited by Slavs. Very hard to restore this treasure now. From generation to generation, some families conservatives dissenters handed children and grandchildren secrets of the ancestors, who were able to save and learn much more. So have survived many Lost characters, concepts, precepts, methods of teaching reading, understanding of reality, and the ancient ways of formation of worldview. Initial training alphabet requires the child to be patient and cramming, and begins with the letter A. Az We split into its component parts, and read it to the laws of "Vseyasvetnoy Awards." Az is (Virgin Soil) and "Earth", and instead of getting 3EMLI nov. Thus, the first boo-kov our AZ-books not only opens the beginning of literacy, but also introduces us to the process of vision.

N-VAN. If the letter M was lucky and it was preserved in the alphabet in all its four dimensions, the Az remained in a single form. Try to imagine its movement in space, as we are writing the letter N? Starting pen movement, we carry it down at the line of Entity swirled in Nav and put next to a stick, that is, spoil holistic beeches, forgetting its essential content. Who can explain what is N (ers)? But it is clear that this "Virgin Soil space, fall on the solid earth." Bukova existed among 147 beeches "Vseyasvetnoy Awards" as well as its modification "virgin soil of the past" and "future of virgin soil, which generally have been withdrawn from use. A pity …

ABC wanted to simplify! That's just why and what followed? Together with simplification simplified alphabet, became ordinary reasonable man, who was forced to think simple. Strange and rare named LA Assumption in the "Lay of the word" letter "s." Really strange that the sound of "s" is pronounced much more often than written. Who and when I decided to write for the ancient Slavs and often where N is heard?

Try, against the rules, write the name of the Russian Ivan declared "learned" non-Russian origin. If it is not the first letter and, as N, then we get «Nov space in the tribe of the Vans, descended on the solid earth." Understandable sense. The new man was born in the tribe of Van, and it was called the N-Wan. Now you need to check whether the stories in the tribe, nation, and even the country van, not to leave a doubt. State Van preserved in the memory of people. For example, the name of the lake "Sevan" means "this van." So our Vanya, Vanya there, from ancient times. Interestingly, the Russian artist I.Bilibin, lower making drawings and inscriptions for Russian fairy tales, in the name of Ivan wrote an inverted A, ie Li uses.

In modern Russian alphabet PEOPLE or A stands between Kako or "KA" and the thought or M. The fact that these three will lie in wait, in that order were in the past and were a small excerpt from unpreserved completely holistic ancient spells of 147 characters, concepts and words filled with profound moral sense, a *, ie, OT as people think. Becomes clear: "How OT people think?"

Whether a reasonable person pick up and mindlessly repeat imposed stereotype? We should strive to Commune-leniyu. Each would follow Rusichi old saying "How do people think?"

Theft of intellectual property of the Russian people, silence and distortion of his true stories especially actively began two thousand years ago, of "winning" a march of Christianity. This process does not end today. As a result, many Russian names were "non-Russians." Read some of them by law "Vseyasvetnoy Awards": C-RA-RA — with Arius sun RA. WORLD-RA — the world the sun RA, M-AP-s — mother Aria and M-AP-K — the thought aura novorodivshegosya Aria, B-AP-BA-RA — Veda Veda Aryan Aryans, ie most knowledgeable Arius, etc.

What does the word? Teaching and learning, we create our human destiny, we are at the rock in the network: either we open the door to the development of thought, or, on the contrary, we make people passive in learning and close the way for him to seek the truth. And there are forces that would send him on a bad road. What does the word EDUCATION? WAY-0-VAN-IE. Is the formation of "The image of Van. VAN — Nav. VAN — a new man in the tribe VAN. Often we do not know the meaning of words that are commonly use, I ponder what the ancestors handed down to us from antiquity to the present. Why we do not know, and undertake the education? In the alphabet was a lot of "dangerous beeches," which carried the inspired ideas and were so dangerous to those in power that caused hostility sharp rejection, and then their complete destruction. Let's begin with I or I decimal. 0on was a part of so many characters, increasing their cosmic significance J — I, dv? — N; J — E; d0 IO — E. There were several spellings of the letter "I": And (ilk) and ("and" short), (izhitsa). Such diversity of the letter "I" — the biggest mystery of the mysterious yet "Vseyasvetnoy Awards" Great Russia. Consider one of them, dropped into oblivion after the events of 1917., I-10. This interesting content on writing and the letter was part of the how, where, I was connected to the people of the future, forming. Has anything changed in comparison with the modern K (ka)? Yes, changed. This is a message from the star is a star that fell to Earth, it is a sign of Man, who came from the stars. A man came to the Earth "as the future of people." But that's not all thrown in secret letter I. It was used by Slavs and the number 10, was part of the Slavic-digit letters. Why match the number 10? And that 10 lunar months. This pregnancy earthly woman before the birth of the child. "Star fell to the ground, and was born a man!" That is, in A.F.Abramovu, explained the 10 Slavs his inquisitive younger relatives — a sign of man, a sign of his star, and 10 lunar months is the secret of creating a new Van. How could after 1917. Rusich man to feel space aliens-pagan, obey only the law of the universe?

LIVE letter. This letter is even harder. It includes a mirror image, (people of the past), I — a symbol of this person? — The people of the future. It all comes together in a LIVE-TE. Everything in this letter is full of anticipation of the future, depending on the present and past. Majestic sense letters LIVE! As from people of the past and the future for people living with the star came down? "

Obscene letters. Some characters can not be declared redundant because of their indispensability and eventually they became just atypical. A Look at any pre-revolutionary alphabet and see for yourself that the letter X was not XA, namely with a deep sense of reverence HR. On icons, the oldest writing in the letter emerges in a special way: — people space — people earth. Connecting them in indissoluble unity, and was weaving — HYR. Components of this letter remind schematic chromosome: — male — female.

The union of one letter space masculine and feminine recalls natural purpose and women from ancient times has profound conceptual content. Too many old Russian words during violent introduction to the Russian environment was consciously Christian worldview full of obscene and lewd and have lost the true meaning of the content.

Thoughts. Smooth image transitions thoughts of God. We seem to be the bottom, from the earth, follow its movement, for its neoplasms. Look at it from below, from above, as if from space, now the side of the other points of observation in the universe. We will get new letters and the first of them — (ot). This letter is not in the modern alphabet, although the revolution in 1917. it is available to each student. Letter once lost the original meaning, and therefore releases. At first glance, the "From" the original meaning was only segment, echoes. But it's worth remembering "where children", and there comes an epiphany: where people go? Where did they come to Earth? From the very first occurred? And our "enlightened" consciousness mentally draws line DNA, says the foundations of physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine. But our ancestors may safely draw a certain segment of the DNA helix, and they were treated with the children of his constituents, without feeling the slightest embarrassment, a sense of analyzing the holy mysteries of the origin of man: his father's home — motherly. The same benefits are schematic, which came to us from ancient times pedagogy. Continue the study of letters — ot. Get the result of motion we see that the child came into the world. No one will argue with the fact that A strange makes sense. If you look in the pre-primer that A is a "child came into the world."

Vseyasvetnaya Diploma multidimensional. What does this mean? — We look at the letter from the Earth. Indeed — we the people the earth. And if you look from a different universe. — Earth people — people have the space, the mind or cosmic courage, cosmic humanity, humanity cosmic scale, the people of the future — people of the past.

Of this letter, which is not A, easily drawn in and still in this form is used in the inscriptions on the walls of the icons and Orthodox churches, formed complex concepts. For example, combine the people, and that we obtain or movement. Familiar to us from the mathematical sign of infinity, then it is easy to delaminate from people in the past and the people of the future. Figure 8 shows the unity of sign are earthly and cosmic PEOPLE. With her eight-pointed star associate the Virgin, sometimes open to individuals that unity.

Consider the word Honor i Method "Vseyasvetnoy Awards." This word i — man, firmly from the stars came down to earth. Honor your ancestors, do not forget their experience, and then you will not be so easy to carry out, cheat, rob, enslave, to understate, encode.

What to teach the younger generation? i and i according to "Vseyasvetnoy letter" a "cosmic man of courage, who came from the stars for a solid union of people to co-create the world crop."

Word -. Starting a lesson, a teacher, an educator and parent must remember that the word LESSON came to us from antiquity. Russian pedagogical logic was impeccable. — Is "courage, combined with the notion of rock," and the fate of this emerging independent of the will of human events, coincidence, and strength, determines everything that happens in life. And if the fate of asthma is associated with the term "judgment of God", in which there is a new phenomenon, the U-rock, very much depends on the will of man, as teacher and student-boy, from his desire to understand, to learn from his willingness to apply effort and courage literally cosmic scale. In other words, from a man learning requires patience and perseverance, understanding reality. During training, we hammered out a joint action of fate, was visiting rock. The result depends on our joint work.

Comparing two words to work and learn. They were not synonymous in the "pagan" understanding. Let's start with the slave. Slave — a man a free agent, is the property of the master. We often say: "The slave prejudices." Consider: —-. We see that — also combined with the — with the word IT. Apparently, once a very long time — not meant slaves, enslaved or captured. This word reflects the concept of "worker of God", the defender of the Sun Ra, "a priest of the Sun Ra"

To the present day meaning of the word reached the bot in the Novgorod — speaking. Hence — it is talking to God Ra, collects his new (Az) ie a burst of energy to work on the land. It turns out that initially invested in the meaning of the word -. And if the word BRA once meant the servant of God, talking, working, then — it is difficult to co-create themselves, to put their intelligence to the subject of work, putting him in his spiritual costs, while cultivating a personality.

In the Russian language, many words have a particle of Ra and are clear in their original plan, based on the fact that RA is an ancient sun god, the memory of worship is to preserve the Russian language. Here, for example, the words of even, still, it is in, where RA is NO or zhizneogne Hb (Moon). What is this? And this is the word for a solar eclipse, when the sun as it sets behind the moon and you can compare them in diameter, which in this situation seem to be equal.

Our ancestors knew about the equinox, and much more, having such astronomical information, which is not a modern everyman. Or word — divine RA and hemoglobin, ie LUN. RA-god of the sun and moon — two opposites, hence the brane is not abused, as people think, but first of all strife, war, battle enemies. A — ing the contrary, the union of friends, the union of like-minded because it is "divine Ra — hardness or resistance, adherence to God RA." And — means "the word solid RA". This shows that the value minded, not a relative by blood and birth. What is the genus, is not often in the Russian language, we find a forgotten word of ODA and the PR (chorus, funeral, the pride, the people, the water, the speaker, hunger, etc.). All these words come from the ancient cult, which were sung in praise and plaintive odes, where a solemn bypassing the temple, where they sang in chorus, where screaming mourners at the funeral.

We still have not taken the illiterate to themselves Slavs, distorted Slovenia, but are ready to immediately perceive the depth of meaning of words. It brings together the two main concepts of Russian Gra-ILO-tion of man — the word and Aries — the first sign of the zodiac of the Slavic calendar, which has more than seven and a half millennia. The concept — "word people Aries" or "people with Aries" Aries — the sign of fire, A-West means "fire warriors" (0 — zhizneogon VEZNov), the symbol for justice, fight against evil, a sign of nobility, strength , courage and dedication ..

Here is a small excerpt from the law of the Aryan Avesta: "The least perspicacious wisdom in those who do not take into account the existence of the spiritual and the earthly cares only … that the worst of the rulers, who can not protect the country from trouble, and the people from worrying." Our ancestors were adept sky, creators of astronomy and astrology fans SP RAVED-The validity, the creators of the rich language and multivariate cryptography — ABC "Vseyasvetnoy Awards." And who controls the development of the modern Russian language? Which way is it "development?" Whose property is our native language? Should I be happy that it was given the status of official language, if we have already learned from the fate of state-OF-ST-WEN-ties? In order to better understand what they are doing to our language, our attitudes and beliefs, we present one of the poems written for our first graders: What happened? What happened? With the stove fell ABC! Painful sprained foot uppercase letter M. D hit a little bit. F disintegrated completely. Lost its letter N crossbar! Finding himself on the floor, broken tail Do!

Consider this seemingly harmless at first sight a passage involving Vseyasvetnoy Awards "painful sprained foot capital letter M", ie Thoughts, thoughts of the Lord, the creator of the movement of thought — the creator of "Vseyasvetnoy Russia". F disintegrated completely, and then crumbled or Live link the past with the future through the present star.

D hit a little bit, ie — "Verbs" or the concept — "the Lord" as the embodiment of the unity of the incarnation of the ancient holy Trinity, the Good, the Light of the Mind "…" She lost her letter N crossbar ", ie "Yus great — it's a commandment," People stars among us, and we are among them. " "I broke a tail" … and on the "All-yasvetnoy letter" is a symbol of humanity, cosmic scale, a symbol of masculinity began in nature and in people.

"Man," who wrote this abomination, he knew what he was doing, and we meekly admit it! That's what happens when the Russian people deprived of the right to control the "development" of their own language, to say nothing of other social institutions. This is not a poem, it's the opposite — stihorazrushenie, a diversion against the Russian morality by forcible imposition of the Russian culture alien to the people of habits and rules. It is unfortunate that many do not understand the dangers rusichi predominance of ideas in the educational process of destruction, causing pain, deformities application. How long will we allow curse, especially in pedagogical works?

In recent years, the Russian people are trying to raise too intense mindless "Christians." First, we impose through all media are "national" traits of humility, obedience, limitless patience, gentleness, and self-righteousness. Then formed thoughtlessness lead (and has led) to the stunning callousness, when a man who calls himself a believer easily shifts his moral burden on the shoulders of God: "The Lord will figure everything out, we can not. We just need to pray for his forgiveness. "

But think of our great unifiers princes, warriors brave, talented generals and besserebrennikov saints and martyrs, bless on feats of arms in the name of saving the nation, protection of its moral precepts, and ideological foundations. We have long since lost their Troy and let the strangers "equip" and rob Russia, destroying up to the very roots of its history, destroying its heroes and creators.

Let us recall that the ancient image of Christ is very different from the modern. According to legend Savior Krestos unusual Slav was sent to the lost souls for their healing, insight and repentance. On hidden icons from the Russian people I thou he often portrayed blonde epic hero. From these icons to have survived image "Christ Golden Hair", affecting the strength and courage of "C-AR-I-glory." Note also that no accident that many of the icons of Our Lady her name is given in the reduction. Written on them: instead of — i, which can be read as the mother of Aria!

Remember that the first phrase will the Old Slavonic Cove arya bore deep philosophical and a moral commandment "from thought Earth is!" (), Which is much more accurate distorted biblical "In the beginning was the word."

As soon as possible we need to stop the silence of our question of being right … right … grandparents, not deserving of eternal oblivion. And for this purpose in society lzhegeroev perestroika, and lzhepravednikov lzhepropovednikov think seriously and to consider contemporaries the question: "What would take Christ voucher"?

The history of Russian grammar and methods of teaching in Russia is still waiting to be discovered and their researchers. By specially developed historical circumstances, all the schools in Russia, where the training was conducted in the state in Russian, were not Russian. Several generations of Soviet people firmly told that in those pre-Christian times the Russian people had no written language, no development of culture or science. The era of savagery? But everyone is really Russian man must be immediately retorted: "And the language!" Yes, the language was, first of all. Language — drive the national experience, a real treasure, hiding many secrets, giving the sharp puzzles, keeping the treasures of folk wisdom. Almost our native language spoken-verb Prince Svyatoslav, Vladimir, Igor … Look in Russian words encoded for posterity the memory of ancestors and ancestral knowledge, handed down to us from completely destroyed numerous Slavic shrines.

Scientists can read the ancient writings of different civilizations, but they are not able to translate the word "cheers" to the ancient language into modern language.

"Simplification" beeches and a reduction of the alphabet after the Christian religion alien to the Russian people, has changed the process of comprehension of reality, to remove a person from the known laws of nature before them, delaying its development. It is no accident, along with Christianity in Rus flooded serfdom that the working man is no better than slavery, which pre-Christian Holy Russia knew. Us Yvanov not their roots are not going to withdraw from the darkness of ignorance, and our ancestors from historical oblivion. And it is — the continuation of our slavery, the occupation of our culture. Someone is very profitable! (According N.Belyakovoy.).

Without realizing, we began to talk in a language that we imposed on the enemy: the market economy, European home, civil society, human values, and so we immediately lost the understanding, for it is the word trap, their meaning is not defined, each understand their own way. In the destruction of the Soviet Empire, the word has been the main instrument. The body of the people did not cope with the infection, when our opponents hands of Gorbachev and his team plunged us into the brain syringe full of concepts viruses. It was a new kind of war, which was not prepared to our people. Soviet way of thinking broke the idea of freedom. The way the team gave us the freedom to Gorbachev, the fundamental lie.

During perestroika, the language was the primary means of enslavement. We all saw what started doing television and print. Over the past half-century language was not only well known, and deliberately used the means of power and weapons of war, but an object that self-destructive and destroying society. Successfully use the weapons against Russia, Western civilization at the same time can not cope with it, it is out of control.

Shockingly, some people turn to Russian Jews, and their vocabulary successfully replenished Jewish slang word "Fenya", "stool", "freebie", "Haver", "hut" boy "," Potts "," gesheft "" gevelat "," privatization ", etc. One might add here, it is not strange, "native" the Russian word "carrion." Its true meaning — "servant of the synagogue," — at the funeral of the dead virgins perform very specific duties. Anyone can learn the details of the laws of the wild synagogue brethren of the trilogy V.Krestovskogo "Egyptian darkness", "Tamara Bendavid" and "Triumph of Baal." For the discovery of these "secrets zhut-cal" "Glory Kahal burned his printing press and common existence with the light of the Russian army general."

Man thinks of our children can actually turn into a beast, and the instincts of living a Jewish concepts on their "pshatu" — the Jewish common sense (S.Anchukov).

Carrier before thinking was a book. Today, the main carrier of the text was the TV and the computer. Huge surplus of information (noise) and the high-speed receiving it created a new type of reading without dialogue, reading and consumption. There was a stream of "mikrosobyty," which led to the crisis, "makroteksta" explains the world and society. They call it democracy "noise" videokratiya, "molecular civil war", etc. We are more vulnerable. West retain its cultural type, for he picked out a rich part — an elite that hard to preserve their culture, books, classic type of school and university for their of children, does not admit to his house mass culture. Elite provides a "luxury of silence", which is essential for the preservation of culture. And the most defenseless against the "noise" is the poorest part of the population. Society was divided into two nations, and of course, sooner or later it will destroy the molecular war. But for a while they will be protected from civilization barbarization. We create a "dual society" is not likely to succeed, and we floated up such rubbish that save for eternity "new Russian" can only bawdy songs. We or protection from barbarization as a whole — or lose its cultural entity as a whole.

Subordination begins with knowledge. Bacon said, "Knowledge — the power." In XVII-XVIII centuries. appeared unthinkable phenomenon — the conscious creation of new languages. Subordinate — means sharing. Science and emerged as the division of things and words, man and the world of subjects and objects, etc. To explain the world devoid of holiness, needed a new analytical language. He became separated and put together before the words were layered, multiple meanings. The words are rational, free of many departing back centuries meanings. They have lost the sanctity and value and in return got a price.

The creation and implementation of the new language into the consciousness the West had spent more than the police, the army and weapons. The main task was to eradicate the "native" language of the peoples. Language, where the child was trained in the family, was systematically replaced by "right", which became a paid teaching professionals language newspapers, radio and television. Save your native language again can only elite, protected from the "shu-ma."

Correct language is one-way flow of words aimed at a group of people in order to convince her of anything. This language is intended for the viewer. From science to ideology, and then in ordinary language passed in numerous words amoeba, transparent, non-real-life context. They divide and multiply without drawing attention to themselves. This "onauchivanie" language was a form of colonization of their own people by western society. These words destroy the wealth of the family of synonyms, language becomes blurred versatility, having at the same time is very small, and even zero-. The facility, which is expressed by this word, it is very difficult to define other words. Get at least the word "progress." Noted that these words "amoeba" have no historical dimension, it is unclear when and where they come from, they have no roots. They quickly take international. If the native language was completely destroyed by amoebas, society would be destroyed, because the dialogue would be impossible.

Today modernization crush the last bastion of language, preserving the ancient meanings — the church. Priests began to say "correct" language, as journalists or politicians. Begin to publish sacred texts "correct" language. As a result, the Bible has lost its sacred contents.

An urgent need to adopt a law on the protection of the Russian language adopted a similar French, ban the use of foreign words, if there is more. At home, this law is not accepted that politics intuitively feel that they will leave the earth under their feet. They talk, and get them to talk in Russian, they obezgoloseyut, onemeyut because the Russian language does not know. (Valentin Sorokin)

Let's see what the latent meaning of the word "humanism". This particular "ism", a particular philosophy that justifies a very concrete political practice, its essence — the suppression or destruction of all those who do not fit in with this idea. Most eloquent result — the destruction of the Indians in America. Grew out of the ideas of humanism theory of civil society. The slave trade was directly related to the civil society and progress. In the period from 1811 to 1870gg., When all Europe is cursed Russia for violating human rights, humane Europeans brought to America and sold Yeshe 1.9 million to 7 million previously sold blacks, though the Russian Navy of some of the slave managed to catch and hang.

So even such a deep sense of pleasant words as humanism has a destructive force for Russia. As part of humanity we all Russian — Indian and negros. And if we care about the language, we would be attentive to this issue.

But in general, do not have time to deprive Russia of its language. Bourgeois school did not have time to form and cover a substantial part of the population. A shield was Russian literature. Tolstoy made a feat, creating ….full read / download book
"Oleg Vinogradov — Ancient Vedic Russ base being"

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