WWF urges to feed the birds, so they did not die in icing conditions

Moscow. December 29. INTERFAX.RU — Environmentalists claim that the ice on the trees in Central Russia could be a disaster for the wild birds that do not fly away for the winter in warmer climes.

"For the birds really was complete disaster. And if someone has the opportunity to feed them, it would be correct. We call hang feeders and help them through this difficult time," — told "Interfax" on Wednesday, the head of the Russian branch of the World Wildlife Fund Nature (WWF) Igor Chestin.

Meanwhile, as "Interfax" the director of the Moscow Center of overexposure and Wildlife Rehabilitation Vitaly Ratner, abnormally hot summer was more severe for animal testing.

On the subject:

What to feed birds in the winter?

In winter, you should regularly pour in komushki fodder (dry bread crumbs, melon, sunflower seeds, pumpkin watermelon seeds of weeds: quinoa, mousetrap, succession).

Even in winter, every kind of bird eats a certain type of food. From what you nasyplete in the feeder, and will depend on the species composition of birds visitors. The following describes the main feed, which can be used in the winter feeding.

Fat, meat

These products can also be used for winter feeding birds. Their love chickadees, nuthatches and other birds. But remember that birds can only offer unsalted fat or meat. Typically, pieces of bacon are strung on a string, which is hung on the branches of trees or shrubs. Feeding of lard or meat should be placed in such a way that it has not got the crows, magpies, jackdaws, as well as cats and dogs.

Cones, acorns, nuts

Cones are the basis of the winter diet of woodpeckers and crossbills. Jays fall to make stocks of acorns, hiding them in secluded places. Winter hoarded food is a good option. Prepare to fall cones, nuts and acorns, you can attract the bird feeder not only woodpeckers and jays, and squirrels.

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