Yemen has accused Ukraine of misappropriating funds for tanks

Yemen has accused Ukraine of embezzling money for tanks

The nephew of former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh — Tarik Saleh — arrived in Ukraine to reach from "Ukroboronprom" compensation for unfulfilled contract the supply of the main battle tanks. According to the newspaper "Kommersant", the agreement was signed before the revolution in Yemen, but after the change of regime in the country Ukrainian side disrupt the deal "for technical reasons". Details of the agreement were not disclosed.

In time Saleh's government, his nephew commanded the 3rd brigade of the Army of the armed forces of the state of Yemen. According to the Yemeni newspaper Al Ahali, which refers to "Kommersant" contract the supply of the main battle tanks was signed in time uprising against the president. In late February, Saleh formally abdicated in exchange for the security of themselves and family members.

After the regime change Ukraine has not fulfilled the transaction, and Tarik Saleh, also an entrepreneur, who took part in the signing of the agreement as a partner government, arrived in Kiev to return the money spent. Officially Ukrainian side claims by the former government of Yemen has not yet confirmed.

According to the UN register of conventional arms to supply Ukraine is not passed on military equipment to Yemen since 2007. With all of this, according to the professionals, about 40 percent of Ukrainian arms exports accounted for the country's Near East and North Africa. In the true time Ukraine occupies 12th place in the list of largest global arms exporters. Ukrainian military exports in 2011 amounted to billions of dollars.

In the event that the failure of Yemeni agreement officially confirmed, the style of Ukraine in the international arms market will suffer further damage. First, in 2011 under threat of failure were contracts for the supply to Iraq of transport aircraft An-32B and BTR-4E. Ukrainian side did not succeed in avoiding penalties that were imposed after the start of military equipment.

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