Yemen is on the way Somalization

Yemen is on the way "Somalization"

Yemen before the start of the Arab unrest and so was a state full of problems, and in 2011, the situation is even more complicated. Country is on the way "Somalization." This is evidenced by the situation in the field of socio-economic situation of the country, and recent domestic political action.

Honorary President Ali Abdullah Saleh (after the signing of the November 23, 2011 in Riyadh, developed by the Cooperation Council for the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf contract for the transfer of power in the country, he stayed for 3 months honorary president) graciously agreed to wait for the departure of the United States for healing, remain in the country indefinitely. Persuaded him to remain supporters of the National Party Congress, saying that situation the country is very difficult, and requests his presence — in February elections. According to the National Congress Party agreed with the opposition in the elections on February 21, the only candidate to be acting Vice-President of Yemen Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi, Saleh has already given him the possibility of the President, the President remained only formally. First, in December 2011 year the country had created a provisional government, with all this 17 ministerial positions were won by the Yemeni opposition and representatives of 17 backpacks former ruling party. The Yemeni government headed by Socialist Muhammad Salim Bassandaua.

But the news says that Saleh retains the real levers of power. In today's mess, he is the only real force that can provide the company with a more or less legitimate and peaceful elections. The whole system of government in the country — is one family business, which are placed throughout the relatives and associates of Saleh. Saleh's clan is in control of the Republican Guard, the intelligence services.

It should be noted that the agreement of the opposition to Saleh, the former ruling party does not satisfy everyone. New 2012 year began with the latest wave of protest, took to the streets 10 of thousands of people. Saleh protesters to enforce the November agreement conditions and care, the release of all those arrested for alleged involvement in anti-government actions. Part of the opposition asked the trial of Saleh and his associates.

In Yemen, a situation where power Saleh and his clan — no sugar, and the candidates, not counting the "Somalization" of the country (decay constant massacres, hunger, and the flight of people and so forth, "joy"), is not there. The situation is deadlocked. The country can be saved only a "miracle" of a sort of big ideas (socialism) or a new mighty Soviet Union, Socialist Union of States that would assist in the normalization of the situation. But it is not. None government do not invest in the "black hole" 10's billion dollars (a process still need to control, otherwise they will be lost), and voluntarily accept hundreds of thousands, millions of refugees fleeing from hunger, thirst, violence. Because Yemen is waiting for more blood, destruction, degradation fragments, millions of refugees. In the development of the "Great Caliphate" in the future, involving them in orbit neoimperii.

Yemen is on the way "Somalization"

Bad reasons

— Yemen was a militarized state, where all the machine at hand, and in 2011, the situation is even worse. The level of militarization of the Yemeni opposition in the past year has exceeded all conceivable limits.

— Separatism southerners. In the south of the Arabian Peninsula between 1967 — and 1990 was the People's Republic of South Yemen. At the current time the southerners are thinking about the restoration of independence. After the unification of the South felt left out, besides there is the main focus, and the country's oil supplies, a core part of the product of the country. Southerners for autonomy and the redistribution of cash flows in its favor.

— 2011 became known not only constant protests, but attacks by Islamic extremists. Yemen is being left out of the growth process of constructive Islamic sentiment in the Islamic world.

— Yemen and so was the resort is popular, but still lured fans of exotic, medieval Arabic architecture, feral mountains, and in 2011 lost most of the tourists and travelers. A significant part of the tourist as a consulate, and humanitarian organizations simply left the country, reduced to a minimum and diplomatic missions.

— The bands are breaking not only the political and geographical, is the factor of religious warfare, suitable for many Muslim and Arab states. Sunni and Shiite communities have large differences in size (about 50-52% — Sunnis, Shiites 45-46%). In this confrontation interfere Saudi Arabia and Iran.

— The economy is in a hell of a state, we can say that it is almost there. And what works — a "gray" and black "economy — market instruments, drug trafficking, piracy, etc. Water supply and electricity is often interrupted. Half of the people live below the poverty line, ie in poverty. More than 40% of children are malnourished, hungry every third citizen of the country. And this with the highest population growth in the country of 23 million people, fertility — 4.8 (according to other sources — 6.5) births per woman.

Yemen is on the verge of total deprivation of such important fundamental resource like water. Over the past few months, the cost of water has increased 7 times. Because of the unrest in 2011 sharply reduced the supply of food from abroad. No gas for cooking food, and of wood for Yemen — a shortcoming, since most of the areas of the country is devoid of vegetation. 2011 year has become for most people, the country's humanitarian catastrophe the world will not see it. This is a feature of Western and other global media, they show only part of the picture.

— Yemen — a very corrupt country, it stands out even against the background of sub-Saharan Africa and these "champions" in the middle of Arab States, Egypt and Libya segodnyaschy. The overwhelming majority of the funds that come from Saudi Arabia, the UN, the U.S., etc., just settle with the tribal nobility and officials. Often vorachivayutsya the West and the Persian monarchy, in the form of bank deposits, the ordinary people of these funds do not behold the.

As a result of these and other reasons, fully Yemen may repeat the fate of Somalia or Sudan (decay into two countries). It threatens to outbreaks of violence, genocide, fights for the cereal land, water, coast, where you can fish and rob, increase the danger of piracy. Millions of people have become refugees flooding Saudi Arabia and other Persian monarchy, will find happiness in Europe.

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