Yemen threatens plainclothes war, Washington warns Syria

Yemen threatens civil war, Washington warns Syria

The crisis that engulfed Yemen last few months, threatening to grow into a plainclothes war. On Thursday night during the collision forces of President Ali Abdullah Saleh and protesters killed 10's of people. Anxiety runs in Syria, where clashes with government security forces killed 15 man. The international community is trying to halt the bloodshed, but so far with no perceptible of success.

The clashes that took place in the capital of Yemen, Sana'a, in the last 10 days have killed more than 135 people. Currently president Ali Abdullah Saleh, which manages the state for 33 years, gives up arrangements for the peaceful transfer of power that have been achieved with the support of the favorites of the Persian Gulf. A senior adviser to the South American, who is in the region, meanwhile, is trying to halt the decay poorest Arab country, which, moreover, was on the brink of economic disaster.

The world's favorite fear that Yemen, where once there was an organization of Muslim radicals "Al-Qaeda" will spread concern the Arabian Peninsula and shake the stability of states such as Saudi Arabia, which are the main suppliers of oil in the world. Saudi Arabia has a similar deal with Yemen's 23 million-depleted state, rich instrument.

Washington warns of Syrian President

In Syria, local activists say that security forces in the town of Rastan destroyed the very few 15 man. In all, according to their data, in this town for the last day or three killed 60 people. But since the middle of March, as the country began mass protests, activists calculated over a thousand dead, more than 25 of them — kids.

Municipal Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on President Bashar al-Assad to step down due to an inability to stop the violence.

"If he is powerless pause violence against its own people, to begin substantive steps for reform, he should go away and not to interfere. And every day, when he is in the office, and the violence lasts, it actually makes this inevitable choice "- said Clinton.

Observers believe that the words of Hillary Clinton is more addressed to the Russian Federation, China and the Arab countries, which the United States calls for solidarity in an effort to condemn the Syrian government's repression.

Meanwhile, our home does not change his position. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov called on the Syrian opposition not to destabilize the country, and the Western powers — not to stimulate the situation for the sake of "regime change."

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