Yemeni 10-month confrontation over

Yemeni 10-month standoff overNIGHT MODE past the opposition in the capital Yemen arranged a real prazdnichek. So Makarov was celebrated victory over Abdalloi President Saleh, who retired from his position after a 10-month-old confrontation between the authorities and the opposition.

Saudi media said the other day, the president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh in Saudi Arabia signed agreement the transfer of power. In exchange, Abdullah Saleh received immunity from all prosecutions. This agreement 6 prepared in the spring of the Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf. Saleh couple of times stated its readiness to transfer power to Vice-President, but the move was not made to them.

Agreement provides for the resignation of the country in the 30-day period with the transfer of the mandatory features Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi, the vice-president Yemen. In the subsequent step will be a coalition government of national unity. The implication is that the ruling General People's Congress will share in the government with the opposition on a fair basis. After that, two months after the country's presidential election will be held.

Recall, Jamal bin Omar, a special envoy gene. UN Secretary-Yemen in Sana'a said on Wednesday that the country would be allowed the formation of political parties, which then will be able to participate in the elections at the end of the two- transition. He noted that these steps will create a good base for a comprehensive transition, and civilian society will have to determine the future of the country a genuine role.

Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary-General pointed out that all parties in Yemen to fulfill its obligations under the agreement on the peaceful transfer of power. The common statement on Wednesday calls for the need to "as soon as possible to complete any act violently, to refrain from further provocations, and start working in the direction of the transition process is open to the role of everyone, without exception, that will meet the legitimate demands of the people Yemen. "

Ban Ki-moon also assured that the UN "is interested in resolving the conflict and will continue to fully support the people of Yemen in bringing under the agreement transition to a successful end. "

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