Zafar Guliyev: Where are so extensive marches Azerbaijan?

Contrast and grotesque duplicity has become in recent years a distinctive feature of the development of internal political processes in Azerbaijan. On the one hand, it is declared, and even imitation implemented policy of building of a democratic country, the formation of a civilian society, development market relations, respect for all human, freedom, etc. On the other hand, alternately introduced neo-authoritarian and even neomonarhicheskaya model of monopoly control of the clan authority over all aspects of life and intensely reanimated Russian totalitarian methods of government. On the one hand, country rapidly, enhanced, updated and modernized. On the other hand, the development of human factors concern for ordinary citizens are not given the attention tribute. As a result, the more enriched, rebuilt and modernized Azerbaijan as a country, the sharper contrasts and negatives appear in the processes of development of society and the individual.

The last years of unprecedented strike by the construction boom in Azerbaijan, which is apparently a consequence of the dizzying effect of the immense wealth (oil revenues) and excellent creative ambitions neomonarhicheskoy power, as "corrupt the result of" concentration in the hands of the officials, the oligarchs huge supplies "Zapyataev" means you need to "clean up". Enjoying the most popular word in the official propaganda was (as in the Gorbachev era) "perestroika" and the head of the country began to be called "Ilham-creator." Perestroika boom almost enveloped the entire country, leading to a distraught higher prices for land, housing, rent, construction, services, etc., involving the orbit of employment thousand a cheap labor force and developing more and more into a "building itch." Positives construction boom indisputable: country, one way or another, updated, upgraded, begin to look more imposing, modern, richer. With all the propaganda, corruption and high costs, this process contributes to the solution of many specific social, transport, communication, housing, economic, technological and other problems, including the problem of employment.

The flow of petrodollars and investments plus the increased tax charges of corruption and provide impressive financial base for the realization of excellent creative ambitions of the head of state. For the near future built hundreds of new schools, hospitals, sports facilities, shopping centers, industrial facilities, residential areas, tourist centers, cultural facilities, and a tremendous lot of bridges, roads, transport, communications and other infrastructure sooruzheniyi. All this, of course, can be entered into an asset of power. But in view of the obvious predominance of personal ambitions and motives of corruption, lack of obmyslennogo plan, consistency and public scrutiny, there is a trivial and negatives of a similar one-sided "perestroika", threatening in almost all cases it is very unsafe consequences for the environment of the urban landscape, the health and safety of persons. Not to mention the aesthetic, social and moral aspect of the problem. Besides, it is not visible in the special subsidies human factor — in science, education, culture, the increase in the level of comfort and life, the protection of the rights and freedoms of ordinary people. But specifically, it should be the basis of a genuine development of any country.

According to the trend of recent years, an apparent rise in the municipal focus and enthusiasm to the "august" personalities (deceased and kicking) is accompanied by equally apparent weakening of attention and enthusiasm to the citizens of Azerbaijan — to their real dilemmas, needs, aspirations. The logic of kleptocratic klanokratii increases the contrast between the fast growing rich minority and the poor majority of the disenfranchised population. A similar "perestroika" logic leads to a situation where all country converted into the service area of interest, moods, desires and ambitions of the ruling family and a handful of powerful oligarchs. Declaring on the propaganda level motto "Everything for the people, for the people", the ruling elite is actually strives to embody the principle — "But without the people". Under construction luxurious hotels, shops, villas, hostels, sports complexes, restaurants, elite schools and clinics, palaces, water parks, entertainment centers, etc., for the most part beyond the reach of the general population, well, not intended for them. If you display the brackets sphere of propaganda, that "His Majesty the people" is uniformly redundant element in the political system of modern Azerbaijan.

The tone of "perestroika spree" sets itself head country, from which emanates not only the political and financial support of almost all infrastructure and other projects, but also their specific packet and calendar linking to the rituals of his personal role in the opening ceremonies during repeated journeys to the regions.

In fact, the holiday "Rituals discovery" became almost the main concern of senior management and the work of the country: the commissioning of at least some of the object in at least some part of the country is constantly involves first presidential "rite circumcision "reddish tape. And as country rapidly, being built, modernized and built up the number of buildings under construction in geometric progression, the head of the country, of course, have to "work" tirelessly. And still cope with this shaft is not easy: it is one president, and constructed new facilities (fountains, transitions, hospitals, bridges, hotels, monuments, sports facilities, etc.) very many and they are scattered across the country. For this reason, it is necessary to open a set of objects in a batch, bulk, during visits at the head of the country or other region. For all this, a must-have "packet adjustment" in each area are "cult" objects (monuments, malls, parks, museums, etc.) in honor of the national favorite Heydar Aliyev. Usually, built objects long months waiting for his own turn "package opening" by the president himself. There are cases when they are practically already starting to work, but, nevertheless, still not recognized put into operation, operate like in the illegal regime — as their official birth and the laws of life are likely only after svyaschennodeystvennogo "circumcision" (reddish bands).

Or two times per month the president makes a trip to one or another region of the country or area of the capital and makes numerous rituals of circumcision reddish ribbon, giving a "pass in life," the new objects and providing the official media propaganda food. That's the last day or two ended up in this regard is very rich: the president made the trip to Sheki and Gabala, taking part in the celebrations of the opening of the 10-s of new facilities (health centers, sports complex, hotels, mosques, caravanserais, International Airport, Wine and Spirits plant), including the "religious" facilities.

"Perestroika boom" more and more built up, batch opening rituals are followed one after another, "presidential scissors" and then needed Azerbaijan "extensive steps", but for some reason it does not add joy and comfort of life of ordinary citizens and not make the oil-rich bucks and the country more attractive and free.

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