Zbigniew Brzezinski — America has lost all sense of proportion in foreign policy

The last U.S. presidential advisor on national security under President Carter answered questions from "Komsomolskaya Pravda"

In New York, held a presentation of the newest book by Zbigniew Brzezinski, "Strategic Vision: America and the crisis of global power" ("Strategic Vision: America and the Crisis of Global Power"). The last U.S. presidential advisor on national security under President Carter knows it that bothers him in the modern world. Sovereign Brzezinski agreed to answer a few questions, "KP".

— In his book you're creating an apocalyptic picture of the new world in which the United States find themselves in an economic decline, coupled with the weakness of the political and strategic insulation, while China makes historic breakthrough.

— Indeed, if America will continue to slide downhill in domestic policy and will lead nekompitentnuyu foreign policy, then it will definitely decline. But ultimately, in the favorites will not even China. Overcome chaos. From my point of view, in the coming 20 years on the world stage does not seem to be able superpower, comparable with the United States in recent years. So how in the world is in the process of decentralization. The power, the strength, the impact of unavoidable shift from West to East. Required to achieve a reasonable compromise. If we fail to achieve it, we are waiting for the global chaos, from which close to the end of human civilization.

— Why is the U.S. so quickly lose their appeal in the world? Perhaps this is due to the fact that America assumed the role of "world policeman"?

— You can not say that America is not quite so popular in the world. But regret to have to say over the last 20 years we have lost a unique loan that history has given us as a result of the collapse of the Russian Union. But almost all political scientists first 1990s in one voice asserted that begins unquestioned dominance of the U.S. in the world. We had the opportunity to begin to alter world, and eventually the situation got much more hectic and difficult than it was before.

— The reason?

— In 1-x, you need to take into account the paradox of global political awakening. Never before in the history of the peoples of the world population is not as openly expressed their political identity and their political aspirations. It made the world a hard manageable. In-2, completed paradox exist dominance of the West. After all, it all began in the Middle Ages with the rise of Spain as a world empire, which has replaced France, it was followed by England, and, in the end, we came to the front of the stage, the Americans. But over the last two decades have seen action regrettable. First, America has neglected its domestic development. We made a situation in which our society has worsened social inequalities. If in 1990 the salary of the directors in the 70 times that of the average wage Yankees, now this difference increased up to 325 times. Those proved to himself justice in the society — the basic framework of a measured country.

We have developed a financial system where large transactions are carried out around the world virtually unchecked, leading to dire speculations and immeasurable few enrich themselves.

We allow our infrastructure to deteriorate: transport, communications, education, health — actually investing in it.

We fight wars without paying for them out of their own budgets, and making endless borrowing, which makes us the insolvent debtor.

Internal difficulties are interacting with neuvvyazkami foreign policy. Over the past two decades, we have lost a reasonable sense of proportion and modesty. Our former president (Bush-mladshiy. — IS) tried to justify the phrase: "God chose America to be the leader of the world!" In this case, you should see a world that has become much more difficult to former …

— I have heard from your fellow world that now the term "South American Dream" turned into an empty phrase.

— You see, America has always been a state of abilities, and each generation has lived with the idea that it will be a real live better than their fathers. But it is not so long ago, the process has stalled. Now, for example, the average European has a chance to succeed in life faster and careers than the Yankees.

— Many of the post-Soviet states willing to adopt the system of secondary and higher education in the U.S., introduced paid training, reduced to the study of mandatory subjects appeared exam for entering universities …

— You touched on America's ailing topic. I am very concerned about the problem of education in our country. Yes, we — democracy, trying to survive in a complex world, exercising reasonable foreign policy. But it may be provided that the people living in our country, as reasonable and zdravomyslyasch. In another, we will not be able to accomplish its tasks before us.

Have to admit, south american people are very ignorant. He has absolutely no idea of the outside world. In our public schools, there is no such object: a global history. We teach the kids a very patriotic American history. And in fact it is a glorified "Christmas" story, the further from the complex and contradictory realities of the past. Take, for example, the relationship with the indigenous population of America — the Indians. It is sad, but you have to admit that the first ethnic cleaning "the naming of the Law" held on American soil! Thousands Redskins were expelled from their lands under President Jackson … And take geography. We do not teach it! Approximately 52% of today's U.S. college students can not show on the map where the New-york. 70% of enrollment in higher education institutions in 2003, the 2010s could not find Iraq — a country with which we have fought wars! One prospective students identify offered some great terrain, shaded in blue on the map. So now, 30% of them were not able to find that it was the Pacific Ocean … You smile. But it's not funny. From this incredibly lightweight relation to the large number of Yankee issues of foreign policy. Well, as this international issues presented in public debate? It is often very lightweight, only in black and white, with prevailing demagoguery …

— Your rating movement "Occupy Wall Street"?

— I have mixed feelings about the "occupiers." At the sensory level, I sympathize with them. I agree with those who say that their movement is caused by an impartial political polarization and social thought in modern society, the clash of interests of different groups. Maybe this is a good signal that the powers that be need to hear … But the question is: why expose threats to your health, spending the night in the cold season in the tents? And later, their performances are fraught escalate into uncontrollable social conflict. What came out in August of last year in London — the massive mess, smashing, looting, which led to the death of people — indicates irresponsible and uncontrolled ruthlessness, which can degenerate into peaceful protests. And yet I think that South American democracy must find strength within themselves not to use repressive measures against the participants in this movement.

— In 2007, you supported the nomination of Barack Obama for the presidency. They say at the moment you own it vneglasnym advisor in matters of foreign policy.

— No, this is not the case. I have the opportunity to speak to him from time to time their eyes to the problem of that or other. But, you know, if it does not happen every day or a day on an ongoing basis, in disputes with opponents seeking to also influence the president, you are not completely in control. But Obama — a smart man, and an excellent understanding of what's what.
— What, in your opinion, the possibility that America recently start a war against Iran?

— Iran — is a serious discrepancy, the solution of which requires the wisest approach. Just get involved in a war — is unwise. Especially after we regained a decade of experience of military operations in Afghanistan. Just start a war, but it is not easy to finish. Especially since the consequences of the war itself hard to predict. Today's war cost America dearly. We were able to defeat Nazi Germany and militarist Japan for four years, with the Russian army, of course … segodnyaschy war with the Taliban lasts 10 years, and to tell the truth, no end in sight. And how many years it took to clean up Iraq! But there is currently still restless.

— How do you assess the situation around Iran's nuclear programs from?

— The situation is completely avoidable, and, of course, lends itself to contain it. For forty years, the years of "cool war", we carried out a policy of nuclear deterrence Russian Union. We held back from China and implementation of the "final argument" in the debate. Would not wish to go into details, but in those years I have been obliged to coordinate response of the U.S. President in the event of the introduction of nuclear weapons against us. At one point, I was woken up by my assistant to the rank of general, which reported to me that the beginning of a nuclear attack. I admit, at first I could not come to his senses and focus. I knew that my family is based in Washington, DC, will be dead in 20 minutes. And all my thoughts were focused on the understanding of this fact. And then came a strange sense of peace: this is the end, the end for everyone. And wherever we go, go, and it is our enemy … Fortunately, it was the wrong alarm …

Now America has managed to contain Iran's nuclear ambitions danger that immediately followed by a paralyzing answer. I am confident that if we take a public commitment, similar to those that we have taken to protect our NATO allies in Europe, no matter what the threat from Iran in the event of a nuclear weapon mastering it and use it as follows in respect of the Middle Eastern states — Israel or Arab countries — the United States will be treated as an attack on the U.S. itself. With all of this should imply that the possible possession of nuclear weapon — a big reason why the U.S. should be very cautious and prudent, before starting the latest war in the region. In such wars can not be the favorites. And you should not have illusions here. — You — the South American political scientist, for 6 decades specializing in Russia. What seems to you it is true and the future? — I have no doubt our homeland slowly moving towards democracy. It should be noted at the beginning of the formation of so-called civilian your society. The opposition, which has the concept of the constitutional provisions, equates himself to the international, in fact, the middle class, which is quite financially independent, to travel abroad and receive an education there. He feels a kinship with European culture and sees themselves as part of the West. Assignment America — to assist in him in this. Imposed parallel with Ukraine. After all, there occur identical processes. Will be true if Ukraine as independent government, moves to the West and at the same time remaining close of, it will not be an antagonist, but instead drags it behind him. If America is quite the wise in their actions, in the next 20-30 years, the world will see dramatic changes in this part of the world, comparable to the 90-ties of the last century, when it was quite at one point, around Christmas, fell Russian Union …

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