Zbigniew Brzezinski, petrel world revolution

September 9 Russian sector of the Web exploded with indignation in connection with the invitation Zbigniew Brzezinski speak at the Global Policy Forum in Yaroslavl. And for good reason! After all, as a mentor, take this opportunity to recall the old, new and try to hear to realize what is new is different from an old!

Without such an occasion is unlikely to readers on the post-Soviet space so soon would return again to the article by Vladimir Alexandrov's "Lofty chessboard. Russian response — Sicilian Defense." It is interesting section entitled "They" partners "." In this section of the creator placed the quotes from American politicians expressions of Russian Union and Russia. For instance, John F. Kennedy, 1961, inaugural address: "We can not defeat the Russian Alliance in ordinary war …. We can beat … only other ways: ideological, psychological, propaganda, economy." Or Richard Nixon, in 1988, the book "Victory Without War": "We have to put yourself in front of the goal to promote the decentralization of power in the Russian Union … on another U.S. and the West are at risk of letting in the cool win the war …"

In the same vein, given the strategic directives President Reagan, and, in the views of the South American political scientist F.Gafni, "ultimately, hidden war against the Soviet Union and made the conditions for the victory of the Russian Union."

Praised the efforts of predecessors, Bill Clinton, which in 1997, said in his own message to Congress: "50 years ago, America, showing foresight, the rules of the creation of institutions that ensured the victory in the" cold war "."

A more extensive in the "Quotations" is presented by Zbigniew Brzezinski. Characterized by its brightness special sacramental phrase: "The new world order under U.S. hegemony is created against Russia at the expense of Russia and the ruins of the Russian Federation." Clearly did not say.

But with the beginning of the XXI century "U.S. hegemony" something went wrong. Moreover, based on the content of speech in Yaroslavl Brzezinski, is not it now care about the most.

Following the call of the South American guest to "think … in geopolitical definitions of" many commentators are living through such as Brzezinski, now is not the Soviet Union, and on its ruins, have directed attention, first, to those aspects of his performance that relate to inter-state relations. Gregory Trofimchuk, for example, believes that Brzezinski proposed formula "from Vancouver — to Vladivostok" has its own purpose, "to try to draw Moscow into something like an extended version of NATO, in order to block the China arms of Russia." And Dmitry Abzalov believes that "the main communication was focused not on the Russian Federation, and the fact, that undermine the position of restricted and, at first, the Republican-conservative movement in the United States." This, apparently, need to be aware so that South American neocons act in the international arena by brute force and that only "crap" instead of America, that the sly "to pour poison" in the body of other nations, as is usually done by South American Democrats and reach for all that best results.

All this, of course, true. Own reason to exist in one and the other. Are in Brzezinski's speech and other highlights. But your faithful servant had the impression that an old fox sensed something was wrong in something else. It feels like "ideologue collapse of the USSR and Russia" in this time addressed to him they had the audience completely different position: not from the standpoint of U.S. policy strategist, co-founder and constant Bilderberger and Trilateral Commission, the 2-creations of the world's elite. And she, elite, completely different concerns, if the officials who come and go, and which, according to Brzezinski, "must focus on the pressing issues, disagreements and conflicts." Because he, being the spokesman and defender of the interests of the wealthiest individuals in a human, looks on and delve deeper.

To understand to what Brzezinski tends to make sense to go back slightly backwards on the timeline, in 2010, and to listen to his speech at the meeting of the Council on foreign policy in Montreal. Speaking before a leisurely sipping coffee Council members, Brzezinski spoiled them up with 2, in his view, the "new global realities." First: that "global political leadership," by which he understands "the role of favorite certain states," "Now it has become much more varied." If relatively recently "over the world dominated by the Atlantic world, and so it has been for many centuries," now "of this no more." The growing strength of the Far East brought it to global political leadership significant changes.

Brzezinski anew numbered "of favorite global players", among which include, of course, first the United States. For States followed the European Alliance, "although this is not a political value", China, Germany, France, England, Japan, India, which "rises" and "against this background, a new formation — G20". Do not forgot to mention it, and Russia, but saw that he did it only because of a single incident: Our homeland — nuclear power, which is equal to the United States here, "while the rest is defectively country, if you take into account the reasons that make the government a global force" …

The situation, according to the views of Brzezinski's complicated by the fact that this group of world leaders is suffering "lack of internal unity." And all this is happening against the background of a second "modern reality." For Brzezinski nightmare "for the first time in its history, the population of the earth wakes up politically." "This is a completely brand new reality" — two times he repeated, trying to draw attention to these words of the Council, irresponsible kofepitiya carried away.

In Montreal, Zbigniew Brzezinski, figuratively speaking, hit the alarm, warning the global elite that "society is involved in politics," while "most of the people in general know what is happening in the world. They understand the existence of social inequality, lack of respectful business, operations . " Because, according to Brzezinski, "2-composition of the new realities" — in other words, the end of the Atlantic leadership and political awakening of mankind — is "substantially more difficult context."

It took 18 months. We compare two of his performances. It turns out to mean something that in Yaroslavl Brzezinski changed emphasis. Who is the first place he no longer poses a hierarchy of "global forces" and "turbulent complexity inherent in changeable global policy being spilled," which "threatens global peace" instead of "utopian fanaticism," to which "the world has dealt in during the twentieth century . " But he does this weird, and at first glance, not much associated with the "second modern reality," concluded: "Vseobyatny and lasting social progress more achievable by democratic role than authoritarian mobilization. Global stability can be ensured only by the general cooperation, not through the imperial dominance. "

It would seem that "the political awakening of mankind", "public involvement in politics" — this is something that should entertain the liberals of all stripes, is what the United States calls the other, "promoting democracy" where it is necessary and unnecessary. But Brzezinski and h
is patrons of the global elite obviously troubling event that it is "waking up" is accompanied by an understanding of all the population of the earth evils of capitalism: social inequality, exploitation of man by man, "the lack of respectful affairs," which translated into plain language so shameless disregard for the interests of the majority people from the wretched largest ruling minority.

The global elite, according to Brzezinski's speech, apparently worried that if in the middle of "the awakening of humanity" there are those who will be able to move from the typical liberals expression of compassion to those who suffer in the process of chewing dark eggs, in other words from the "blah blah" to the "political mobilization" , then the situation will start to smell it, elite bolshennymi trouble.

No, Brzezinski, of course, do not use the non-acceptance in polite society, the concept of "class struggle", which, as he could make in Russia and many do not approve of. It replaces its streamlined the phrase "struggle of the poor against the rich," not going to speculate on the causes, and where are they, and others, and why the first unhappy with the latter. However, the essence of unchanged. He is concerned the question: how to cope with this?

Having recognized, though not in direct terms that the United States, on the one hand, strained stomach in an attempt to impose a public land his "global leadership" and the other — that the so-called market values once again brought down the world global crisis and "awaken" the world's population to the political struggle, the ideologist and strategist "cool war" now calls "world leaders", "forget about the past disagreements" and begin their mobilization, it is too late.

The response of the elite inappropriately "awakened people of the earth", according to the views of Zbigniew Brzezinski, may be the formation of a certain similarity of the Holy Alliance, but within the whole hemisphere, "from Vancouver to Vladivostok." In this case, the development strategy for the formation of this alliance respected member of the Bilderberg Group has entrusted to a group of unnamed "respected private individuals» («a team of respected private citizens») «mainly from the EU, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and America." And under this, taking into account the references to Ukraine, Brzezinski seems to imply the International Crisis Group (TheInternational Crisis Group), composed of representatives of the EU and all countries separately betrothed, including myself Brzezinski, Russian "inmate" Misha Khodorkovsky , all recognizable George Soros and is closely associated with the international Jewish capital Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk.

It is, perhaps, recall that when the forum was held in Yaroslavl, passed exactly 196 years and 6 days after the conclusion of the union of, Prussia and Austria-Hungary, whose goal was just to maintain the same set while international order, and if more precisely — that conservation in Europe omnipotence nobility. Later, the Holy Alliance have joined all the monarchs of Europe, frightened growth, as at the moment they say, "dissent." He broke up the Holy Alliance, as contrary to the interests of the bourgeoisie to power rushing. But now need to own a "sacred union" appeared in its place, and it has. State "of registration," but in fact the international bourgeoisie countries "world leaders" feel that it is time to put aside differences and support the establishment of its "world order" that came into conflict not only with the interests of the "proletariat" yes, and with the interests of the entire population of the earth. And Brzezinski rightly pointed out that no country alone (read — its ruling elite), even the United States, this problem of not cope.

No wonder Brzezinski and attended the forum in Yaroslavl British Lord Robertson rushed to Moscow to attract new Holy Alliance "carrot" of in the future membership of the EU and even NATO. According to Brzezinski, it will give her the opportunity to become a "European — Western European! — The state, part of one vast commonwealth." What a temptation for the Russian elite! It was not so long ago and in the West it disdainfully called the product of the "wild '90s", alluding to the criminal or semi-criminal way of concentration in the hands of the 'respectable private persons "unimaginable for such non-long term capital!

Appealing to the sense of self-preservation of the ruling of the world bourgeoisie, Brzezinski did not scruple to take out of the Herbarium vocabulary Gorbachev pressed the thesis of "space cooperation from Vancouver to Vladivostok," which Gorbachev himself now promoted as the "transcontinental place." For all this, however, Misha S. ordenonosnogo in one of his articles in the International Herald Tribune, complained that the Americans playing in these "places" in his time in a large distorted maps and U.S. President Reagan firmly inflated it, promising a "case of confidence. "

As someone said of old, "the war is impermissible double-bluff." Even so, politicians in Moscow all it is worth re-read the quote pad "They," partners "" and be more careful with the new initiatives bilderberzhtsev, even if the interests of the ruling elite "world leaders", including the Russian Federation, impartially match. Do not be fooled again!

Although … How's Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeyevich?

Oh, do not fool me hard!
I delude myself happy!

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