Zelenokumsk: Cossacks are trying to make the last

Zelenokumsk: Cossacks are trying to make the extremeDecember 4, in the town of Zelenokumsk in the Stavropol region was the people's gathering. This town, though small, has recently rocked the whole of Russia. It is reported that about 1,000 local residents gathered in order to claim on the authorities to solve the problem with ethnic crime in the region and to voice their demands.

According DPNI.org, as government officials at a gathering attended by Chief of the Head of Department of Internal Affairs of the Stavropol Territory Lieutenant-General Alexander Gorova, the district chief of ATS Russian Colonel Yuri Novikov, prosecutors, administrators and other local officials. Requirements to them by the inhabitants were made of the following:

  • to say about the investigation;
  • clearly inform you what to do to prevent future similar events;
  • dismiss those officials and police officers who admitted the existence of a similar gang in town;
  • check out all the Chechen diaspora in the presence of unregistered firearms and non-lethal weapons;
  • complete obstruction of in getting licenses tool self-defense;
  • claim of authority to reclassify the criminal case against the bandits with hooliganism on the attempted murder of many individuals, storage and use of firearms, the creation of gangs — the criminal society.


Recognizable orthodox human rights activist and expert on Islam Roman Silant'ev disagrees with the members of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation in connection with the incident in Zelenokumsk. "This statement is puzzling. I do not see the logic in trying to put on a series of recent actions in Zelenokumsk with verification of the Muslim communities of Tambov and Voronezh and unflattering responses regarding the conduct of Kurban Bayram in Moscow ", — he told" Interfax — Religion. "

"Maybe someone from the Muslims in Voronezh, Tambov or Moscow, too, tried to rape her, or fired from a combat weapon? Maybe in these towns were mass brawl with the role of the Cossacks and Chechens? If so, these hitherto unknown facts should be made public and investigate with all diligence, "- said the official.

According to the impressions of the gathering, the authorities, but were not tuned to a constructive dialogue and prompt resolution of issues were trying to "buy off" the formal reports and commentaries is not the case. Even on local issues certain people have not found their clear answer. Thus, a replica of the old ladies that only Cossacks were able to assist her when she was beaten Caucasians in the market, and the employees in the police department refused to open a criminal case, the police chief explained that the Cossacks did not have any right to it, and that is — the arbitrariness . On the question of girls subjected to harassment by a sultry Caucasians, why can not own land feel safe, representatives of the police department promised to "talk" with representatives of the diaspora.

The concrete is a criminal case against the Chechens who tried to rape a Russian girlfriend, and the Cossacks were shot from behind the police station, and will not be reclassified all such acts as previously evaluated by our law enforcers as "hooliganism." The investigation of the case is in the meantime, what is called, neither good nor bad. Police chief Alexander Gorovoy region at the gathering told the audience that the Stavropol police together with the Chechen officers tried to find a "small but proud country," the head suspect fled there.

The search, in general, resulted in a very predictable outcome. "The day before yesterday, our group returned from the Chechen Republic. Unfortunately, suspected of a crime we did not find "- quoted Gorovoy RIA" Novosti ". The issue, in general, not only in why not found a (here, that's just all clear). The main thing is something else: why is this the most Beslan Zura (Chechens, they say, the night unfolded, all these actions threatened the local, "you need Beslan? Will for you second Beslan!") Managed to slip away? Search for it now, yeah …

And so it turns out that the only hope and support those who are just something and wants to live in his native town, without fear for their lives and health — it's Cossacks. Behold the people that slightly confused by the police, and prefer to seek help for them. "When devchenka (the one which he wanted to rape the unfortunate Beslan. — Approx. KM.RU) approached us, we began to think, how to act. Sought advice from the authorities, but there we were given to understand that in this business it is better not to do. Say, this is — a very volatile issue, nothing will happen. Well, girlfriend wear out. Then we began to act on their own. People are afraid, afraid of just relaxed living. As Friday-Saturday, so we are waiting for a call for help. Already working instead of the police. People do not believe them "- quoted by a Cossack named Sergei" Komsomolskaya Pravda ".

And, as it is mind-numbingly, specifically the Cossacks at the moment has gone roll forward from both official government and accidents "human rights." Public movements and human rights organizations artificially undermine the situation in the Stavropol region after the conflict in the town Zelenokumsk using guns between locals told reporters police chief Alexander Gorovoy edge. "There are people who try to shake it. This is — one of the public organizations, human rights organizations, funding sources that we know of, but not the 1st of these movements no closer than a thousand kilometers from Stavropol, "- said Gorova.

But that said in an interview with radio "Freedom" deputy director of the Human Rights Information and Analytical Center "Owl" Galina Kozhevnikova, "in southern Russia have very severe destabilizing, in my opinion, the factor — the Cossacks. This — Russian nationalists, which they do not hide. The Cossacks, supported by the authorities to behave as the dominant ethnic group. Specifically, this is a fairly strong precipitating factor. During exacerbation of any situation, of course, the Cossacks appear very intense. I believe that it is very very provoking instability. " That is, do not provoke inconstancy toured the towns in cars without license plates, shooting into the air for no reason, and the people and consider themselves to be dragged to the right for himself in the car all the vending girl Chechens, as opposed to all this mayhem Cossacks. Such are they, our defenders …

What is really surprising is that they write and they say actually Chechen media. Here, for example, "Press review Khatueva with Islam," the website "Chechnya today." We read: "The recent actions Zelenokumsk where the so-called. Cossacks of the masses began to attack specifically on the Chechens, have shown that police the country is not very much and wants to protect its own people of Chechen nationality from angry mobs of hooligans, thugs and gangsters. Examples, unfortunately, thousands of. Kondopoga, Yandyki, Tuapse, Nalchik, Caspian, Pyatigorsk, Moscow, and now here — Zelenokumsk. "

And then, in plain text, is a warning to us all: "And all the shouting about the fact that the Chechens began to be used more often traumatic tool. How is it? What do you think about i
t — that the Chechens would stand there and wait until they are killed before his death, the Nazis and terrorists? Imagine for yourself if the Chechens had a traumatic gun? Their destruction would have scored before a crowd of extremists in different Russian cities, especially in the Krasnodar and Stavropol territories, in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg and other cities, where the rise of fascist terrorist movement. "

Well, as they say, forewarned — means armed.

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