ZemaT-72 Timur Soldatov incited 12 times!

About the Chechen war soldier Russian philistine judges only by publications in newspapers and television reporting. Unfortunately, almost always made public only a small part of what is happening in Chechnya, in fact. Complete picture of the war in Chechnya is known only by those who have been there and experienced the hard way all the beauty of counterterrorist operations. Timur was a regular tanker Fighters and traveled all over the breakaway republic and down. Not an easy army threw the fate of our fellow countryman in the thick — as much as 12 times its war machine inciting militants. For military work Timur bestowed upon a soldier's merit — the medal "For Courage".

First, in January 2000 a column of Russian troops is wound on the tracks of the Chechen kilometers of roads. On Chillmere armor BMP-2 snuggled friend other motorized infantry. Although winter in the North Caucasus is softer than in the middle zone of, ride a technique — not a pleasant delight. It's cold, well, at any moment the children can lead a rain cover. But lurking inside the car even more dangerous — the explosion of a mine and it will turn into a pile of twisted iron. Not in vain as BMP stands for "mass grave of infantry." Bringing up the rear T-72B our countryman. Malehankih boxes plastered dynamic protection, "semdesyatdvoyka" like a prehistoric lizard. Multi-ton bully as if to sniff out its very long barrel lurking Chechens. But the militants have been taught the art of disguise Afghan and Arab foreign advisers. None of our ambush saw.

ZemaMonotonous clang caterpillars and drone of the engines roar broke the fire. As says Timur's tank hit several rocket-propelled grenades. First strikes PG-7 Ural armor stood, but then the car still out of order. The bulk of the enemy's fire took over the engine. Total calculated after 6 hits. At the moment, many criticized the Russian tanks. But on the views of Timur, though he survived this war — the award tank builders of Nizhny Tagil. Naturally, the place from which fire was conducted and covered retaliation. But its results were difficult to judge. Militants as if dissolved in air. And in our ranks this outing only to increment the number of losses. Fighters acknowledged that 400 soldiers from the battalion returned completely unharmed about fifty. And so was that of a fierce hatred of the rebels.

ZemaIn particular, do not stand on ceremony with all sorts of mercenaries. A lot of them came across the middle of Slavic brothers from western Ukraine. They are savages fanatics were closer than the Russians. Not treated in the second war, and no female snipers. Some of them were different superfluous loquacity and leaving the airwaves were started in the revelations about his own plight of assassins. Surely, though they tortured conscience.

Although the days of the most intense fighting in Chechnya fought the war almost a hundred thousand Russian group that happened that got in our environment. On January 16, gunmen stormed almost two days checkpoint, where he was a fighter. This was a small camp for the rebels as a bone in the throat. But their angry attacks encountered a fierce resistance. Eventually help came. In the middle of three defenders were wounded and one was missing.

ZemaThe most languid at VIEW Timur, for their part was the battle near the village of Komsomolsk. Then find their own end gang of militants numbering nearly a thousand people. Our quits for the atrocities and peaceful Russian towns and the bitterness of a stolen victory in the First Chechen War. The feds did not hesitate to use thermobaric munitions (Big Bang). In particular, have shown themselves perfectly 9M114F missile complex "Storm" with high-explosive-penetrating warhead and languid flamethrower system TOS-1 with a few windy title "Pinocchio." Because the village streets were almost overwhelmed with corpses. In the last war, it was a lot of hard prirekany about the interaction between the Russian army and interior troops. In this company, according to the views Timur, it was even better. Security officials tried to help friend other when it is needed.

During the 1 st of the soldiers were fighting a severe shrapnel wound. Again the fight. Now for my health. And not in the fields of fights, and in the silence of the hospital wards and operating in a sterile clean military hospital. And in this battle, Timur was the victor. He was able to defeat the evil disease and returned to duty.

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