Zoe, the truth and heresy

Zoe, the truth and the lies

About Zoe feat Kosmodemyanskoy everyone knows who has studied the history of Russian majestically war. Her name became forever in the glorious history of victory, that victory, which won our country in the confrontation with Nazi Germany, and is sad that at the moment are trying to present the story in a different light. Do not spared and Zoe feat Kosmodemyanskoy. In the near future on the network Web publications appeared Tipo historians who say that the woman was not a defender of the Fatherland, and a special mission to destroy a suburban towns and their inhabitants that doomed to a painful death from cold and hunger. According to these "historians", the lady grabbed the inhabitants of the village Petrishchevo and gave the Nazis themselves in order to protect their homes. There were even witnesses who were in charge, that when the Komsomol were convicted criminals, farmers cursed her.

Usually, there is a heresy because of the inability to obtain real data that are classified, and no ability to find out the truth about those or other events. This applies to the stories Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy. Only quite recently it was clear who was in fact the same woman-hero. Previously named Zoe Kosmodemiansk-partisan and scout, and a lone avenger, in reality it was a Red Army special commando brigade, manager of which was Arthur Karlovic Sprogis. In 1941, he formed a special military unit number 9903, the main task of which — an act of sabotage behind enemy lines. It became the foundation of volunteers from the Young Communist League in Moscow and Moscow region.

In the night from 21 to 22 November 1941 a special sabotage and reconnaissance group of 10 people, including Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya, ran across the front line. Already in the areas occupied by the Nazis, the men ran into the enemy patrol. Several people were killed, but the commander Boris Kraynov, Basil and Klubkov Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya continued to move on the previously marked route. On the night of 27 to 28 November substantially diminished Petrishchevo group headed for the village, where, besides other military objects the Nazis, it was necessary to kill the carefully disguised as a barn point field electronic intelligence.

Senior group, Boris Kraynov, distributed tasks: Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya to seep into the southern part of the village and Molotov consistency kill at home, where the Germans himself Wing — the central part, where the headquarters of the Nazis, and Vasily Klubkov — in the northern. Kosmodemyanskaya successfully complete the combat mission — killed two houses with quartered in them fascists and enemy vehicle. But while returning back into the forest to meet with other members of the group when it was already at significant distance from the site to the attack, a police officer saw her Sviridov. He also has called fascists who were arrested Zoe. As a token of appreciation for the capture diversantke policeman was "richly rewarded" — a glass of vodka.

Zoe is long and cruelly tortured, but, despite all the brutal ways, the woman did not give any disk imaging or about the group or about the job, nor about where to expect her companions.

The next day a lady was executed on the village square Petrishchevo.

Zoe, the truth and the lies

That's what witnesses told executions heroine

She hung on his chest wood sign that at 2-languages — Russian and German — was written: "Pyro." Prior to the gallows policemen led her by the hand, due to the torture she could not walk without the help of others. Around the gallows were very many Germans and civilians. When the lady was led to the gallows, the German photographer took some pictures.

Zoe clicked: "Citizens! You do not look, do not stand, and the need to help fight the war of the Red Army! My doom for our country — this is my contribution to life. " Then she added: "Comrades, the victory will still be with us. Soldiers who have not yet late to surrender. My homeland, Russian Alliance — invincible and will not be defeated by anyone. " All this she spoke just as the photographer took pictures.

Later, wood framed box. It is without a team, having gained strength from nowhere, she was able to stand on it. Teuton came up and put a loop. At this time, Zoya exclaimed: "How many of us either hang, can not hang all, we are 170 million! But for me, for you, our comrades will take revenge. " These words were uttered with a noose around the neck. She has been on the lips of another word, but she did not say them in time, Teuton kicked the box from under the feet of girls.

Zoe, the truth and the lies

Her body has hung on for a month Petrishchevo village square. As soon as January 1, 1942 the fascists have allowed residents to bury Zoe.

This terrible history about the catastrophic fate of the young girl who gave their lives for our future with you, and present historians remind policeman Sviridov only they betray no man, but the memory of it, which is significantly worse. It sold in the same glass of vodka exclusively somewhat modified form.

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