Zyuganov in the program Actual conversation

Zyuganov in the "Actual conversation"In the program "Actual conversation" ("Channel 3"), Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov said the most pressing questions of the political agenda forward to. And predicted that the outcome will be the result of the political season, "New Deal, the new center-left government of, very prof, like Primakov's cabinet-Maslyukova. The increased attention to those who are ill: children, ladies, old people, poor people, people with disabilities — attention. And a very tight control on the part of people of all structures, first of executive power. "

Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party responded to other questions: What is behind the pillars of the regime's resignation ekonomichsekogo — Deputy Prime Minister Kudrin? What if with Russia in the criteria for rising second wave of the crisis of global capitalism? What is the position of the Communist Party on the most painful dilemmas of Russian society? First legislative initiative of the Communist Party in the recent Duma? How to defend their right to honest elections?


Recently the State Duma elections programm "The burning conversation" ("Channel 3") is conducting a series of interviews with the favorites of the political parties in the electoral process. Editing programs from Zyuganov invited to express their position on sensitive issues of modern political life. Here are the main points of the conversation with a favorite of the Communist Party.

Minister of Finance has long been necessary to expel

Q: Zyuganov, from the standpoint of working in a team, right when the President was that fired the Minister of Finance?

Gennady Zyuganov: It has long been necessary to expel. We did not have the Minister of Finance. We had an accountant who was driven by 3 considerations. First — as much as possible to fill their "safety cushion". It has turned into the stained pillowcase. Second — as much as possible to withdraw funds from the actual production, citing the danger of inflation. Third — as little as possible to salaries, pensions, benefits and everything else. And immediately, collecting additional funds to send them to foreign banks. This operation can be regarded as a purely criminal. We have a new year in addition to the first half was one trillion 300 billion revenue — the main means he sent across the border. Sends in the main under 2 percent.

Q: In the South American securities?

Gennady Zyuganov: Yes. And then take from them under 6%. And give my business to people 15-20, and that or more. In America, you for sure will put it — as bandyugan in especially large sizes. For us it was called common monetary transaction. Now, if such an operation conducted managing any municipal or private enterprise, he would have uttered, what are you doing? Earned money, instead of investing in the renewal of production, you take and give away someone else's uncle by 2% in the adjacent bank itself take at 6%, you give us, so we updated the shop as 15-20. You utter that, asshole? But we have something so it was almost 10 years.

I am 100 times insisted that this minister sent in his resignation. but it would be even better for the country if I immediately sent into retirement Fursenko — does the same, even worse — in the education system. A very similar situation in the Ministry of Defence. The Ministry of Defence has received 2 years 2 trillion rubles for the security of the country. 400 billion, according to the prosecutor's office, has gone missing, can not find. Asked to explain to us what was happening. And just travel the world, buy a rifle in the UK, "Mistral" try to buy in France, armored personnel carriers — in Italy, the drones — in Israel. We all do it cheaper and better. In other words, investing in other people's jobs, but for themselves do not help. Because it seems to me that, in general, this team is unprofessional and it has long been necessary to expel a different country altogether will decline. Well, that's the first step made — we will welcome it.

The second wave of the crisis is rising

Q: Are you here in connection with Kudrin uttered a "safety cushion" that he collected. And that is, in a meeting with the President, when it was declared a presidential race, you read as much about the future a lot of the second wave of the crisis, which, which, as you see, Our homeland is not ready. What do you think of when it comes to us?

Gennady Zyuganov: It really is rolling, this wave. Here's direct attention: a barrel of oil at the moment on the English exchange costs 80 bucks, and on the New York — more than 100. What does this mean? This means that the product will be even cheaper. Means they start to squeeze the market and competitors of their own, seemingly friendly to them in Europe. And if you look at the whole, the financial patch, which tried to pull on the crisis and the Americans and the Europeans did not work. In America, the very highest unemployment, every second, they say, became poor, the middle class collapses, falling apart, the situation there, we can say APB.

In Europe, where not so long ago seemed to have succeeded, there can not patch a financial hole in Greece another 100 billion with excessive need for Portugal. But France and Germany do not want to pay more. So here, too difficult.

In China, the inflation rate of about 6%. Also need to think, what to do, even though the economy has evolved and continues to evolve quite stable.

We reserve fund decreased by 5 times. If you take the real sector — is hardly developed. If tomorrow the price of a barrel of oil falls below 60 dollars, we will start to collapse and sag virtually everything. But it's not normal. And we are not only not ready for it, we do not think it does not just come out of the hole, and what to do in order to tomorrow, all this could not happen again.

This requires a different budget. This requires more of its filling, another of his rassredotachivanie. First, we can dramatically increase the budget. But you need to nationalize mineral resources. This is the main point of our election applets. You must enter a progressive scale of taxation. This will provide additional huge profits. You must enter a state monopoly on the distillery industry. This will be further large amounts of live agents. Very basically to support the main base of industries. And to invest in land, machinery, missiles, aircraft, vehicles that tomorrow will be able to give you their revenues and profits.

But this requires a brand-new industrialization, the brand new financial and economic policy. And this is impossible without the government of national trust and update the course. That is fundamentally a line that we carry in our own program there, and not so long ago approved by our Congress.

The most painful problems of the Russian Federation

Q: And, on this basis, maybe even somehow Fri list as you consider what the most urgent, the most painful issues are at the moment in front of Russia?

Gennady Zyuganov: Well, the first and main issue — the country's security at zero. Delivered a total of 8 aircraft from its own 10 plants. The same number had fallen from the sky, but with passengers. And if you take helicopters and fighter jets, missiles exploded, there will be twice as much. Since December 5 rocket systems destroyed. What does this mean? This means the loss of 30 billion r
ubles. If these funds are invested in instrumentation, electronics, machine tools, machinery, we would have beautiful products, and immediately we could have jobs, taxes and much more. Because only in principle, starting from security, to take critical measures to support the real production.

And once your loaf of agriculture. Let's say every second product now comes from abroad. We eat not of the Krasnodar tomatoes and Turkish, Greek eat pears, go to the Chinese shorts and drive on the German-Japanese cars. What we — have forgotten how to do this? No. Necessary funds to invest here, and then get the goods, and wages, and taxes, and safety. We have brought a series of programs that will change the situation. Example program to support small and medium-sized businesses, and others. In Novosibirsk, the Academy has prepared a proposal for the development of Russian science and high technology — one more motivated programm. Presented the program from helping an old man. We have some older people more than 35 million.

Q: The country is aging practice.

Gennady Zyuganov: Do not just getting older. The country then was trapped — in the demographic trap. In a country of 143 million inhabitants, and 2 million kids do not go to school. Just for that Fursenko should be expelled. Approximately 6 million drug addicts. A bit more of the unemployed. Nearly 13 million people with disabilities and 35 million older people redundant. 25 million in the actual production run. Need qualified people? — Are needed. But left the country during this period of time a million 250 thousand people of higher qualification. There remained 27 thousand professors. 17 thousand of our professors are working in America. In Seattle, where do Boeing'i, for you do not need to know the British language — there goes half the professionals in Russian. And they were finishing MAI, Kharkov Aviation, Kuibyshev, etc.. Brilliant spices. Bill Gates does not need to read in English. There, in the middle of the best 100 50 Russian mathematicians. They were not prepared for them not to pay, got gotovenkaya.

Very important also is the question: if rassredotachivanii financial resources necessary to take into account the proportion of the fund or other basic industries. They add up over the years depending on the country. But they have a global order. For example, science has developed so successfully, you need to allocate about 4% of the budget, we have a factor of 2 smaller. So perfectly developed health care, to 7% — at least — from the budget. We have not so far away. That land has given birth to you, and the wood was well-groomed, guarded and not burned, in order to water were spotless, need 10-15% of the budget spent on these purposes. Sovereign Kudrin singled out 10 years at 1%, even after the feral fires.

That's when it all together sum up, this is our real certain proposals before the election. They are clear, accessible. And I hope people will hear us.

And the next. With this level of corruption and gangsterism no law you will not work. You are no help without a bribe does not get it. Because very fundamentally strengthen work in this direction. And we have prepared a real aaplet We represent it in the coming days are. Oh, and another. Realize that whatever you offer, if you do not have prof, competent people, you do not deal with these puzzles. Complex control tasks can be solved only able pupils and students.

What is fundamentally new in our program there

Q: So you actually have already listed the main points of your programs from the party, right? And that, in connection with what could be burning for today's time that a fundamentally new in your program there with which you are going to the polls?

Gennady Zyuganov: No one is suggesting the nationalization of mineral resources. Dread. Some they say, the war would be plain clothes. I say, stop talking. All security oligarchs will vote for the proposal. Why? Well, let's say, was Gusinsky. Expelled him. Well, the war began? No. Berezovsky in London every night conjugates of the country, so what? There is no war. Khodorkovsky planted, that the war started? There is none. Realize, war, sluggish plainclothes war creeps across the country. Because fundamentally the latest position on the nationalization of the danger does not.

We offer specific: to hold in the basics of a national referendum. This is the case of nationalization — time to establish a state monopoly on the distillery industry — two, guarantees free education right up to the top — three, the cost of housing services for every citizen at least 10 percent of household income — four. Oh, and a number of other issues.

This is not just a new proposal is a package of proposals that will allow the country to take out.

Why do we have authority proved so corrupt? Since cleared of all elements of control. What was first Yeltsin's decree, now ask, no one will remember. The first decree, he dispersed the people's control. That did not keep under control. So that could be implemented for next to nothing all over the country.

Because we have proposed measures to strengthen the control of power. The power should be controlled no matter what. If Obama's wife conspired to re-stick wallpaper in Snow White's own home, you know what she'll do? She had to write an application that you need to carry out repairs. 2 make out an application committee and utter: such and such price, finance. Perceive the funding decision. Later will come, hung, for every dollar will report.

Q: Will check again.

Gennady Zyuganov: Will check. These pieces of paper glued. This is the president's wife. And then 4 people NIGHT MODE, allegedly so that money to overcome the crisis, gathered got your funds which have been received from the sale of your oil, gas, diamonds, aluminum, gold, got your money out of a nest egg and hooted 200 billion dollars to banks 4, allegedly saving bank system. Later, have a look — means almost all sailed out of the country, they have divided, carried off, did not get any field or factory or school. What is 200000000000.? This is 10 million jobs, wages and 20 million for 3 years in advance. You could invest in the establishment. Then there would not have fallen aircraft, not drowned ships. Then you would have a different technique, a different service, the other order. Now, if at this time last uhnut more then 40% of the people as in the past will live in the dwelling of the Khrushchev era. At the moment, willing to blame everything on their shoulders. After all, prices, then grow at all.

What's all the same thing that we offered? New Deal, a real newcomer program that brand new team and a strong democratic method of overcoming the crisis: the referendum and the elections in good faith under the control of all parties.

What are the issues we put first in the latest Duma

B: Well, that's about the election. Experts they say that there can be a unique situation in the Russian parliamentarianism, and the Duma of the 6th convocation will be held only 3 games. It may be that, and your party, apparently, must get into the Duma, which questions, first, you will be put in the State Duma of the 6th convocation?

Gennady Zyuganov: They have already been delivered. Legislative package ready. Need a new budget, you need to fill it, you need to rassredotachivanie other income and expenses, you need to determine the value of municipal government. All bills are ready, all decorated. Already most of the included. Introduced by the Law on Education for All, introduced the law on guarantees of the first jobs, introduced a law on nationalization of mineral resources, introduced the law on the obligation of political debate and participation in their favorite games, and so on.

We have prepared a package of laws on compensation of lost deposits. 6 laws, they have long been
ready, "United Our homeland" they canceled, you can return again and see. This can be done almost instantly, you're done.

On the other hand, it is fundamentally strengthen the control over all the authorities.

I think we need guarantees of opposition activity. Now some in power, the other tomorrow, and so did not think that once again begin to strip and torture people, we have prepared a draft law on guarantees of opposition activity. It lies in the Duma, it can rapidly discern. Very strong bill on anti-corruption and gangsterism. And, in my opinion, morally and politically just fundamentally cancel Law 122, the most strshny and terrible. I never imagined that one law rob victims of Chernobyl, will be denied benefits to northerners, the Far East, Siberians, the military will make poor elderly people, which he has never ever been. And cancel the 83rd law that can sell on January 1, childcare facilities, schools, hospitals, sports facilities. This is a law that eliminates the entire social base, reclaimed and detuned state for 1,000 years.

People will come to the polls in order to defend their interests

Q: How do you think, what will be the turnout for the election? And what do you do to make people come and vote?

Gennady Zyuganov: At this time many will go and always will. Choosing what now? If, then, we will move this course, the collapse is inevitable. Well, here we tryahanulo crisis. What did he show you? Twenty of the leading states we are the last. What is he justified? We are in the middle of the oil-producing states — too late. What he confirmed? 20 million have become beggars. And vampires, so called oligarchs, almost doubled their money. Billionaires has increased more, and will soon overtake America. Who needs this? Do not be. Fair? And close does not smell. How is this going to end? This will end in North Africa, Egypt, Iraq, multiplied by the Afgan. And in a country besides some nuclear weapons is more than 20 thousand, not to mention a particularly unsafe jobs. So let's create to solve the problem of the world, good and we are ready for it.

Well, in the 1-x, we have more than 100 years. And we have a lot of experience. Yesterday I read Mironov, here, 5 years old, 5 years old — and on all claims. He is also a first class would not go if the look from the standpoint of political necessity. So do not.

On the other hand, can not sit back. Supplies of strength left. And if in the next few years, the situation does not fix that, do not pout, you did not know and never heard of. You all see and hear. Nature itself cries out.

Standards of our party hundredths, thousands of years

Q: Zyuganov, you said about the 100 years of the party. But, basically, today, the modern Communist Party, which global target? That is, when Russian Union was the building of communism. And, imagine your party or you as the President, come to power, that's what goals you will produce?

Gennady Zyuganov: Since the time of Jesus Christ, and perhaps even earlier, fighting two ideas: good and evil, justice and violence. Not so long ago Yaroslavl forum. I listened very closely Brzezinski's speech. I wrote a work entitled "Globalization and the fate of mankind." It is available in all major world languages. There I argued with Brzezinski, his "chess board" when all Americans can crush and all subordinate, and Huntington, who raised the issue of the war of civilizations. My point of view — that planetka exhausted the opportunity for a huge war. She's already whining and moaning from the violence which takes place on it. Typhoons, fires, earthquakes, floods are threatening the public report to the earth, that he — not the ruler of nature, and a part of nature. So now, Brzezinski, speaking, suddenly announced that turns out to be no one alone can not cope. It turns out that the globalization of the American way will not help. Second — that there is no military solution to problems, only democratic methods, high-quality education and all. And the third — the need to lay down and join voedinyzhdy efforts in order to save the planetoid.

So here, in my opinion, you can not save the planetoid, if will continue to dominate the speculative capitalism, which has the eye instead of bucks and bricks instead of the heart. Unreal. Because I have always served the idea of humanity, justice, but they are not possible without great knowledge, high-quality education and training is very focused. An educated man with no education — is, generally speaking, the savage with a huge blade. Here you can expect anything.

As for my party, she took a base for the friendship of peoples, justice, respect for the working man and the world. In this world, in my opinion, is nothing more pleasant and nice there. It is no coincidence these standards weave, thousands of years.

Communist Party in general is different from the Communist Party, the Communist Party was not just a party, it was the political system of municipal governance. At the moment, before we open up new horizons, and all planetka turns purple and going left, she realized she was going to continue on the path of so-called South American consensus when all the action on the sale, when privatization, bankruptcy, seizure of all, when one rich, the second impoverished — this will be a new crisis. Would you like a good funny story to tell your applets?

B: Of course.

Gennady Zyuganov: Obama read "Capital" of Karl Marx. And gasped. It turns out that all that is understandable due to the crisis, described 150 years brilliantly in every detail. And gasped. He decided to consult. Invites Marx says: "Look, just ecstatic of your" Capital. "How could you predict everything that is happening here? Would you talk to, what to do?" He says: "What, what to do? Crisis-that the world should all read: presidents, governors, senators, deputies — all on the other they do not usvoyut." He said: "Well, okay, says tomorrow will publish a circulation of 100 million, all of them read. So what to do?" He says: "What, what to do in Moscow on the main square stands a monument to me, my works, achievements, and you do not even streets." He says: "Rename. Directly what to do?" He says: "And if you directly, it does not matter to me. Come, Comrade Stalin."

Without the experience of Russian Union without unique reforms of Deng Xiaoping in China, without the "swing to the Left" of the entire policy in the world to get out of this whirlpool is unrealistic. Here are the main goals of this is the party that I lead.

Our task — to get people's patriotic majority in the Duma elections

Q: "One Our homeland" has practically put forward candidates for the President …

Gennady Zyuganov: Do not they have put forward. Even by today's Constitution, the sovereign power is the key people. And if you're the Democrats, say that there will be elections. If you are really aware of what the election, give consent to the debate. If you agree to a debate, let's define their order.

If you are really for the fact that people define power, let us together will control the elections and count the votes so that no one had any doubt, because at least some suspicion of illegitimate power, and this suspicion has the absolute majority of the people, more than half their lust not go to the polls. It is fraught with the most languid shock. Because today, and Medvedev and Putin are very keen that the elections are fair, that normally vote counted, that the power was in the country legally. And I think the last statement Medvedev almost everything on it is oriented. We'll see, will it be enough to embody.

Q: And all the same in the Communist Party which plans for the nomination of a candidate for president in the spring of '12?

Gennady Z
yuganov: We elections, I read to you, read as a whole: the local, the Duma, the presidential. Our task at the moment — to get people's patriotic majority in the Duma elections. Then define. We will offer the government of national trust, cooperate with others. Everyone who knows how to be honest and decent work, if not fear for his seat. As for a certain figure of the candidate, will decide after December 4.

Q: One last question, if we sum the result, though what do you expect from this new political season, and that should be the result of it?

Gennady Zyuganov: New Deal, the new government of center-left, very prof, like Primakov's cabinet-Maslyukova. The increased attention to those who are ill: children, ladies, old people, poor people, people with disabilities — attention. And a very tight control on the part of people of all structures, first executive. If you do not, no riot, no police will not help. Therefore, one should carry out this policy is smart and very well determined.

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