Zyuganov: NATO military base in Ulyanovsk — a gift from America in recognition of Putins presidential election

Zyuganov: NATO military base in Ulyanovsk - a gift from America in recognition of Putin's presidential election

Now on his own Twitter page favorite Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov has criticized the results of the presidential election. Namely, Zyuganov wrote that NATO base Ulyanovsk is a gift from Putin's United States of America for the fact that they recognized the elections. Right Zyuganov asks the question, is not that why Hillary Clinton congratulated the prime minister?

At present, negotiations are underway between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and NATO representatives concerning the creation on the basis of airport "Ulyanovsk-East» Fri logistics, which will be implemented through the transfer of cargo alliance with the terrain of Afghanistan to Western Europe. With all of this, and the Foreign Ministry, and the Ministry of Defence strongly emphasize that this is not a military NATO base, but only a staging logistics item.

Representatives NATO Russia promised compensation for the real work transshipment Fri Last Tuesday, Sergei Ryabkov, who is deputy minister of foreign affairs, confirmed that in Ulyanovsk will not be generated military base.
Expressions Zyuganov called taunts from members of the party "United Russia". Thus, commenting Zyuganov record in Twitter, Andrei Isayev, coordinator of the social-conservative club party "United Russia", said that the leaders of the Communist Party thrown from one extreme to the other: that they meet with McFaul and Biden, the "use of rhetoric in the best traditions of "Cold War." According to the views Isayev, Zyuganov offended by the fact that "flirtation with the West nor to no avail," and today it is the only one who did not recognize the victory of Putin, whom gave their votes for 63% of the voters. United Russia also believes that "clever scheme", which builds a favorite of the Communist Party, they say "about his lack of confidence in their own political future." Deputy DG Klintsevich Franz, who is deputy chairman of the defense committee, said that the idea of the creation of a transit Fri Zyuganov is distorted so that there were speculations about the formation of a military base in Russia NATO, that is completely not true.

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