Zyuganov: South American ambassador shot, as the last dog

Zyuganov: U.S. ambassador shot, as the last dogAs it became clear "Y", the U.S. government is not going to leave without consequences insult Gennady Zyuganov was killed in Libya, the South American Ambassador Christopher Stevens. In his own Twitter favorite Russian Communists wrote that the diplomat "as the last shot the dog," and he "got what he has sown." According to "Kommersant", the expression Gennady Zyuganov already seen in the U.S. administration and the State Department, and after the November presidential election favorite, the Communist Party should wait for the "most fierce reaction." Regardless of who is on their win.

In Twitter Gennady Zyuganov was written almost followed: "South American ambassador to Libya last shot as a dog. This was the main expert on Libya's" revolution. "He got what he sows." The office of the sovereign Zyuganov "b" was told that his Twitter is press officer Denis Parfenov. Sovereign Parfenov explained that technology is responsible for the part, and all the posts dictates personally Gennady Zyuganov. "We are word-for-word pass that says Gennady Zyuganov, are not keen amateur", — assured Denis Parfenov.

Washington interlocutors "b" did not conceal his own indignation that the head of the second largest faction of the State Duma mocks the memory of the deceased diplomat. Sharpness Gennady Zyuganov even more so amazing that he maintained close contact with the U.S. Embassy in Moscow communicated with the ambassadors, was often at parties.

Dispatches from U.S. diplomats released by the website WikiLeaks, that State Department officials met frequently with members of the control of the Communist Party. In one of the cables said, and the conversation with Ambassador William Burns, Gennady Zyuganov, in December 2007. Favorite of the Communist Party, as it should from the document at that meeting mercilessly criticized the "United Russia" and Vladimir Putin.

Source "b" at the State Department confirmed that Gennady Zyuganov at the moment "often meets with members of the U.S. diplomatic mission to discuss the current political process." Asked about the likely response of Washington's ambassador to the insult Officer Stevens Foreign Ministry responded evasively: "There are a number of responses that can demonstrate our attitude to similar claims."

Source: "b", which is close to the U.S. administration, was more specific. He is convinced that after the declaration of the "last dog" favorite of the Communist Party did not get to keep the things you did with the South American Embassy. In general, a boycott of the sovereign Zyuganov by the diplomatic mission or about some more "targeted sanctions" yet to be announced to the public. As of yesterday, no specific statement by the State Department on this issue was being prepared.

In the midst of an election campaign, the administration is not interested in the unwinding of another international scandal that has cast a shadow on the foreign policies of Barack Obama and would call into question his declared reset relations with Moscow. Delayed reaction to the elections, but we are convinced sides "b", it is bound to follow. In this case, no matter who is president — Barack Obama or his Republican rival Mitt Romney.

If the elections will overcome Mitt Romney, even more aggressively tuned towards Russia, experts do not rule out that Gennady Zyuganov be subjected to "revealing sanctions." In his example, the politicians of other states will be demonstrated — they will not be able to continue with impunity to insult the United States and their representatives.

What's all the same for the deceased South American ambassador to Libya, the entry in the Twitter Gennady Zyuganov was wrong not only in form, and it really is. Christopher Stevens did not shoot anybody. As is clear from the results of the investigation and the stories of witnesses, the ambassador did not get a single bullet — he was poisoned by carbon monoxide. In this case, the Libyans that reached the U.S. Consulate General building in Benghazi after leaving the militants have found Christopher Stevens still alive — he died in a clinic.

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