30-year-old child


In Brazil, recorded an unusual case: a 30-year-old woman still body-year-old child. Maria Audete do Naskimentu was born May 7, 1981, but it looks like year-old child.

Her whole family is made up of a father and his second wife, which she took care of Marie. Her own mother died 13 years ago. The family can not afford to go to a doctor, even though it is very necessary for Mary. After all, a woman can not serve yourself, talk and live at least as a child Sadowski age, not a baby.

Experts from the Medical Faculty of the University of Ceara believe that Mary is suffering from a disease associated with hormonal disorders of the thyroid gland — hypothyroidism. As a result of hypothyroidism, her body has not been able to develop physically and mentally. They also said that if the disease is found at an early stage, Maria may have grown up as a normal child.

The University has agreed to provide free treatment to Maria, to enable her to be a little more independent — to walk, eat and say a few words.




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