34-year-old British woman woke up 15-year-old girl


Naomi Jacobs, who is now 34 years old, woke up in the belief that she is 15 years old and will soon have to take final exams in school, and British Prime Minister John Major is.

According to doctors, the woman survived a rare form of amnesia. Going up to the mirror, "rejuvenated" the Briton recoiled in horror: it looked strange woman with wrinkles. At this point in the next room came the 11-year-old boy and called her "mother", writes portal "66.ru".

The woman broke down and sobbed, wanting one thing — to return "to his mom." According to the experts, transient global amnesia is the result of severe stress. It took eight weeks to Naomi Jacobs went back to memory. Friends and relatives helped her recollection of events "lost" 19 years, taught again using a cell phone, internet and email.

The woman survived the real horror, because she thought she was a 15-year-old girl who dreams of half a planet to conquer, and which has a great future. Instead, she was 34-year-old single woman raising a son and a ride on the old Fiat Brava. Transient amnesia experiencing every five of the 100,000 Britons, says RBC. It is most commonly affects people between the ages of 56-75 years. The possible etiologic factors doctors also called vascular disorders and migraine.

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