A Chinese man in 30 years drank ten tons of vodka


A resident of central China every day to drink a half liter of vodka. Alcohol 65-year-old man mutters small sips, enjoying the process, and such a passion for 30 years has not affected his health. Lover of vodka — a native of County Tsyusyan central Chinese province of Hebei Ma Zhiping.

From the daily one and a half liters of 40% alcohol Ma does not get drunk. Besides, according to doctors, his health is still regarded as normal. Ma himself felt that for 30 years he had drunk more than ten tons of vodka.

Drinks man without any have a starter in small sips, savoring the taste of alcohol. Medical examination also confirmed that such common diseases in the elderly, such as hypertension and hyperglycemia, it has not. It should be noted that alcohol, infused in various organs, or even the whole animal, — one of the most common medical resources in China.

In the traditional medicine of the region listed myriad infusions of different animals that contribute to the treatment of various diseases. Residents of the Middle Kingdom insist on alcohol and tiger bones and bear paws, and turtles. But the most common and most useful means all products, including drinks made on the basis of poisonous snakes. They treat rheumatism and certain skin diseases, and the people say that the infusion snake bile increase virility.

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