A female artist wants to replace the lost eye multifunction webcams.


In 2005, the American Tanya Vlach (Tanya Vlach) in a terrible car accident lost his left eye. Because she was a fairly well-known artist, loss of eyes could be for her career and she was very worried about this.

But, having overcome bouts of depression, Tanya realized that maybe this is for her unique chance to create something truly unique, for example instead of making prosthetic eye web cam.
In terms of fiction, this idea was jammed into holes. Back in 1970 in the TV movie Six Million Dollar Man image was used biorobot-eyed cameras. Or just as a more recent example — Terminator robot.

But in real life with a man such things as yet no one did. In addition to the camera Tanya wants to have its own camera app, and it was possible to control the camera from external sources. Also, the camera must be responsive to the sensors flicker and allow focus photos, resize them, so that the camera could be turned on and off at will, so that was the face detection function, the environment, sensitivity to light.

All this of course stuffing will not be cheap, but Tanya is not discouraged. She already has 15 thousand dollars collected from sponsors interested in her project, and she continues to advertise it.


Tanya Vlach already have an idea of writing a graphic novel, filming documentaries, creation of web-projects and all this with a prosthetic eye. This technology opens up a vast world of possibilities when disability can be beneficial.

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