Abnormal natural phenomenon in the JAR: stream flows uphill

Unique video filmed in paragraph Khingansky "National Correspondent" RIA EAOmedia from Birobidzhan (VIDEO)

Birobidzhan, September 3, EAOmedia. Abnormal natural phenomenon in the area Obluchensky EAO: stream flows uphill. Unique video filmed in paragraph Khingansky "National Correspondent" RIA EAOmedia from Birobidzhan Constantine Skorodumov, reports Trend. RIA EAOmedia.

Road Obluchye — Khingansky surprised locals. In some areas of the track are unexplained phenomena.

To ride on the road you need to forget about logic. The driver of the vehicle during ascent begins to press on the brake and not the gas because the car picks up speed. No one can explain this anomaly.

Even more astounding is the fact that the stream flowing along the road, does not flow down, and up, in the "top."

Experiments, which is the local residents, the imagination. The ball is mounted on the rise, slowly but surely begins to climb.


In the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in northwest China, there is an abnormal hill, the slope of which the water does not flow down and up.

Hill country was discovered in 2003 by two tourists in the mountain range, located 10 km from the district town Bantszegou Jitao. Events that happened to them next, the paranormal. So, stopping the car in which they were traveling, at the bottom of a hill located on the V-shaped cavity and removing it from the brakes, the tourists were surprised to find that the car he was moving up the western slope with increasing speed, which at the time of reaching the top of the slope reached 30 km / h

Water spilled on the hill safely fly upward.

Some experts try to explain these anomalies geological features of the area. However, these facts are confirmed by testing performed by Lanzhou University Professor Fan Xiaoming at the end of the last century. So, on the local area 60 m all round objects, cars with engines shut down spontaneously move up further — and the water flows up the slope with an inclination of 15 degrees.

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