Abstract for salabona

Instructions for salabona

How to survive in the army? Hall Raziel bleach, and later horror. "Run up, bitches! — First shouted the Commissar. — In the construction battalion rot, your mother! "Later pushed his cap back on his head and saw philosophically:" If the head right, young man come out of the skin, but would not fly in a construction battalion "… It took 17 years, and as if nothing had changed. As before, it is better not to fly into a construction battalion. And to come back from the army valiantly with a tooth knocked out, not with a broken kidneys, must continue to be a strong kid, to be able to endure the pain, no one believe a word and do not be afraid of blood — either their own or someone else's. We verified this by talking heart to heart with today's "grandfathers."

How to recognize a "grandfather"?

— Hook on the collar unbuttoned shirt.

— Forage cap (cap, hat) famously pushed to the back of the head.

— The hair is longer than the statutory rate.

— Plaque curved belt and the belt hanging from the waist down.

When you should not "appear"?

Recruits do some types of work, calculated on the idea, the whole crew. For example, wash the floor of the barracks. This is normal: put a brand new stick, but the last few months the service will not be overshadowed by the preliminary work. Another "grandfathers" can "legally" in order to round up the dining room for bread and sugar, peel the potatoes, clean up the snow.

Dictionary salabona

Smell — a fighter who has not taken the oath.

Spirit salabon — a fighter who took the oath.

The skull, scoop — a soldier, which served over half a year.

Grandfather — a soldier who left before the end of the service less than six months.

Demobilization — "grandfather" who retire in the coming months.

The Jackal — a soldier with the rank of lieutenant or above (from the command structure).

Dyhanka — the period until the fighter is considered the "spirit."

But this is a mess

If the "grandfather" ask "spirit" to the cigarette, the one on the views of a demobilization must provide it within 2-minutes. If it does not, "Grandfather" will give even two minutes, but it will be necessary to bring the past four cigarettes. When the "grandfather" bored to expect, he can let go of the "spirit", and send it to take NIGHT MODE cigarettes beyond the military unit. If the "spirit" to catch, all the "grandfathers" will be sent to the brig. After their return of the "spirits" will be on a very "fun."

If the "grandfather" in the middle of the night will go to the room to the "spirits" and drawl say: "Ay-oo-hee-and-and-and!", Those should be answered: "M-s-s-s …" If same "grandfather" did not wait for an answer (all went to sleep) a night at the "spirits" will be sleepless.

If the "grandfather" would go into the room to the "spirits" and give the command: "Dry the crocodiles!" All "spirits" have to climb up on the bed so that his hands were on some rails and legs on the other (something like a bridge). It can take up to 10 minutes.

Instructions for salabona

The Spirit — a person with a weak "I"

What can counter the young soldier army orders? That's what this says about managing the Department of Medical Psychology Research Center of RAMS psychological health Sergei Yenikolopov:

— I'm afraid the laws of the young man has nothing to oppose. They must resist the officers. But if you ask the officers how to influence neposlushlivyh who do not meet the statutory relations fighter, the answer is the same: to peel. Officer himself, of course, will not peel, this is done by encouraging bullying. It's like the area where the camp authorities begins to turn a blind eye to the fact that the structure holding the "authorities." Some of these criteria to become rigid, while others — not. Now that's depends on the personal characteristics, education, awareness of what human dignity. If a person is not allowed to humiliate him, he does not do this, and in a relationship with co-workers.

Instructions for salabona

Tips muster

"Father," I immediately vyznat. According relaxed hanging strap and for the negligence with which he demonstrated the sergeant standing next to the scrap where to chisel a hole. Exactly — was demobilized. My name is Max. Up to order him to stay a month. Max believes that his call Dembele can live: "For the baba in the" self-propelled "no one was expelled, and the means for high stakes did not put. So, on the little thing … "A trifle, as it turned out — two thousand rubles. Straining, Max spotted a few rules that posodeystvuyut in the army.

Wash, shave and a haircut must constantly. The muzzle should be nezapyatannoy, undercollar freshest, boots — polished. If a rod is for you, and you can even military criteria keep clean, it is respect. Zapyataev Chmyr with triple force.

Throw away all of education. The manifestation of civility and intelligence of the army — a sign of helplessness. Suave intellectuals hate with particular force, and beating them with a double fury. Enjoy a special dislike Muscovites.

Always fight me as if you want to destroy, use any of the materials at hand, let's say, a stool. Never demonstrate that anyone afraid. You see the inevitability of a fight — Lupi first without thinking, will be harder to respect and fear. You will not do that — I think you yourself around povinet.

"Good," "grandfathers" and senior Fear: kindness in the Army only simulated and is always preceded by a podlyanka. Be alert.

Never Lupi feeble. Peel Chmyr — the last thing, only to disgrace before others and do not respect yourself.

Try stronger hold on to trusted friends and all misfortunes confront together vpryagsya into any problems mates.

If there is something you eat, the food is always gone with loved ones. Never Eat a secret. Catch — can be hung up, this is the height chmoshnichestva.

Less communicate with the officers: they spit on you. Under no circumstances should not be frank with them, even more so — to mourn, because in the eyes of his comrades forever you get into snitches.

Do not steal in the barracks. Took without asking soap — I think stolen. For krysyatnichestvo punished mercilessly.

Examine the specific duties and know them by heart, it is better at least some of his grandfather and an officer. This dramatically reduces the number of circumstances in which you can dig up. First, it concerns the statutes.

Beware of direction in the non-
commissioned Lads Camp. Sergeants prescribed to people who have served more than a year and enjoying the undisputed authority.

Do not try to impress colleagues. Show themselves multifaceted personality can be in the second year, and before you try to be no worse than the others.

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