Adam and Eve — the fruit of genetic engineering?

One of the greatest mysteries of mankind — this question of where, in fact, come from humanity itself. Religion and science are arguing about this for a long time, but maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle …

Why would a man virginity?

The Bible says that God created the earth, animals and people — from the dust of the image of God. Darwin's theory, which we passed through a school as absolute truth, says that man evolved from apes. But during the life of Darwin, his theory was subjected to strong criticism, and since its introduction, it is just a theory, but not the ultimate truth.

Too much in Darwin's theory obscure places, why a person with the same set of biological characteristics that monkeys — feeding babies with milk, the similarity of the internal organs and the like — in this case has the higher mind and the ability to talk? Why only person there hymen, and while in the animal kingdom females there anything like this? And most importantly — in Darwin's theory is not an intermediate between Homo erectus — upright man and Homo sapiens — Homo sapiens.

Biblical version in this is not quite fit into the research. Man is created in the image and likeness of God — but why is there still so much to do with the same monkeys?
All these questions and mysteries still have not found a clear answer and cause a lot of guesswork and versions.


Interestingly, as in the USSR, where the theory of Darwin as immutable as Marxism, there it subverters — though still within science fiction. Popular science fiction writer Alexander Kazantsev in his novel "Faetians" put forward an interesting version of the appearance of man on earth, while using scientific facts.

For many years astronomers is haunted by the riddle of the planet Phaeton, from which only fragments remain. Scientists argue that destroy the planet could only nuclear war. And Kazantsev in his novel and put together the mystery of the Phaeton, and the mystery of human origins. In his version, the Phaeton there intelligent civilizations that developed to the production of nuclear weapons and space travel. Shortly before the deadly 'baggage' Faetians destroyed their planet, a few people have time to take off in a spaceship to Earth. They founded a small settlement, and have started to equip life.

Interestingly, one of the heroes of this book, a distinguished scholar, came to the conclusion that Faetians not survive, raise their children and maintain their form in the future, if there is no influx of "new blood". So he decided to go to the tribe of monkeys, where he became a leader and got offspring. Gradually, these monkeys and wild, lost memories of the homeland Faetians mingled in one reasonable tribe, which, though lost the original knowledge, but was able to think, communicate and develop. I must admit that it was quite a brave and interesting for the Soviet-era version …

Adama clone

Meanwhile, researchers are always inquisitive minds occupied with the question: why in every religion (Christianity, Islam, or even in the pagan beliefs of a bygone tribes) have something in common — a supreme being or a few creatures that live in the sky. He or they created people by giving them a basic understanding of how to live — and domestic, and moral.

Until recently, no one came to my mind that people actually can be created, but now that genetic engineering has become quite commonplace on religious subjects looked at in a new way, and that, if a person really was created by some powerful beings from another planet ?

And, interestingly, modern science has come very close to the proof of this. According to the most recent data, the human genome consists of 30-35 thousand genes. In this case, the genes for 9S% coincide with the genes of chimpanzees.
In addition, there are genes that are native people not only to mammals, but also with invertebrates and even plants, which still shows a certain validity of Darwin's theory of evolution and the relationship of different biological forms.

The most unexpected result of the research — the modern man there is 223 genes, of which there is no one living thing on this planet. And these genes distinguish man from monkeys — they are responsible for intelligence, language, etc.

"Superfluous" genes

Scientists from the U.S. Zecharia Sitchin based on the data published an article entitled "The Case of Adam's alien genes", which says that man was created by genetic engineering.
According to Sitchin, once came to Earth by aliens from the planet Nibiru — an indication of her there in the ancient Sumerian sources, Nibiru appears near the sun once in four thousand years old, and about 300 thousand years ago nibiriytsev ship landed on Earth, on the African continent.

Sitchin suggests that the inhabitants of this planet are characterized by high technology, and came to Earth in search of minerals. Aliens were too few, and they needed a live labor. And then they caught the monkey, which with the help of genetic engineering have added some "extra" genes, then she has a reason. How the first man — Adam and then Eve was created — as a clone of Adam, but with a different set of chromosomes.
It is interesting that, according to the Bible, these people lived for several hundred years.
By the way, hymen, most likely, was "created" by Eve without reason: aliens suspected, what could be the nature of man, created from a wild beast, and having its features — pairing indiscriminately and lack of responsibility for posterity. And the aliens are probably still wanted. Existed on Earth to human, not an animal society. And the "set" virginity as some restriction on sex, and convince people that the woman must belong to one man.

Creators have left their child in these and other vital rights, and humanity began its long journey ahead, guided by the precepts of our forefathers ..

Bible about aliens

Aliens with continued their research work and contacted home planet. Sitchin claims that existed in Mesopotamia space airport — with a field for planting in Sippar and control tower at Nippur. Interestingly, if you draw a straight line through these cities, it will be 45 degrees to the meridian passing through Ararat, which could serve as a guide for planting.

The aliens have continued their work, people fruitful and multiply, and probably not entirely appropriate to the newcomers about the righteous life that many distressed "owners." However, in the Bible there is mention of the fact that the sons of God had relations with the daughters of the human, that upset God — probably among themselves aliens existed strife and conflict on this issue. And, most of all, the newcomers had a commander, flight director in charge of the team and its morality.

And then came the Flood — probably due to some astronomical reasons, caused by natural disasters. The aliens knew about it in advance and warned only righteous Noah (do not forget to make a suggestion that the flood — the penalty for sin, that Noah's tribe began to build a life on principles of righteousness), who escaped on his ark.

However, the aliens themselves, too, survived, rebuilt their spaceports and continued to build new — for example, in Egypt. But one is still left Earth — for one reason or another, leaving a creature of his hands — a reasonable person, who must constantly struggle with his animal nature …
But all this is not an answer to the greatest mystery of the universe. Even if people have created the aliens — who created the aliens themselves, where do appear to mind the cold depths of space? ..


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