Agartha — the mystical capital of the world

Everybody has heard about the mysterious Hyperborea, Shambala and powerful perished three ocean depths of Atlantis. But few know about another mystical center of the earth, the "spiritual" capital of the world, underground country called Agartha.

The word "Agartha" or in other words — "agarthi" is translated from Sanskrit as "invulnerable, inaccessible." The collection of ancient texts — sacred Tibetan sages "Jiang Book" says that in the world there are two sources of power: "The source of his left hand," is responsible for material power, its center is located in an elevated land of Shambhala, a country of violence and cruelty, which is ruled by King Fear . Who will find Shambhala and an alliance with the king of fear, he will be master of the world. It is for this reason that almost all the conquerors and tyrants purposefully sought Shambhala.

And here is the second center of even more powerful forces, somehow interested earthly rulers are much smaller. Rather, for the simple reason that the process described in the same "Book of Jiang" "Source the right hand", located in sheltered deep underground sanctuaries Agharti country — is the force generated by the contemplation, meditation, and it does not promise earthly goods, physical power or possession fantastic weapon. However, according to an ancient legend, from there, from Agartha, an unknown king of the world direct its absolutely all events.

One of the first to seriously interested in "the world capital of meditation" and wrote in detail about the myths Agharti was someone Ossendoesky Ferdinand Anthony, a Pole, better known under the pseudonym Anton Ossen-Dowa Martinovich. After graduating from the Sorbonne and Saint Petersburg State University, Ossendoesky engineer in Siberia and the Far East. After the revolution in 1905 was sent to prison. The October Revolution threw former engineer to Admiral Kolchak, who gave him the post of finance minister. Then for a time served as a descendant Ossendowski Teutons Baron Ungern, and then in 1922 moved to their home country — Poland.

Here in this short period of wandering in Central Asia Ossendowski and recorded the words of the local Buddhist priest legends of all-powerful underground Agartha country. Bolshinstao recent studies based on his memoirs.

What is a "spiritual center of the earth", "mystery of mysteries" of Central Asia?

More than sixty thousand years ago, one of, terrestrial Asian rulers led his tribe to the ground. Later another tribe, away from the hordes of Genghis Khan, to find the gates to the underworld, and disappeared for good. Legend has it that anyone tired of the madness of the "top" of life, if you seek, you will find and get into the underworld. There are no wars and crimes, and therefore is highly developed science and culture — embodied paradise.

No one knows exactly where the center of Agartha, but subordinate space underground stretch across the globe. Lama claimed that part of the population and Atlatuschy Hyperborea managed to hide in the underworld shortly before the death of their mighty nations. American Indians have been driven into the mountains of the "white devils," come down and become subjects of the ruler of Agartha.

Lama told that the palace of King of the World "is in the center ring of the palaces of the guru, commands all visible and invisible forces of the earth, in heaven and hell, life and death of a person, completely at their mercy. Even if humanity psyched unleash a war against the underground inhabitants , they can easily blow up the earth's crust, turning the planet into a desert. They are able to drain the sea to flood the land and erect the mountains of the desert sand. By order of the guru grow trees, grasses and shrubs, decrepit and sick people are young and PEPC, and dead rise from his deathbed.

Unknown to us in the underground inhabitants chariots rush through narrow crevices inside the planet. "

If a person is "profane" accidentally fall into Agartha, and on their return will talk about the wonders he had seen there, the lamas cut off his tongue — the "mystery of mysteries" Asia must remain inviolable. However, according to legend, some were allowed to go down in Agartha and bring back bits of knowledge. Among "insiders": Shoira-Eddin Mohammad Babur — the first great Mughal India Undurtegen — the first head of the Lamaist church in Mongolia and other "first."

Sometimes it happened that went down and came back, bringing with them the secrets of the underground world, whole tribes and nations. One of the legends says that "when Olets (tribe of the western Mongols) destroyed Lhasa (capital of Tibet), one of their units operating in the south-western mountainous region, penetrated to the outskirts of Agartha. Olets They grasped the basics of the secret knowledge, and brought them to the ground.'s why Olets and Kalmyks are skilled magicians and soothsayers. And from the eastern regions in Agartha penetrated tribe swarthy-faced people who were left there for many centuries. Eventually, however, they were banished from the kingdom, and the tribe had to return to the ground, where they brought the art tarot cards, herbs and hand lines. This tribe called gypsies … ".

Gates to Agartha are open to both sides — the king of the World occasionally rises to the surface. According to legend, the king Agharti five appearances among mortals. Five hundred years ago, the king of the world visit Erdeni Zuu — an ancient monastery, built on the ruins of Karakorum — Genghis Khan, the Mongolian capital, and in 1890 consecrated their existence monastery Narabanchi Kure, located in the eastern part of Mongolia.

The most mysterious of all the above legends that very few travelers ever crossed Central Asia, mentioned in the diaries of the mysterious country of Agartha. Although the records of many of them there are legends about the mysterious rulers of the earth visit monasteries and temples, but we are talking about the Lord of the "Source of the left hand" — Shambhala. In Mongolia itself neither historians nor nomads know nothing about Agartha and have never heard of the above stories.

In the world there are only two more or less detailed information about the source of Agartha: this memoir AM Ossendowski already mentioned and the book "Mission of India in Europe", written by some mystic Alexander St. Ives d'Apveydrom in 1866. True, d'Alveydra contemporaries doubted the mental health of the author of "Mission India", and if we assume that he is mad, then there is only one comprehensive source that it is impossible to verify — memoirs Ossendowski.

However, it is difficult to imagine how, in effect, a civilian while on the run, in addition to a completely wild places entertains himself writing nonexistent legends, historians have tried to analyze the composition Ossen-Dowa, good in his memoirs present a real place names, in particular — the description of the gate leading to the underground country. As a result, searching for the "input" was not in Mongolia, and in Russia in Tuva in the Western Sayan. Consequently, this is where a quick engineer first heard about the country Agartha. However, it is known that "chuck" Ossendowski — Baron Ungern in 1921, sent his men to search for the country's underground Agartha in Tibet. Why Ungern sent people to Tibet, not in the Western Sayan, still remains a mystery.

"Source of the right hand" — an underground Agartha country — one man briefly opened and closed again, and remained "mystery of mysteries" of Central Asia.


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