Agency of Special Investigations watch online

Agency of Special Investigations watch online
We offer a new draft fifth channel — "Agency Special Investigations. "Vyacheslav Razbegaev by professionals analyzes the untold discoveries, inconsistencies and turns in politics, business, science, and history. recognizable actor appears in a given project in a sudden vial: it is the same as you and I, he does not believe everything in a row ranges and almost all want to double-check …

1 issue: "Golden billion" — what really is it?

Gaps in Obama's biography — we do not know about the President of the United States? Comets and Meteors — neuzh something terrible viruses can get to us from outer space? For what authorities need Mafia? Where did the capital Berezovsky? And is not killed himself, Boris Abramovich? Tectonic war — who shakes the planetoid? We have been introduced into the genome — the more it threatens the population of the earth?

Issue 2: What authorities need Mafia?

Undercover global situation — for which the authorities Need Mafia? Hidden Mission of the Russian godfather Jap. Boris Berezovsky — where lost capital and Aligarh where lost himself, dignified schemer? Most weird paintings in art history …

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