Ales Pushkin silence protests

The artist, who was arrested on December 9 to 13 days in protest refused to speak: he never said a word in court, and continues a silent protest in pre-trial detention.

Ales Pushkin visit his friend from Krupki Andrew Alekhnovich. He visited Krupki police station, where a special room serving a "day" convicted. Mr. Olehnovich tried to transfer the prisoner cookies, chocolates, tea and coffee, but Pushkin refused to transfer.

According to Andrew OLEKHNOVICH, the artist is in solitary confinement, and lies on his bunk, turning to face the wall and does not respond to any treatment. He's from yesterday refuses to eat, says Olehnovich — it looks like a protest hunger strike Pushkin, but does not say it out loud. As a sign of protest.

Located at arrest, according to the decision Krupsk District Court, Ales Pushkin has until December 21. The wife of the artist John Pushkin is convinced that her husband was arrested preemptively — that he did not accept any shares on the day of the elections on 19 December.

The reason for the arrest was the statement by villager Lazarevic, who complained to the police that the artist had beaten him. Yanina Pushkin said that there was no fight Ales just put a drunken villager-felon from his yard when the latter began to be lifted up with the owner. The incident occurred the morning of December 8, around 15:45 Ales Pushkin was taken to the police from his home in the village of Beaver Krupsk district. December 9 Krupski district court sentenced Ales Pushkin for hooliganism.

During the last presidential elections, the artist also was in custody: on the eve of his similarly also convicted of hooliganism and sentenced to confinement for 15 days.



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