Aluminum rod age 300 million years found in Primorye

Dalnegorsk known ufologist Valery Brier recently won an interesting — and, as he himself says — sensational — finds. Vladivostok resident Dmitry bought 3 tons of coal from Khakassia, south central Siberia, where the Kansk-Achinsk coal area of 400 square meters. km.

In one of the pieces of coal sticking out, he found a strange rod-like piece of twig black and white. He brought the find in Dalnegorsk, researcher of anomalous phenomena Valery Brier.

"We sawed the rod, which is extracted from coal Dmitry — said Brier. — The half I cleared from coal — and saw an aluminum rack is 7.5 cm long. What it unusual? It is made of almost pure aluminum with a mixture of magnesium and aluminum — very soft material to make him such racks. Coals, which are located between the layers of rake — 300 million years old. And this piece of metal — also 300 million years. He, like canned, preserved in the coals until today.

Rack of our time could not get there, because coal seams were opened to a depth of several tens of meters. Our pure aluminum racks nobody does, because metal is very soft and wears out quickly. The teeth are cut so that it can only be an artificial product. For the first time in the Russian coal found something similar. Previously found a gold chain in a piece of coal in Germany, in the U.S. in coal found a small iron pot … "

Sign solid age found Reiki Brier said the fact that the composition of the metal found a high amount of carbon. For hundreds of millions of years there was a diffusion: carbon penetrated behind bars aluminum. In modern conditions, aluminum is produced electrothermal way, so no carbon in it can not be. Further evidence of the old rails: places she has a deep corrosion and full gray-white mass — traces of corrosion. Proved to corrode aluminum and sodium-chlorine, that is the normal salt. It is known that in the coal basin in Khakassia was once a salt pond.

Conclusions Valeria Brier: This rack — product technical creativity earth pratsivilizatsii or extraterrestrial aliens, or "dropped their" Time Traveller. And the other details of the mechanism, where a rake is to be found in the coal basin in Khakassia. What hardly anyone will.

The second interesting finding in Brier appeared several years ago, when I started to build a bridge to the Russian island. Drilling of wells on the seabed by an expert from Dalnegorsk of JSC "prospector". They drilled wells up to 10 meters and deeper into the Permian sandstones that — 240 million years. At a depth of 9 m core samples pulled and brought to Dalnegorsk for analysis. Brier interested in these samples. The crushing of the particle core, he found special alloys: Alloy of cerium and lanthanum-chromium alloy, and others. They were in the sandstones in the form of chips, plates, pieces. And this piece of metal, like sandstone, — 240 million years. They have all this time "stored" within the sandstones.

Investigated these alloys in various research institutes, including the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Gatchina. Conclusion scientists are artificial alloys. A 240 million years ago there was not even the dinosaurs, is not that person. And Brier conclusions coincide with those that he made on the rail of aluminum, found in ancient layers of coal: it is the "traces" of some pratsivilizatsii or aliens. There has been an accident of a technical object is likely to burst, because the remaining smaller particles. The fragments were in sandstones, which are then condensed. Microparticles alloys remain in them.

As for UFOs, according to two cores, they continue to appear over the Dalnegorsk but photograph them unknown to fans

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