Americans want to become allies in the fight against Russian Freemasons


The well-known American economist Lyndon LaRouche Lindonf originator of the idea to create the SDI during the US-Soviet confrontation, made a statement in which he called on the people to declare a merciless war on Britain, to be exact — English Wall Street.

Why should we fight with England, with Wall Street? — Think, probably, many heard the words. Because Wall Street — it's the Masons, is the rate of shadow world government, it is the main residence of the Rothschild financial emperors and kings of the world bank — says Lindonf LaRouche.

It was the Rothschilds in the last half century is the main financier of global conflicts on the planet and the two world wars. Without the knowledge and consent of the Rothschilds in the world today nothing happens. Culture, science, politics, economics, geopolitical processes — everything is under control of the "invisible hand."

LaRouche also calls our well-known members of the Russian "perestroika": Andropov, Gorbachev, Chubais, and many other characters — traitors and betrayers of the USSR.

He says the following.

"… Since the mid 80's many Russian politicians taught British intelligence, right in London, and today they occupy key positions in Russia.

They are a major obstacle to saving Russia from ruin, when the global crisis breaks out. And it will be. The crisis will be. Never will reverse the economic recovery in the world as there is Wall Street.

If we do not put an end to Wall Street, the U.S. also cease to exist, a country no more.

And people like Chubais, Mikhail Gorbachev and others who rule Russia today — it's an English school of infidelity and betrayal. They are today — the main problem.

Remember, the U.S. economic system collapsed in August 1971. Then the British Empire and D. Rothschild formed the band «The Inter Alpha Group of Banks», and today they are all seasoned. Everything is now rotten and soon everything will burst. It is the center of the bubble. And when the bubble burst, if we do not have policies that can be offered, we're back in the dark ages. That's the problem.

In Russia, India and China have a vital interest in cooperation with the U.S. and continental Europe. Everything can be reviewed and a new system of cooperation, thus lead the world out of the crisis. Primarily on the basis of nuclear technology, the development of transport, infrastructure construction.

You can do all this can be financed and can be done with this depression. But there is a snag: the impact of the pack of traitors within the Russian system. That is — the key to the problem. So this is — a technical problem. Points to pay attention and to destroy. This is the enemy. No need to be sprayed. No need to remember all those who you do not like. Need to see the real enemy and destroy this enemy, and the rest can wait.

All this of course comes up. But if the enemy runs the show, it will be as it was in the U.S. in 2007, at the end of the Bush presidency. Then it was possible to organize the recovery of the economy and out of the mortgage crisis that erupted in the summer of 2007.

I then had a program, how to stop it and how to get its reorganization, but it all went in a different direction — began to save Wall Street. At the expense of the people, by the people, at the expense of the country. Save this pack. And this gang wants to destroy the United States and to destroy all civilization. Such are their plans.

But let's leave them alone and leave alone their plans. Let us think how to defeat this enemy, how to get rid of this monster, like Russia get rid of this monster that sucks the blood out of it?

How to get rid of these crooks and scoundrels? Need to look at this carefully, as I watched the events in Russia in the 90's.

Russia methodically destroyed. Destruction of Russia plans were developed in England under British supervision. Russians have developed these plans: under British leadership prepared all this Chubais, Mikhail Gorbachev and others. This traitor of the Soviet Union, the traitors of their own country. They destroyed the Russian economy after the collapse of the Soviet Union and did it deliberately for political reasons.

The same people from the same company today destroy our country — the United States. So we have a common enemy with Russia. There are countries, such as China and India, who are willing to work with us to restructure the world, the use of nuclear energy, the development of the Cosmos, the development of space programs, the development of science and technology.

But we have an enemy! And you have to understand that.

That's how it is in history, not as they say in "The New York Times" and "Washington Post". It's all rubbish. That's how it all works here, and it always has been, from the Peloponnesian War in European History.

And that's all we have to win!

British agents within the Russian system looted and bankrupted Russia under British leadership.

Want to know where the office, where people are sitting, which are now run by the Russian economy and its finances?

They are out of Russia in the British territory. British Empire hoped that controlling Russia, it controls the world. But it's all falling apart. And this reality must be understood. You can handle this.

Need to get rid of this monster, which today holds the key to Russia, but not all Russian. Many Russian — patriots. Many Russian would like to develop their country, together with China, India and other countries. Make investments in high technology, modern infrastructure to improve, to work in the common interest of all the people in Asia and in Europe.

Europe can be revived. Today it is a garbage dump, it is destroyed. Today we need new large-scale infrastructure projects, the restoration of the railway network, energy and so on. You must restore the infrastructure for industrial reconstruction, which we need for the operation of the economy. And all this can be done. It will take a generation or two, because we have lost the skill. Today, we are not able to do what they did two generations ago. We all destroyed. Today we have no railways, no mass-transit system. Today it is impossible to drink water from the tap, as it were. Try the tap water in the U.S.! Today, even impossible to "sniff" education that is given to children in schools. That's happened — we have forgotten how to work … "

Defeat the enemy whose image is revealed in the video Lindonf American economist Lyndon LaRouche, we can all the world, if we turn to the idea of building socialism in Russia and the world at large. A lead role may belong to Russia, which has invaluable experience in dealing with political enemies — the Zionists and the Trotskyites, and no less valuable experience to overcome the destruction and reconstruction of the economy.

Such labor and military experience, which is Russia and its people, no one in the world.

In connection with this recall is not a prophecy of the great ruler of the Soviet Union Joseph Stalin, who said the fateful words shortly before the Second World War. Please note that Stalin said in his time on the same enemy, which now indicates economist LaRouche — for fans of the "golden calf", from the kind of Jews. Stalin called them Zionists.

"… Many of the affairs of our party and people will be misinterpreted and spat upon primarily abroad and in our country too. Zionism, anxious for world domination will be severely avenge us for our successes and achievements. He still sees Russia as a barbaric country, as a raw material appendage. And my name will also slander and slander. I will attribute a lot of atrocities. World Zionism will seek all means to destroy our Union that Russia could never get up. The strength of the friendship of the peoples of the USSR. Forefront of the struggle will be directed primarily to break this friendship, on the outskirts of the gap from Russia. Here we have to admit we have not done. There are a large field of work. With particular force to raise his head nationalism. He will press for a while internationalism and patriotism, just for a while. Encounter the national groups within nations and conflict. There will be many leaders of Pygmy, traitors within their nations. In general, in the future, development will more complex and even frantic ways, turns will be very steep. It is a question to what excited the East. Be severe conflict with the West. And yet, no matter how events unfolded, but it will take time, and the eyes of the new generations will appeal to business and victories of the socialist fatherland. Year after year, will come the new generations. They once again raise the banner of their fathers and grandfathers, and give us a proper full. Their future they will build on our past … "

This prophecy is preserved in the archives of Stalin's Soviet ambassador to Sweden, Alexandra Kollontai, who took notes of his conversations with the head of state. This transcript was made in November 1939.

There are two reasons to vote December 4, 2011 for the Communist Party.

The first and most important reason — there is a real threat of a nuclear war. This honestly current Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

Who ignored the the news, listen to and watch it here:

We ask the question: can the current government to protect the country and the people of Russia of aggression?

Definitely not!

Simply because there is no, it is this power, or power tandem, Medvedev and Putin, in words for the strengthening of the Russian Army and Navy, but in fact they are responsible for their collapse.

The apotheosis of this process was the appointment of the Minister of Defense civilian — A. Serdyukov, has absolutely no military experience and a proper education for the Armed Forces of the country.

What is it — political myopia or outright betrayal of the people?

This is very similar to the desire of the authorities to make the Russian Armed Forces are not capable of fighting wars in the case of its occurrence. For this can really be the invisible hand of Wall Street, told American LaRouche.

The second reason that today wise to vote for the Communist Party — no other party has the experience of reconstruction after the devastation.

20 years, Democrats and liberals shout that they want to make a successful and prosperous Russia, and themselves only rob her so savagely that the people of Russia, all these twenty years is rapidly dying out. Millions of orphans appeared on the streets of Russia. Elderly and veterans essentially left to their fate.

Enough to go for those who give only one promise! Today, Russia is truly governs gang of traitors!

"This is a — a technical problem — says American economist Lyndon LaRouche Lindonf — for this you need to pay attention, and they need to be destroyed. This is the enemy. No need to be sprayed. No need to remember all those who you do not like. Need to see the real enemy and destroy this enemy, and the rest can wait. "

According to the interview of a prominent U.S. political and economic actors, ordinary Americans are waiting for this step of the Russian people and for our part are ready to support Russia.

For a Russian man has only one obstacle in this case: That's how the Russian people, is he world that he can not by their spiritual and moral principles of the first to shed the blood of someone else, even a frank enemy if that enemy toko himself first starts bloodshed. And even then ….

Today all Russian is important to understand who the enemy of the Fatherland, and, most importantly, do not succumb to any provocation. First, our people must defeat the ruling party in the December elections. What to do next — the future will tell us all Russian Spirit tells you what to do the next steps …

Anton Blagin


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