Ancient Slav hair weave earrings

Ancient Slav hair weave earrings

"These clothes are sewn exclusively from natural materials. Madder dyed dress that had a soft pink hue. On my wife's casual outfit rich ancient warrior — says 19-year-old Yulia from Rovno club historical reconstruction "Lod". — The consistency of point six silver rings sewn to the leather headband. Ordinary women wore copper jewelry. "

On the first Sunday of September, girl friends came to the festival in the historical and architectural complex in the village in the Rivne region Peresopnitsu, which was written Peresopnytsia gospel. In ancient times, it was the largest princely and trading city with high enough at the time, the standard of living.

Ancient Slav hair weave earrings
Enactors entertain tourists in a wooden imitation of princely estates IX-XI centuries. 23-year-old Vitali Szczepanski is a goat — a musical instrument resembling a violin with three strings.

Ancient Slav hair weave earrings
At the feet of the guy-made leather shoes with ties. Dress light and warm at the same time — linen shirt and trousers, and woolen suite, hood and cloak. On top of the hood Vitali wears a helmet that glistens in the sun.
"At that time there was such a large wardrobe, like modern humans. Fabrics made little, so it saved and clothing served people for several years — said reconstructor. — The leather strap has a few ornaments, buckles in the shape of a bear head. And fastened to a belt knife and sandstone — a special stone for sharpening blades ".
The museum on the first floor of the exhibition of jewelry, which this year unearthed in the historical Peresopnitsu. Some of them have found, archaeologists, and others — the simple peasants who worked their gardens.
Exhibition of old jewelry takes a few shelves. This is mainly bracelets, earrings, brooches and buckles — pins are fastened coats.

Ancient Slav hair weave earrings
Women wore simple ceramic, glass and copper beads and rings, and the rich — silver and gold. Amber then brought to the shores of the Baltic Sea, because of the amber deposits in Polissya Slavs did not know.
Popular colors are blue glass beads, blue, black and green. Ceramic were brown with a yellow or white pattern.

Ancient Slav hair weave earrings
"Earrings in his right ear worn exclusively by men, — says the researcher at the museum Oksana Zharskaya. — Women are not pierced lobes, and weave the ring by the hair at his temple, then that strand woven into her hair. Already hitched to the ring earrings, often smaller or larger rings with three beads. There were earrings crescent, which is shaped like a crescent moon — it is one of the female characters ".

Ancient Slav hair weave earrings
Girls braided hair in braids, and married women are completely hid it under the basting. Appear in public with her hair was indecent. Hairstyle for basting woman did every 2-3 weeks.
On the neck and a woman, and men often wore hryvnia — twisted metal half-hoops. Only women's jewelry made lighter and thinner, and for the soldiers was a sign of goodwill Hryvnia prince or pay for faithful service.
"Warrior wore his rings with pride, it was impossible to sell or peredarit. Just as in Soviet times were given just that time — as a reward for the best "- adds Oksana Zharskaya.
Cloaks held on the shoulders by zip brooches. They could be in any form — a crescent, triangular, round. Women cling to the belt scallops, and men — knives.
Women's bracelets are sometimes forged metal in the form of a snake — in the found instances of the head are clearly visible to the eyes. Such ornaments called "coils" and believed amulets.

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