Andrei Sannikov gathered in Hrodna the largest audience

The meeting took place in a crowded room of Grodno Regional filgarmonii designed for 800 seats. Passages in the hall, too, were filled, some even had to stand and listen to a presidential candidate in the foyer of the building.

Andrei Sannikov came to the meeting in Grodno proxies: politicians Stanislav Shushkevich, Economist Leonid Zlotnikov, the first Minister of Defense of Belarus Pavel Kozlovsky.

Statement by Andrei Sannikov was short. He spoke about the necessary political reforms: the separation of powers, economic reforms — privatization necessary, the development of small and medium-sized businesses, social protection, education and health care, pensions and other.

In this case, gave examples of how such reforms took place in Eastern Europe and urged not to fear the reforms.

One of the first questions from the audience concerned the historic character and the Belarusian language, and asked him a man who was clearly not a supporter of the Belarusian. Sannikov said:

"We, the Belarusians have to regain self-esteem, and this is our historical characters: the white-red-white flag and coat of arms pursuit and our Belarusian. Look at our neighbors — Ukraine, Russia, who returned to their characters, and they do not hesitate, and proud of it. "

In addition to economic issues, Grodno interested in how to prevent election fraud were heard speaking voters with the facts of how falsyfikavalisya previous elections.

"We are closer than ever to change the power, and those who wrote the protocols will continue to live, that's their problem. Presumably, because if a person falsifies the elections, he makes a criminal offense", — said the candidate.

Andrei Sannikov spoke about a single candidate. He believes that now the situation when the nine alternative candidates, more successful, since such forces until they reach a larger number of voters. The main task, he said, all together to defend the victory, and therefore called on the square and Grodno to Minsk.

In the hall during the performance of presidential candidate

As to the last visit of Alexander Lukashenko in Moscow, in the opinion of Andrei Sannikov, the Kremlin has used the situation and, most of all, signed agreements on the Customs Union of Belarus unprofitable. But then he drew attention to the fact that the Belarusian people do not have any information about what is being done in its name in the international arena.

Andrei Sannikov and spoke about yesterday's statements by the head of the Presidential Administration Vladimir Makey, noting that it was a provocation and intimidation to which Belarus has long been accustomed to.

In the hall of the Grodno filgarmonii the performance of Andrei Sannikov was not enough room for all

The meeting lasted exactly half an hour, and it was agreed with the management of the regional filgarmonii. All questions were answered Andrei Sannikov did not, in the foyer, he still had a long talk with people. And that's what the voters said about the meeting with the candidate when leaving the room.

Mr."Very good meeting, the applicant will respond sensibly, reasonably convincing, I want to believe this man, and I will not vote for him."

Another gentleman"I think he's one of the best candidates."

Mrs."We feel that people are not just eager for power, and wants to change the system, it is — a sincere".

The Other Woman"And worried about pensioners."



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